Oath – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of oath actually means the opposite of reality. An oath has already gone through its periods of importance in history and at various stages of society.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Oath?

So much so that most peoples and cultures saw a break in oath as something extremely negative. Moreover, there were punishments for those who did not comply with what had been sworn, but it all depended on the cultural issue and the time.

Oath is a way of actually affirming, as well as promising something before or about something. In general, such oaths appear associated with items of moral value to society, but this can be quite questionable, right?

Another detail is that the oath has always been related to the church or the spiritual side of a society, where people make use of the divine bond they claim to have thanks to their own god or religion to give credibility to any oath.

Swearing dreams refer to some concern you have about making some commitment you will hardly be able to achieve, and that this can compromise your future.

In addition, dreaming of an oath can mean that a position will be yours.

However, you should remember that what it means to dream of an oath in your situation may not have the same interpretation, as certain details completely change the meaning.

See the meaning of dreaming of oath in different contexts.

Dreaming You Are In The Oath

You Are In The Oath

Being sworn in or even attending an oath signals that you are feeling like revealing your secrets to other people, but this dream indicates a clear warning: you cannot tell them to anyone.

The reason? There is a person who is looking for your information and may use it against you and even excel, depending on the scope of your life that this happens.

Dreaming That Makes An Oath

Dreaming that you take an oath can be a very curious kind of dream, so it is interesting to know what it means: it represents that you are true to yourself, that is, you are not the kind of person who self-sabotages or who is not able to see what you need to do or conquer.

You have such determination that you understand how much your acts and ideas, feelings and desires, as well as your wills are fundamental to moving forward.

Therefore, dreaming that you take an oath matches exactly that: that you are not willing to throw yourself into something that is not what you really want.

If in the dream you require an oath, know that the interpretation concerns some of your interests and makes a warning of your concerns, suspicions and insecurities towards someone else, indicating that you do not trust them.

Another meaning for such a dream is that you have been aiming for things that you will finally achieve, especially in the social or professional area, that is, you will probably conquer positions, which may indicate that it is a good time for you to invest more in finally winning that desired promotion.

Dream You See Someone Taking An Oath

In dreams where you see someone taking an oath, you should pay attention to bad news: they may be associated with some distant friend. So the tip is that you are prepared to receive the unexpected.

Seeing a group of people taking an oath is also a warning, but it is more connected with the need for you to take care of your secrets, after all you never know when the trust between you and your friends may end up breaking and getting out of hand.

Now, seeing a child taking an oath is a symbol of peace in the home.

Dream That You Refuse To Make An Oath

This dream shows that you will finally have great and positive changes in your life soon, but remember: it is important that you know how to have attitude and understand when to act so that everything happens, after all do not expect things to happen on your own.

This posture of refusing to take any kind of oath defines how strong and always very determined you are.

Dream That Breaks An Oath

Breaking an oath or promise is not a very appropriate action, going against many cultures that believe this has negative consequences.

In this case, in dreams, breaking an oath (or just ignoring it) also comes with a bad symbolism, because it indicates sadness and remorse, but also that you will go through a bad time in the professional sphere of your life, where your negotiations will go through a period of turbulence, the consequences of which will be serious for your personal and professional life.

Still, dreaming that breaks an oath signals your conformism and the very inability you have to stay consistent with your ideals.

Dreaming That Swear Oath On The Church

Oath On The Church

The church appears in a dream for all its symbolism, and that’s too clear.

In dreams where you take an oath in church, there is a symbolism related to a commitment and determination you have in carrying out those plans that direct you even closer to your goals and dreams.

This dream is quite tied with your own beliefs and in your faith, because in the same way that you carry this energy, you see the need to help others and act so that the world is a better place from the idea that there is a higher being.

However, the dream with oath in the church values the importance of the language of love, because it is responsible for truly connecting people and enabling happiness in any possibility.

Dreaming That You Listen To An Oath

Hearing a dream oath means you may have forgotten something, a subject or urgent situation, so it is an indication that you need to pay more attention to it.

This dream also designates that someone may be in need of your help, not knowing the circumstance, and it is important that you protect that person.

Dream Of Oath Of Love

Oath Of Love

An oath of love is something quite symbolic, isn’t it? In a dream, if you are listening or receiving oaths of love, it is a sign or warning for you to be more careful about the person you are relating to.

The dream love oath also signals that you can offer more of yourself to your loved one, because you have been missing some important moments that are significant to the lives of both.

Dream Of Swearing On False

False swearing in a dream is an important warning: there is a lot of falsehood around you, so it is essential that you pay attention to who is always close and which of these people are only with you when you are well or when they need something.

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