Stuttering – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of stuttering means the end of some relationship, but it can also symbolize that a distant person will reappear in your life by contacting soon.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Stuttering?

Like any dream, the interpretation will depend on the context in which the dream was inserted.

Were you stuttering or heard someone stuttering? The meaning of dreaming of stuttering will vary in the face of the situation.

But, in general, the meanings of dreams of stuttering symbolize the difficulty of communication, it may be your clumsiness to express yourself as you should, or even that someone close to you has not been able to clearly speak what you want.

Dreaming Of Friend Stuttering

Friend Stuttering

Dreaming of a stuttering friend can represent that you need emotional support, and it is necessary to go in search of self-knowledge to walk stronger on your journey.

It is also a sign that this friend needs your help, even if he does not want to twist his arm, so the dream of the stuttering friend expresses the need he has for his support.

It may seem that he is as good as he is, but appearances deceive. So try to help him, let him feel comfortable expressing what he feels, maybe it’s only necessary to vent, and that will already help him. Let your friend tell you about your feelings and listen to him.

Dream You Listen To Someone Stuttering


Dreaming that you hear another person stuttering means a warning about your relationship, indicates the possibility of breaking this love bond, and points to the need to conduct this end wisely.

The dream in which you hear someone stuttering symbolizes that you should be careful, because if not well developed, this end of the relationship can represent a great danger, not physical, but perhaps emotionally.

It will be necessary to have greater attention, as well as patience and a certain delicacy to end the relationship in a sensitive and healthy way without hurting the other. That is, this will require good communication, but do not be shaken, this end will be positive for you and in the future good news will come.

Dreaming You’re Stuttering

Dreaming that you are stuttering means that some unexpected news will come from far away.

It will take a lot of logical reasoning to understand everything this message brings, maybe it will be a little difficult to assimilate and then you will get scared due to lack of understanding.

But, this dream can also symbolize that you have not been able to explain yourself and that you even hide something or some feeling from the people close to you. Which may indicate your fear of not being accepted by these people.

Above all, it is necessary to identify whether this feeling or thing you hide is bad for you and these people. If it is, it is necessary to choose a good path and avoid what is bad.

Dreaming Of Multiple Stutter People

Dreaming of several stutterers may indicate that, nowadays, you feel like a fish out of water, without feeling included in your circle of friends, in the family sphere, in your relationship or in relation to coworkers.

This feeling of feeling like a stranger outside the nest is represented in the dream of being surrounded by stutterers. It seems that you and these people are not on the same page, as if they did not speak the same language, and you end up not being understood, because they are not in the same tune, and neither can you understand for sure what people speak.

But, don’t worry, it is recommended to make an analysis of yourself in order to recognize yourself, and thus be able to transmit more easily what you feel, allowing a better communication between you. Maybe that way you will feel more included, as if you belong to the group that makes a point of fitting in.

Dreams Of Children Stuttering

Children Stuttering

Dreaming of stuttering children indicates that you will have a good future, in addition, it can also mean that soon you will have new interests in your life.

It could be the exchange of a hobby, or even the choice of a course you didn’t even think about, but in general it indicates new directions and changes of thought.

Another meaning of dreaming of stuttering children symbolizes that you are an understanding and attentive person, similar to children. But even if you are an attentive person, you have difficulty communicating and end up getting in the way.

This shame or fear of communicating or exposing oneself is symbolized by the child’s stuttering in the dream. It’s the counterpoint, children usually don’t care if what they say is wrong or not, so they’re usually spontaneous and say everything they think. On the other hand, adults know that the word is extremely important and that the people they live with care and value. Hence the fear of being confronted by their thoughts exposed or even ridiculed by what they say.

But, have more confidence and be yourself, do not be afraid to express what you feel and want, so you will see countless changes in your life.

Dreaming Of Unknown Stuttering

Unknown Stuttering

Dreaming of unknown stuttering means that you will encounter many obstacles in your trajectory until you achieve your goals.

These difficulties encountered will try to prevent you from achieving your dreams, making it difficult for you to travel or the path taken to get where you want.

The unknown stuttering represents the obstacle that lies between you and your goals, which may be hindering your vision of the future. This barrier that exists between you and your goals is unknown, so the dream of an unknown stutterer.

Dreams of stuttering have several interpretations in accordance with the elements existing in the dream. But most of the time, the meaning of dreaming of stuttering represents the difficulty in communicating something essential and also indicates alerts to change quickly, in other circumstances means that good news will come from afar and that you will have professional ascension.

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