Mountain – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of mountain means the adversities that appear in your life and that need to be overcome. It represents all your effort and dedication in solving your problems.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Mountain?

In the dream world, not everything will be as great as dreaming of mountain. However, although it may be a wonderful landscape, this type of dream is usually linked to its symbolism, that is, a major obstacle to be overcome.

Of course, the meaning of dreaming of mountain will vary from the type of dream and the things that happened in the context of the dream.

Mountain dreams can be alerts for you to seek your full potential and inner strength, so that you can overcome the obstacles that are to come.

To understand what it means to dream of mountain, in any way, continue reading this article. The answer you are looking for may be just below!

Dream You See A Mountain

You See A Mountain

When you dream of mountain, but in your dream nothing happens, you only see a mountain, this contemplative activity can be interpreted as a request for help, for strength, so that you do not get discouraged in the face of the problems that life presents.

Life has its ups and downs, so extract a positive message from this dream, since it symbolizes that, even if there are difficulties, nothing is impossible to achieve if you commit yourself.

Dreaming That A Mountain Goes Up

The next step is to understand what it means to dream that you are climbing this mountain. According to the symbolism of the dream, when dreaming that you climb the mountain, everything indicates that you will go through great difficulties in your life. But as you will be going up, then it indicates that you will be able to overcome these difficulties, until you finally manage to overcome them.

When dreaming that you climb the mountain, understand that you will encounter numerous challenges, but that they are not invincible. Move forward with courage, and everything will work out at the end of your journey.

Dream That Climbs A Mountain

Climbs A Mountain

Now, let’s try to understand the meaning of dreaming that climbs this mountain. The act of climbing indicates that the adversities that are present in your life today will be overcome, and that you will be able to turn all situations into joy.

It also indicates that, whatever the difficulties, they will not get you off track.Your spirituality is evolving, in harmony with the universe, leaving you more and more prepared to move forward, without letting yourself be overwhelmed by the problems that will eventually appear in your life.

Dreaming That You Are On The Top Of A Mountain

In mountain dreams, if you dream that you are at the top of the mountain, this means that you are in full personal development, that is, evolving as a human being. Keep freeing yourself from outdated concepts that do not match the evolved person you are today.

This dream represents the freedom to know how to choose what is right. Enjoy this new phase of your life, and reap the fruits of the good seeds you have planted so far!

Dreaming That You Have Difficulties To Climb A Mountain

When you dream that you have difficulty climbing this mountain, it means that you are going through a very challenging problem, and you are experiencing difficulties when crossing it.

The interpretation of this dream may be in the sense that your achievement is to come, but for you to succeed, you need to increase the effort and dedicate yourself even more, in addition to trusting yourself much more.

When dreaming that you are struggling to climb the mountain, remember that getting to the top depends solely and exclusively on you, but that accepting the help of an acquaintance can be important to ensure you extra breath.

Maybe what the dream is trying to point out to you is that it’s okay to chase after yourself, but don’t deny the help of those next to you, wanting you to get to the top and succeed in the battles of your life.

Dreaming A Mountain Comes Down

To understand what it means to dream that you are going down the mountain, just look at the symbolism present in this dream. You are going in the opposite direction, that is, while people are usually going up, you are going down.

This kind of dream can represent some things. One of them is that the past message is that of mission accomplished, that is, that you have already gone through the main trials, faced your greatest difficulties, and now it is time to reap the good results of your actions.

In addition, it may indicate that you are about to effectively conquer a desire you had for some time, such as a new job.

Dreaming Of Mountain Under

Ever heard of the phrase “persist, don’t give up”? For it is the one that most applies in these dreams with mountain, when it is falling apart. It is a cry from your subconscious, so that you use all your willpower and do not give up the struggle you are waging. Remember that difficulties make us stronger, so don’t run away if something isn’t working out. Get up and fight.

As difficult as the obstacle may seem to be, think that this dream came to tell you that you are strong enough to go over it. You are capable of everything you set out to do, so go ahead without fear, face your challenges and win.

Dreaming Of Snow Mountain

Snow Mountain

The meaning of dreaming of snow mountain ends up in itself bringing two symbolisms, which is very interesting!

These symbolisms are the mountain itself, which brings the idea of a great situation, and may indicate a problem to be overcome; and snow, a symbol of purity, but also of coldness or social and emotional detachment.

If you have this dream, it may be worth paying attention to around you. This is because, it seems, you may be so focused on your own problem that you may be ceasing to be affectionate, or even ignoring the feelings of people who are close to you, and who love you.

So understand this dream as a warning that it is important to look sideways as much as it is important to look forward.

Dreaming That Falls From A Mountain

Dreaming that you fall from this mountain in the dream, at first can bring you a feeling of fear, after all, it is never good to dream that you are falling from somewhere, especially from such a high mountain.

But, this dream is not a warning for you to be afraid, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you dream that you fall off the mountain, this dream is indicating that you are impatient to achieve the goals you have set for your life (and therefore ended up falling).

See this dream as advice, so you try to understand that everything has a time to happen. Of course you should always do your part and do your best to achieve, but be patient. The results will come.

A second interpretation that is also given to this type of dream relates to some kind of external pressure, that is, from people around you, who live with you. Maybe it’s time to stop giving so much importance to other people’s opinion, because this pressure can affect you in a very negative way.

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