Murder – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Some dreams are real nightmares and no doubt dreaming of murder is at the top of the list. Dreaming that if you are murdered or dreaming that you kill someone, often makes you wake up scared or even sweating.

It is common for us to wake up at once when getting shot in a dream. Since the negative burden of dreaming about murder is completely understandable, what might surprise you is that this kind of dream does not always mean something bad.

The meaning of dreaming of murder reflects primitive symbolisms of the human soul, and how ancestral imagery, that established by thousands of years of evolution of our brains, developed in the deep confines of the neural synapses that form our personality. So don’t draw conclusions about what it means to dream of murder before reading the following lines. You may be surprised!

Dream That You See A Murder

To dream that you witness a murder is a manifestation that, inside you, you hold grudges, sorrows or aversions to someone. Feelings like that are very bad and feeding them is like wanting someone to die while you take the poison.

Dreaming that you see someone being killed is uncomfortable and often terrifying. This dream serves to warn you to overcome resentments and leave behind old raids and heartbreak in exchange for feeling better, even if now it doesn’t seem possible.

Certainly some things are inconsolable and even seem unforgivable, but understand that forgiving is not exactly accepting the fact. To forgive is to throw away the sorrow, the torment and the sorrow. By doing this you stop feeding revenge and the bitter gall that can eat away at your health. Acceptance is something else and this is not required of anyone. You no longer have to live with a person for forgiving them, but if you do not grant forgiveness, you will be forced to live with useless suffering.

Dream That You Commit A Murder

Murder – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreams are really interesting, if you dream that you are killing someone, this is not necessarily a bad sign. Dreaming that you are committing a crime of murder means that you may be, without knowing it, sabotaging someone’s plans. How can this happen? It’s simple, sometimes we make decisions that affect other people’s lives, even if we don’t consciously realize it.

For example, imagine that at work it is up to you to decide on the scale of your team’s time off. Deciding who and when such a person will take the day off can jeopardize a travel plan of this or another person. This is just a small example. We make decisions all the time and they affect individual microuniverses at all times. Don’t suffer too much from this, just take into account the people you can directly affect.

Dream That You Are Murdered

Such a dream usually occurs when we go through moments that are challenging for us as individuals. Perhaps you are beginning or ending a loving relationship or some relationship that is dear to you, like a society or partnership.

It may also be that you are leaving your parents’ home or that your child is leaving yours. A new profession or being fired are also both challenging and frightening, each in their own way. The important thing is that, contrary to what it may seem, dreaming that you are murdered demonstrates that you are prepared and possess the necessary strength to overcome this situation further.

Another point that can be taken into account in this kind of dream is its intrinsic relationship with death. In this case, it may indicate that someone from your personal circle should not receive as much trust as you might believe.

Dreaming About Murdering A Relative

To dream that a relative is murdered or that you kill this relative is a nightmare. A scabrous dream that causes a lot of discomfort without a shadow of a doubt. Fortunately, having such a dream does not mean that you wish this person evil or much less that you want him/her to die.

Dreaming of a family member being murdered, or even dreaming that your parents are murdered, or that you kill them, simply means that you are ready to start and live a new phase in your life. Get involved in new projects, don’t be afraid to change and face the challenges that come, the chance to be successful are great.

Dream Of Stabbing Murder

Murder – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

This is not a bad sign, contrary to what one can imagine. If you dreamed that you were stabbing someone to death, this is a sign that financial prosperity and personal achievements may be coming in your life.

Besides, if you saw blood, the sign is even better, because it represents success in whatever you have worked to achieve. You are about to accomplish what you have been working for.

Dreaming Of Murder By Gunfire

If you shot someone, this may be a sign of anger that you have nurtured for someone or conflicts that may be shaking you in the professional environment. If it is anger, don’t feed this feeling, let it go and get attached to positive aspects of life.

If it is someone who provokes you, avoid as far as it is possible to relate to that person. Often a frank and open conversation also resolves conflicts. If the conflict is in your work environment, use common sense to resolve the differences and appease discomfort.

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