Apple – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of apple means that you reap what you plant, that the events of your life will result from your own actions.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Apple?

The apple is a fruit that has many historical relationships, such as in the myth of Adam and Eve, where the woman is seduced by a serpent to consume this forbidden fruit, and when like Isaac Newton “discovered” gravity, at the moment the apple fell on her head while sitting under an apple tree

Regardless of the symbolisms, dreaming of apple is not something unusual, however curious it may be. Apple dreams usually bring good omens, mainly related to love life.

The meaning of dreaming of apple, of course, will vary according to what happened in your dream, so it is important that you remember the details.

Did you get this far because you want to understand what it means to dream of apple? Proceed with the reading, as the main variations of this pleasant dream will be presented.

Dream You See An Apple

You See An Apple

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of dreaming of apple when you see the apple. Everything indicates that you are in a process of internal development and maturation.

Seek to carry out some reflection processes to assist in this maturity, because only then will you be able to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Dreaming Eating Apple

When dreaming of apple, when you eat of this fruit, symbolism is related to the idea of sin, that is, you are probably in a phase of desire for something that is forbidden. And that’s making you confused, because while you know it’s wrong, you can’t get that desire out of your head.

Remember that it is important to follow the voice of consciousness, because when acting with impulse, we often commit faulty acts and cannot go back.

On the other hand, this dream may not be some forbidden desire, but simply represent your desire for promiscuous sexual intercourse, which may be associated with infidelity. If you are single, there are no problems with sexual thoughts, but if you are married, think hard before you act, because you may regret it later.

Dreaming That Plants Apple

Within apple dreams, if you dream that you plant this fruit, it means that you are aware of some situation where you have not acted in the best way in the past, and today you regret it. This dream indicates that you understand that you need to change, which is great.

Remember that we always need to choose what to plant, so that we can have a good harvest in the future. If we plant good seeds, the fruits will be wonderful, and this is a life lesson that all people should learn. Some even learn, but do not put this knowledge into practice. Practice!

Dream That Harvest Apple

Harvest Apple

Here we will try to understand what it means to dream of apple when you harvest this apple. This dream of harvesting effectively represents that you are reaping the fruits of the good deeds you have done throughout your life.

There is a good prospect of personal, loving and professional growth. Be grateful for the achievements you have achieved, and continue planting good seeds, so that the harvest is better every day.

Dream That Buys Apple

The meaning of dreaming of apple, when you buy this apple, tends to be a warning that unconsciously, you are seeking to change your lifestyle, perhaps to a more peaceful routine, with harmony between your personal and professional life. And that’s great, no doubt, because balance is everything.

When you dream that you are buying the apple, understand that you just need to seek peace, and balance will be a consequence in your life. Stay away from people with heavy energy, try to solve all problems as soon as they appear in your life.

When we seek peace, everything ends up converging in a positive way so that our path is illuminated. So try to act wisely, what good news will happen in your life.

Dreaming Of Apple Foot

Here, we will try to understand, within apple dreams, what is the meaning of dreaming of an apple tree.

This dream indicates prosperity and knowledge. The fruits of the apple tree are saying that you will very soon achieve the goals you aim for. It’s an excellent sign, you can be happy about it!

Don’t drop the ball, stay focused on your dreams and goals, and fight for them, because your dream indicates that soon you will see the result of this effort.

Dreaming Of Red Apple

Dreaming of red apple can mean that you are in a phase of denial, that is, you do not want to admit that you are experiencing problems. Don’t run away, face the problems head-on and fight to solve them, otherwise they will become a snowball and it will be much more difficult to get rid of it in the future.

Dreaming Of Green Apple

Green Apple

When dreaming of apple, dreaming of green apple may be indicating that you are not mature enough for spiritual issues.

You are still quite attracted to material things, and have not been able to find a spiritual path to follow. However, balance is the basis of life, so matter must walk along with the spirit. Keep that in mind.

Dreaming Of Bite Apple

The meaning of dreaming of apple bite is simple: some temptations are surrounding you, and you and you are very close to giving in.

Try to take a deep breath and think very carefully before you act, so as not to end up spoiling some good situation in your life, for a mere fleeting pleasure.

Dreaming Of Rotten Apple

What does it mean to dream of rotten apple? This dream indicates imperfection. You may be taking wrong actions, making unfair mistakes, and these mistakes may take you downhill.

To avoid this unfair situation, reflect on your attitudes, analyze your concepts. You may be surprised to note that you may be acting contrary to your moral principles.

When we point our finger to judge someone, notice that the other four fingers point directly at us. Our conscience is our judge, and the law of return is relentless. Analyze your attitudes very carefully, and try to be fair to everyone, always.

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