Raven – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Raven – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

What Is Corvo

The raven is a bird of the Corvidae family and emerged in Asia. The ravens live in flocks on all the continents of the planet’s temperate climate.

Symbolism And Meaning Of The Raven

The meaning of the raven appears in mythology, where the bird symbolizes bad omen and often represents death, all due to the bird’s dark plumage and its habit of feeding on dead plants and animals.

In India, the raven symbolizes the messengers of death. In Greek mythology the bird was dedicated to Apollo. Apollo was the god of light and sun and as he believed that the raven had prophetic abilities, to him was destined the role of messenger of the gods. Finally, in the Nordic mythology, the raven was the companion of Odin, the god of wisdom, magic and death.

Despite the negative meanings, in Chinese culture the crow called Yatagarasu is represented with three legs, which is considered a solar tripod. Therefore, the bird symbolizes the three phases of the sun (rising sun, midday sun and setting sun), which represents life.

This meaning is not restricted only to China, but appears throughout Central Asia, East Asia and North Africa, where the crow symbolizes something totally opposite to death and also represents wisdom, benevolence and value.

The raven was once the subject of a horror comic which was even adapted for the cinema in 1994 under the name “The Raven” (The Crow). During the shooting, the actor who played the Crow (Brandon Lee) was accidentally killed in a shooting scene, bringing an atmosphere of conspiracies and theories that a curse had been cast.

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