Mother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Mother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

There are few (or no) feelings that can equate to the one nourished by our mothers. And a dream about a mother, whether she is alive or not, could not be different.

After waking up, we looked for a possible meaning of dreaming with mother to understand the reasons of those who brought us into the world trying to pass on some message or sign while we slept, right?

And, most of the time, that’s it: a good omen, a great sign that there will be what to celebrate soon.

Dreaming That You Talk To Your Mother

How many times have we not asked our mothers for advice? When we hear what they have to say to us, a better notion and clarity of the directions for the future arise in our minds.

Dreaming that you are talking to your mother is a symbol that there are doubts in the paths to take. She appears as our counselor, who will use her sixth sense to indicate to us what we should do at that moment. Such advice is still related to some change about to happen or already sacramented in her routine, be it loving, professional or familiar.

Dreaming That You Fight With Your Mother

Nobody wants to fight with their mother, and usually when this happens, it’s because of some emotional lack of control by one of the parties. Here, we have a warning that it is necessary to have more control of your emotions and temperament in the work environment.

The chances of getting confused and losing everything are the alert of the fight, in a dream, with whom you would never want to disagree. Be careful, because we know how difficult a professional relocation is, and sometimes swallowing some frogs is necessary for our maturation, as hard as it may seem.

Dream That You Hug Your Mother

Mother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

To dream that you are hugging your mother is a sign of need. And she may or may not come from you. In the first case, the meaning is that your neediness can lead you to bad ways, to project excessive expectations on other people and this can cause disappointment. It’s better to put yourself better at living with people so you don’t get hurt.

In the second case, the indication is that there will be the approach of a needy person, with whom you should take care not to get too involved and then cause you disappointments, even if you’re not to blame for the expectations that others put in you. Beware of neediness!

Dreaming Of A Mother Taking Care Of You

Mother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

When the mother takes care of you in the dream, the first indication is that there is a real concern on her part. Perhaps a closer approach is needed so that we can return all the love of those who put us in the world, and that the rush of everyday urban life has caused us to withdraw.

In other cases, this dream indicates lack of maturity on the part of the dreamer. People who need the care of a mother figure, a protector. Try to understand the context of your life to know in which case you are best fit.

Dream Of A Mother Holding Your Hands

In this case, there is someone guiding you on all the paths followed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your mother, it can be someone of great importance in your coexistence. It indicates that there is no security to make important decisions without the endorsement of this person who holds your hands in the most difficult hours. Be it your mother or spouse, friend or relative as close as a mother.

Dreaming About A Sick Mother

No one wants to see their own sick mother, but this dream does not indicate a bad omen, but a warning of something that has already happened. It is the show that someone is very hurt with whom they dreamed, but did not realize to have hurt the heart of the relative, friend, boyfriend, etc. Try to review your last attitudes, rude words and other measures that left someone dear with a broken heart.

Dream That Kisses Your Mother

Mother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

If your mother kisses you in a dream, the indication is that there is an approval in your path. Your last decisions were right and will have results at the right time, with a lot of perseverance, work and insistence. Have the science that destiny has approved everything that has been done for you and everything will work out, even if for some moment it doesn’t seem so.

Dreaming About The Mother Who Already Died

In the case of dreaming of a living dead mother, only without breathing in a dream, the indication is that material losses are to come. Be careful with unnecessary expenses, because lean cow times are about to torment you, but the advantage is to be warned.

Already dreaming about the death of the mother tends to symbolize the recovery of health, in case some illness has disturbed the path of your life in recent times. And finally, dreaming about the deceased mother is a sign that there is an overload of work or tasks. It takes a rest, a trip or another way of having moments of leisure, because the deceased mother tries to give the alert that it is necessary to have more attention to herself.

Dreaming Of Mother Affection

This dream indicates, mainly, the insecurity factor in some path taken in the course of life. Here, the feeling is that a pillar is missing to sustain the certainty that everything is being done in the right way. The big problem is knowing that this certainty will never exist. Try to trust your instincts and do what you think is right and move on, without excessive worries. You realize yourself and you don’t need the symbolic affection of dreams to achieve success.

Dream That You Miss Your Mother

It lacks patience! In this dream, the longing for the mother is the symbol of excessive stress, which must be fought. It may be that she is working, studying or even taking on excessive responsibilities. Be careful, sometimes we carry more weight than we can carry and sooner or later our body asks for the bill. Rest, prioritize leisure and look more at yourself.

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