Flying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Flying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1
Child pilot aviator with wings of airplane dreams of traveling in summer in nature at sunset

Flying has always been humanity’s great dream, from angels with beautiful white wings spread under the sky to the commercial, touring and war planes that cross our skies by the thousands today.

Flying like a bird or like the almost mythological figure of Superman permeates our dreams as a child and even when we reach the third age. There is no denying, we all someday dream of being able to fly.

For Freud’s (2016) psychoanalysis, flying can be compared to the experiences we lived before birth, in the mother’s womb, when we float, comfortable, protected, complete. It can be interpreted as the desire to return to that completeness. Dreaming that you are flying can symbolize, for those who dream, full pleasure.

The meaning of dreaming that is flying is loaded with good omens and optimism. It represents most of the time our desire to love and to overcome obstacles. After all, what could stop you if you could fly and cross seas and mountains? What would be the boundaries of your universe?

Although dreams lack details to be properly unlocked in their codes, because they speak the language of the human soul, to dream that flies is essentially to love life and want to enjoy it. But take it easy, fly the following lines and discover all that the horizons of your dreams can show you.

Dream That You Are Flying

It is a fairly common and ordinary dream, but also one of the most pleasant we can have. To dream that you are flying is more pure expression of freedom. When we dream that we are flying, we are getting rid of life’s worries and leaving behind any affliction. Dreaming that you are flying is a sign of artistic sensitivity and creativity.

Dreaming That You Are Flying By Plane

Flying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

A great omen that all conditions are favorable to you. It is as if, as in aviation, this period in your life is a brigadier’s sky. Immerse yourself in these good energies and take the opportunity to touch ahead your plans and ambitions. Just don’t relax to the point of not knowing where you will be stepping, because you can even fly, but you do well to keep your feet on the ground.

Dream That You Are Flying By Helicopter

You seek freedom and independence. A period begins in your life where being free to decide for yourself and to be able to guide your life in the way you believe it is best, begins to be very important for your personal fulfillment. Sensational! Take the reins of your story and start writing it, but be sure that this is the right time to do it.

Being independent also means having a lot of responsibility and accountability. If in your dream it was you who piloted that helicopter, that means fast profits may be coming. Enjoy!

Dream That You Are Flying By Balloon

Flying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Something you have longed for may be coming true, but you will not achieve anything by yourself. Only with the support of your friends will you be able to achieve what you have been dreaming of. If in your dream you took a balloon ride, this suggests that your soul is free and seeks new emotions. This dream can also mean success at work and opportunities around you.

Dream That You Are Flying With A Broomstick

Look at the witch loose! But, calm down, this witch is a good witch. Dreaming that she was flying on a broom is a sign of liberation from afflictions, good and important events coming along, besides positive and unexpected surprises. If there was someone with you, the same blessings extend to this person.

Dream That You Are Flying High

Dreaming that flies high represents high confidence and mental strength to endure life’s difficulties. You aim to get far and have what it takes to do it. Dreaming that you are flying high is synonymous with determination and willpower. If you have this dream frequently, try to develop new skills and stimulate your artistic side.

Dream That You Are Flying Low

Dreaming that you’re flying low or dreaming that you’re making a shallow flight represents maturity to deal with bad situations. You are resilient, but you are not satisfied with taking defiance home.

Dreaming That You Are Flying At Night

Dreaming that you fly during the night depends on some details in your dream to be deciphered with property. For example: did you fly on a moonlit night or was the night dark and dark? If your flight took place on a clear moonlit night, this represents happiness and joy in your loving and sentimental life.

Your romantic life will be active and happy in the coming days. If, on the other hand, the night was dark and dark, it may be that your relationship is balanced on a thin line. Avoiding disagreements and discussions is important so that this line does not break. Flying on clear nights with a starry sky represents peace, while the dark nights are a sign of sadness and misunderstandings.

Dreaming That You Are Flying Over The City

It is a recurring dream in happy and optimistic people, who have good expectations about the future and are satisfied with themselves. Be grateful for everything and for everyone. This positivism tends to last and even expand if you continue to feed your optimistic outlook on the world and life itself.

Dream That You Are Flying Beyond The Clouds

Flying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming that flies beyond the clouds, besides being a really wonderful feeling, also indicates the arrival of a new and delicious passion. It can also represent a deepening of relationships that are already experienced or even a rapprochement of someone you loved, but have not seen for a long time. The emergence of a new romance opens the door to a new direction in your life. Give back the love you receive and give it chances to work.

Dream That You Are Flying In Space

Flying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

This is your moment. You have overcome the difficulties that were on your way and crossed the dark valley, now it’s time to fly and enjoy a period of stability and bonanza. This dream is a symbol of victory and overcoming. It is time to harvest the fruits, but do not relax to the point of letting life guide you, be always who is in charge.

Dream That You Are Flying And Fall

To dream that you are flying and then you fall is a clear sign of lack of faith and confidence in yourself. You can get there, but for this to happen there can be no room for doubt. Moose fly and go without fear, you have what it takes to succeed. The only thing that is holding you to the ground is your own uncertainty.

Dream That You Are Flying Accompanied

Ah, love! It’s coming for you. Dreaming that you are flying with him is a sign that the great love of your life may be coming or already be at your side. Many times we don’t realize love right there, but this dream may be trying to warn you of this possibility. Open your eyes and heart.


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