Train – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Train – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about a train means that you are in your comfort zone. You may be conformed to the life you are leading and leaving proactivity for important things in the background.

The meaning of train dreaming is usually tied to proactivity. However, this is an indication that it may be missing in your life. The train dream also serves as an alert for you to understand that you are carrying many weights and responsibilities that sometimes do not compete with you.

Besides these, there are many different meanings for what it means to dream about train, and they depend on the context in which the dream is presented. Because of this, it is interesting to understand more about some of these different contexts.

Dreaming That You See A Train

Seeing a train in your dream can be an indication of compliance. You are quite conformed to certain situations, doing only what others do. Because of this, this dream is a great alert in favor of your proactivity. Take control of your actions and your life.

You cannot just follow what you are told to do, being proactive is very important in your personal life, but especially in your professional life. Everyone wants to work with proactive people, this is the time to become one of them. However, the dream can be only a sign of your personality. You can be a very methodical person, who likes to maintain certain standards and this dream reflects that.

In addition, the train is usually a form of transportation for many loads. The dream can be connected to this. You may be carrying too much weight on your back. Many responsibilities and guilt of things that should not depend on you. It’s a good time to review this and try to lighten this weight.

Dream That You Travel By Train

Train – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you are traveling on the train, it means that you have been raising certain concerns that should not receive as much attention as you are giving. Many times in our lives we end up spending a lot of energy on things that are not worthwhile.

To get around this, we must reflect on whether what we are doing is going to take us somewhere, or is just a waste of time. If necessary, it is a good time to change attitudes and priorities. But choose your path wisely, because there is no point in changing from one mistake to the next.

Dreaming Of A Moving Train

If the train of your dream is moving, this is a strong indication that a great victory is approaching you. Some positive changes will happen in your life, but this depends only on how you will face it.

Work hard to reap rewards soon. Never let yourself relax by any omen. Your victory always depends on how hard you try. Therefore, your attitudes are fundamental for you to conquer more and more.

Dreaming Of A Train In A Tunnel

Train – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Entering a tunnel brings us a situation of darkness. We usually associate this with darkness and tend to be afraid of the dark. Therefore, this dream is connected to this feeling of fear. You have some obstacle in your life that is causing you a certain shiver. However, it’s up to you to face what frightens you and try to overcome this situation.

It is normal to feel a chill in your stomach when we are faced with a very challenging situation. However, it all depends on how much you will be able to gather strength and go through it. It may be the turning point in your life. The wise men usually say that the brave is not the one who does things without fear, but the one who, even with fear, goes there and does it. It’s time to seek your inner courage to conquer your goals.

Dreaming Of Freight Train

Seeing a freight train is directly connected to the freight you are carrying yourself. Once again it is up to you to interpret that you are carrying too many problems and many of them do not compete with you.

Also, you may be being pulled down by other people’s negative energies, which keep feelings like jealousy, hurt or some kind of resentment towards you. Therefore, it can be a good time to solve outstanding problems with others and ask for forgiveness.

Dreaming Of Still Train

This dream means that many of his life plans are close to being realized in a short period of time. However, this depends a lot on two factors, your faith and your effort.

Have faith that achievements are near and work and strive hard to achieve them all. Glory only comes to those who do something for it. The stationary train is an indication that something is missing to set it in motion on the tracks and that thing is your attitude. Go ahead and keep changing things in a positive way.

Dreaming Of A Train Accident

To see an accident, or still be involved in it, is never something pleasant. Even more so than something as big as a train. This dream is an indication that you may be sabotaging yourself. Many times we do it without realizing it, we may not even find ourselves worthy of something and our subconscious ends up getting in the way.

In this case, you may also be having non-mature attitudes, which may get in the way of your relationship with other people, either professionally or in your social circle. Therefore, review your own attitudes. Try to think a little more and be more cautious before making important decisions.

Dream That You Admire The Landscape Inside The Train

This may be an indication that you are making plans for new things in your life, in general. Dreaming that you see the landscape indicates a yearning to see the result of what you are planning and you are expecting a good result.

Dreaming About A Broken Train

This dream may be related to a certain fear that you have of seeing some crisis or turbulence approaching. Review your attitudes and your relationship with other people in your life and try to prevent any bad situation from developing.

Dream About Two Trains Colliding

Although it fits as an accident, this case is a little more specific and another interpretation can be presented. It is an indication that someone is having attitudes that contradict you and this is generating some conflict between you.

This may be mainly connected to your professional side and this conflict may even end up causing your resignation. Therefore, you should adopt a more conciliatory posture in the next days and avoid deepening conflicts in an unnecessary way. You don’t have to be right 100% of the time.

Dream That A Train Arrives

Train – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

This is a sign that you are willing to have new and good experiences and are about to embark on a search for them. They will bring you plenty, but not necessarily material, you will have many family gains and friendships.

Dream That You Miss The Train

Losing the train in your dream can be an indication that you are afraid to miss an opportunity in your life. You may be thinking that time is running out, and that procrastination is getting in your way. It can also be an exaggerated, and not justified, fear of the loss of life. According to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, “leaving” is a symbol often used by oneiric thinking to represent death. The good news is that the dream is showing you, metaphorically, that your fear is unjustified, because you are not going to leave, because you missed the train (Freud, 2016).


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