Hurricane – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Hurricane – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a hurricane or dreaming of a tornado can have different interpretations. In order to correctly decipher what it means to dream about a hurricane or what it means to dream about a tornado, it is interesting to know some facts about this other universe that we experience while we sleep.

Just a few curiosities that can make the experience of interpreting dreams more profitable, for example, can you imagine what the dream of a person who was born blind is like? This person also has dreams, but he doesn’t see images like the ones that people who see see, that’s because he doesn’t have a record of figures, things and people. At least not as someone who sees or has been blinded due to some illness or accident, but who has seen before.

Therefore, dreaming of a hurricane, for you who read this article, is a much more visual experience, however a blind man from birth could have a similar dream, but the sensory experience he would experience would be completely different from yours, because it would be based on sounds, emotions and smells. Even tactile experiences would be much more intense than that of those who didn’t grow up in a world like his, where to be guided depends exclusively on these senses.

Well, ok, you may have found this interesting, but what you really want to know is “Is the meaning of dreaming about a hurricane good or bad, after all? It depends, you know? It may even be a sign of a busy sex life, as well as financial problems. Crazy, isn’t it? But dreams are just like that. They depend on details for a good interpretation. So, let’s go to them!

Dreaming You See A Hurricane

Changes, many changes! Sudden changes and even the kind that have seen the life of those who have this dream upside down. But, easy there, these changes are not always bad, they can be very positive.

Think with us, if you win the lottery, your life will change drastically? Of course it will. But this dream is not telling you that you will win the lottery, neither it is saying that you won’t. It is just telling you that there is change coming, and that you can do nothing or little about it, except to adapt to it.

There is a playful interpretation of dreams, however, that believes that if you see a hurricane in a dream, your sex life will be beyond agitated. If your vibration is this, just never forget to protect yourself and also to avoid hurting the feelings of others.

Dreaming About The Damage Of A Hurricane

Hurricane – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

As long as you haven’t seen any tornado movies or been impressed by similar news reports, dreaming of the damage of a hurricane is a sign that you care about someone’s health.

Pay attention, it doesn’t mean that someone from your coexistence will get sick or will suffer some harm, it’s just a reflection of your inner self contextualizing a feeling of your own that someone you have in a hurry can get sick. Maybe you see this person smoking, drinking or eating badly and fear that he or she may get sick. If this is the case, talk to her and show your sincere concern.

There is another possible explanation, in case you have been through difficulties, whatever they may be, this dream may represent that the worst is over and that the time to start over is now.

Dream That Is Harvested By A Hurricane

If you dream you’ve been caught by a hurricane, you’re likely to be losing control of things and need to take it back urgently. Pay attention to debts, arguments, misspoken words. If you are under pressure at work or even in a loving relationship, this dream can also serve as a warning.

Try to relax and not rush into retaliation that can cause a bigger problem. A possible other interpretation is that your life will take a turn soon, so focus on what is positive.

Dream That You Are In A House About To Be Attacked By A Hurricane

Hurricane – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

If you dream you are in a house about to be hit by a hurricane or you dream you are in a house about to be hit by a tornado, you are probably feeling the symptoms of stress on your body. This kind of dream indicates anxiety, excessive worry, uncertainties and fears.

We know how day-to-day challenges and worries about the future can make us anxious and afraid, but try to relax and breathe a little. Calmly the solutions will appear, but if they don’t, we have a novelty for you: what has no solution, solved is. So, if it is the case, adapt and wait for the turbulence to pass. Believe me, it will.

Dreaming Of Dead People In A Hurricane

You worry too much about the people close to you. Worrying too much about others brings anguish and anxiety, mainly because what concerns other people is largely out of our control. Even about your own children the control we can keep is limited, so imagine about other people, even close relatives.

To worry too much about things that go beyond what we can control is an inexhaustible source of suffering. If someone you love is suffering some harm, try to help as you can, keep your heart and your actions for what is within your reach, but don’t go so far as to make other people’s suffering your own.

Dream That You Run Away From A Hurricane

If you are going through something that has consumed you beyond the physical and drained your psychological strength, do not pretend that nothing is happening. Dreaming that you are running away from a hurricane signals your effort to solve the problems by yourself.

You are the kind of person who embraces everything for you and many times, even what does not need to be yours. Share your responsibilities, share your problems. Open up to someone you can trust and don’t carry the world on your back.

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