Smoke – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


The saying “where there is smoke, there is fire” already said, but in this case, it would be “where there are dreams with smoke, there are a thousand meanings”. Jokes aside, isn’t it fascinating that the human mind makes us dream even of smoke? And, incredible as it may seem, dreaming about smoke is a dream much more common than you think!

Dream About Smoke

In the dream world, the meaning of dreaming about smoke indicates more positive than negative things, also functioning as a warning of things that will happen very soon in the dreamer’s life.

But, it is necessary to pay attention to the details that occurred in this dream, as each one has a different meaning and some variations suggest a moment of extreme attention.

Dreaming That Sees Smoke

Dreaming that you are seeing smoke can indicate that you have a big goal and know that you need to do it with great caution to get out as correctly as possible. However, as in the dream in which you are only seeing the smoke, you are not being able to see the path you will have to follow in order to achieve that goal.

Dream That Sees Smoke

So, this dream does not come to tell you exactly which path you should follow, but that it needs to continue moving forward, never ceasing to be and do what you believe is right, what is yours. For a breeze will come and clear all that smoke.

Other experts say that this dream can also indicate luck in love.

Dreaming That Smokes From The Mouth

Smokes From The Mouth

Dreaming of smoke coming out of your mouth means that you are finally freeing yourself from something that has been bothering you for some time and, with that, you will feel relief coming to your chest. That something can be someone or an event, but it is very linked to situations involving work and / or people at work.

Dreaming That Smokes Through Your Nose

When the smoke comes out of the nose in your dream, it indicates a message from your unconscious that your health is impaired. It may be due to some addiction, such as lack of physical exercise or even a healthy diet. Do not wait to take care of your health when it is already in a critical condition.

Dreaming Of White Smoke

Dreaming of clear smoke indicates that you are going through a moment full of indecision, because you are in doubt between two paths without return: the path of good and the path of evil. As much as the bad side may seem tempting and more “easy”, even more so in violent and corrupt times that we live in, remember that this choice may one day come to charge you and double back for you. Look for the positive path, because your personal evolution will be great.

Experts argue that the meaning of this dream can also indicate security, good changes and harmony!

Dreaming About Black Smoke

Dreaming about dark smoke already means that you are taking the wrong actions and this message appears as a request from your unconscious, to rethink what you are doing. In addition, it can also indicate that there are things or people that are distracting you and that is hindering the positive path that awaits you. So, eliminate these distractions and start evaluating your attitudes, the people who are on your side and everything that may be influencing you negatively.

Dreaming About Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette Smoke

To better understand the meaning of dreaming about cigarette smoke, it is necessary to separate into two types of people: those who smoke and those who do not. If you smoke, it is a message from your subconscious that addiction is doing you harm and you need to start breaking this deadly habit. If you recently quit smoking, it may be a cry from your body that you are not yet used to the lack of nicotine in the brain, but be firm!

Dream About Cigarette Smoke

If you have never smoked, this dream serves as a warning to some other addiction that you have been keeping and that is doing you harm. It is worth remembering that, in this case, addiction does not necessarily fit as something chemical, and may even be your attitude.

Dreaming Of Smoke Coming Out Of The Chimney

You have been dedicating a lot to something, and this dream appears as a message from the universe, warning you that the people around you are realizing how competent you are! In addition, this message also serves to show you that the effort is not in vain and, very soon, you will be able to reap the fruits you are planting. Stay firm on the path you’re following, success is coming.

Another meaning for this dream is that your home life is entering a peaceful and happy phase, but it all depends on how much you are willing to receive it with open arms.

Dream About Chimney Smoke

Chimney Smoke

In addition to these two, experts say that it can also indicate that you are holding a lot of anger and frustration, needing to express your feelings more urgently, if you want to avoid emotional damage that may arise soon.

Dreaming That Breathes Smoke

Dreaming that you are being smothered by smoke cannot be called a dream, it is a real nightmare. But, the dream is heavy just to make you think, because it indicates that you are valuing too much what they are talking about you and this is making you a self-centered person. Don’t let this silly vanity go to your head, be yourself without expecting some flattery in return.

It can also indicate that financial problems are arising in your life. So, try not to assume debts and responsibilities, at least for now.

Dreaming Of Smoke Coming Out Of The Car Exhaust Pipe

Attention, this dream shows that your heart is very close to getting very cold. No, it does not mean that you will die, but that you have filled it with bitterness and sadness. Grudge and other negative feelings only serve to self-harm and, until you learn to love life, that heart will be more hurt. Reflect on whether this emotional strain is worth all the injuries you are doing.

Dreaming Of Accumulated Smoke

Dreaming about accumulated smoke, that is, a lot of smoke, indicates that you need to clarify some situations or relationships. Perhaps you have been hiding secrets or opinions in order to avoid any confrontation. However, the more you carry it, the more you become a lonely person. Remember that you should not do for others what you would not like to suffer.

Dream Smoke Sign

Dreaming about smoke to communicate does not mean that in some life you were indigenous, but that you need to prepare yourself, as you are entering a phase where you will have to fight with a lot of sweat and tears to finally achieve your greatest goal. Do not be afraid, you have a great strength within you.

In addition, experts indicate that you may be having trouble communicating with others.

Dreaming Of Fire Smoke

Dreaming about fire smoke is another dream that is actually a nightmare. However, this dream is directly linked to the person responsible for the feeling of security. This fire represents that you are becoming an extremely selfish person and need to diminish those characteristics, as you may be becoming the person you have always criticized.

Dreaming Smoke Cloud

Dreaming of a smoke cloud indicates that you have managed to balance the reason for the emotion. In addition, it can also mean that you are deluding yourself with a world that does not exist in our reality and that is why you need to strive to be more realistic in some moments.

Dreaming About Cigar Smoke

Attention, if you have dreamed of cigar smoke, it may mean that you are being manipulated by a very powerful person and that, besides everything, is hiding something from you. Reflect a lot on who is around you and who fits this profile of “powerful”, since it can cover many meanings.

Dreaming About Pipe Smoke

Dreaming about pipe smoke can indicate that you are very susceptible to getting into an addiction and trying some heavy drug or even drinking excessively. Try to understand what is happening in your life to be leaving you so disappointed, to the point of making you think about getting hurt that way.


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