Sword – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of a sword means, at first, an indication that there is a choice to be made, even though this is not the exact planned moment, but that you have the opportunity to make changes, after all it all depends only on you.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Sword?

Sword dream interpretation suggests that you take it easy and do an introspective analysis, avoiding observing everything superficially.

Since this can be a tool that can be used for both positive and negative purposes, the meaning of dreaming with a sword also changes according to the character of the person and the way they view reality.

It is important to remember that other details can change once and for all what it means to dream of a sword.

Interestingly, the shape of the sword is one of the factors that influence and teach about the positioning you may have before life. If the sword is straight and heavy in the dream, the meaning is that you need to go on the attack. If the sword is curved, it is necessary to act more defensively.

Dream That Pushes A Sword

The sword has a lot of its real-life symbolism for dreams, so if you imagine yourself holding a sword and being a great warrior in real life (at least when watching period movies) and ended up passing this will to dreams, know that this image represents strength and authority.

That is, dreaming that you wield a sword is a sign that you are prepared to protect something or someone.

This dream signals a high degree of hierarchy, which may indicate a probable promotion within your work environment or even a new opportunity in another area of your life.

However, don’t expect to achieve this without fights: you need to strive to achieve your goals!

Dream You Use A Sword

Wielding and using are two different actions, so dreaming that you use a sword has a very interesting meaning: it represents your courage in protecting the people you love, especially those in your family.

You have heroic characteristics and tend to act with ideals of justice. You don’t feel pleasure watching other people suffer injustices and are always struggling to find the right solutions.

The use of the sword can also be an indication that you will occupy a public position with full honors.

Dreaming That Fights With A Sword

Fights With A Sword

It is no longer enough to dream of a sword, whatever shape, size and style it is, but now do you dream that you are fighting with it?

This dream demonstrates that you are a person of extreme courage and know how to fight for both yourself and your family. In this case, this dream identifies the protection you are having with someone, which portrays their heroic quality.

If you dream that you are fighting with a sword and need to strike numerous blows until you reach your goal, know that this means that you will go through some difficulties until you really get what you want in life.

This shows that people should not give up and continue to fight for the arrival of victory.

However, fighting with a sword in a dream and only dealing a blow to defeat an enemy means that you will have more luck in the future. It can be a propitious period to place bets and to make slightly riskier decisions.

Dreaming That Kills Someone With A Sword

Kills Someone With A Sword

It can be very uncomfortable to dream of someone’s death, especially if you are responsible for that person.

This type of dream can have many interpretations, but they remain in the same line: victory over enemies. In real life, this situation can happen in your work environment, when you are chosen, among so many other colleagues, to be promoted.

Also, dreaming that you kill someone with a sword signals certain negative feelings you have for that same person who died in your dream, because they may have brought you hurts or pains or even someone close to you.

Dream You See A Sword Fight

A sword fight can be something very exciting and dangerous. Lucky this is a dream, isn’t it?

Unlike the sword fight in which you are part, this dream represents a possible negotiation that ended up lagging behind, that is, the period of trying to solve through conversations and new negotiations has passed.

Dream Of Rusted Sword

Rusted Sword

A rusty sword does not seem to be so attractive to look at, so in dreams this image does not have such a simple meaning.

Basically, the rusty sword signals the pain, as it is a clear warning that you may suffer some accident or be affected by some disease in your life.

Although worrying, this dream can serve as a warning for you to learn to avoid negative thoughts, because the more you think about it, the more negativity it will bring you. You need to be able to cross these lines of thought and stay intact with your desires!

Face everything with more peace of mind and this phase will be overcome.

Dreaming Of Sword In Good Condition

The vision of a sword in good condition brings interpretations to your dream. Thus, when it appears in this way, it symbolizes that soon you will engage in a relationship that is too intense and with a lot of passion.

However, you need to be careful not to end up being disappointed.

This indicates that you need to be cautious and patient to make decisions appropriately, without precipitation. Remember that it is critical to be realistic until you build full trust.

Dreaming Of Sword Hanging On The Wall

You know that a sword can be an eccentric and differentiated decorative object, right?

Dreaming of a sword hanging on the wall may be a sign that it is not indicated to act at this very moment. Although you want to solve certain things as soon as possible, wait for the ideal period for this to happen!

Wait and observe the situation and how it will unfold.

Dreaming That It Is Attacked By Someone With A Sword

This dream is very scary, so it also refers to complicated feelings, such as loneliness.

This means that this dream warns you that fake people can cause you problems, because they will take mediocre actions and upset you a lot. However, this will pass, as you will strive to overcome this moment!

For this, make good choices!

This dream also has an important interpretation, after all each individual understands the world in a different way, so each thing can be seen in a different way.

Dreaming That You Are Injured By A Sword

Distressing, isn’t it? Dreaming that you are wounded by a sword refers to your wills and desires that are being repressed by your opponent, that you no longer have the strength to continue this fight.

The dream serves as a warning for you to start questioning yourself and remembering who hurt you in the dream, because there are certain opponents who are really invincible in relation to fights with our own swords. Therefore, other resources are important, such as words, which can have even more effective power.

Dream That Breaks A Sword

The sword is seen as a symbol of strength and aggressiveness, so dreaming that it breaks this tool can mean that you are getting closer and closer to losing power or strength to fight or achieve what is desired.

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