Fighting – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Fighting – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreams of fighting are among the most recurrent dreams in the world. The meaning of dreaming about fighting can vary and the most common is to be the result of a trauma in your life, a hurt, an ugly argument, or even a difficult moment, which unfortunately you revive while you sleep. However, if this is not the case, we will help you to discover what your dream means.

This kind of dream is not always a bad omen, it can also be a sign that you will go through many drastic changes, that something is bothering you or that you will still emerge victorious in some personal project. There are many interpretations and it all depends if you are involved, if you just watch or if there is violence in the conflict. Stay with us and find out what it means to dream of a fight!

Dream You Are Fighting / Dream You Are Involved In A Fight

If in your dream you are fighting with someone, it may mean that you are going through a moment of doubt. It seems that your reason and your emotion are not in balance, your mind speaks one thing and your heart another. The dream indicates that you are in an inner conflict. It is time to think and reflect!

If the fight is a verbal discussion, it means that you are really having trouble solving a current problem. But if the dream involves physical violence, it is a warning sign! You need to be careful and pay attention to act right and solve this situation.

Dreaming That You Observe A Fight

If in your dream you watch a fight and do nothing to separate it, it could be a message from your subconscious that you are lacking initiative. It is very likely that you are going through a delicate situation, but you are afraid to make a decision.

If you wanted to separate the fight, but lacked courage, this is an indication that you feel guilty for not having interfered in a real life situation. Maybe you witnessed an injustice, but at the time you didn’t want to interfere, or you still saw something wrong happening and simply ignored it. Now that this is over, there’s no point in blaming yourself, go ahead and, in a next situation, act differently.

Dreaming Of A Couple Fight

Fighting – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you’ve dreamed of a couple arguing, be it acquaintances or strangers, it indicates that you need to be more discreet in your life.

This dream of fighting reveals exactly that there is a big difference between appeasing a conflict and invading the privacy of others. Be careful not to get too involved in the lives of the people around you.

Dream Of A Boyfriend And Girlfriend Fight

Dreaming of a lovers’ quarrel is also an indication that you should not get involved with the problems of others, unless you receive some request for help, or in case of aggression or cowardice. The meaning of dreaming of a fight, in this case, is not restricted only to marital conflicts. It is good to avoid “giving pitaco” in any kind of personal or professional conflict.

But if it is you who is fighting with your partner, this is not a good sign. Be prepared to face problems in your life, because this dream can be a consequence of a situation that already bothers you. The tip is to dialogue and avoid conflicts!

Dream About Fighting Dog

Dreaming of a dogfight means that there is probably some friction between you and someone at work. Beware of falsehood! Dogs are usually docile and friendly, but during a fight, they transform and don’t measure strength to defeat their enemies.

If there is a problem between you and someone from your team, solve it as soon as possible through a sincere conversation. Stay alert so that silly things do not hinder your performance and your professional future. Even if there is no friendship between you, it is important to have a healthy professional environment.

Dream That You Fight With Your Mother

If you don’t have any trauma with your mother and you dreamed that you were arguing with her, this may indicate that you have difficulty controlling your emotions. It seems that you are always angry and impatient or that you cannot contain your feelings.

If it was you who started the fight, it means that you need to pay more attention to your behavior and attitudes. Be careful not to make big mistakes and hurt people you love. If you have, remember that it is never too late to start again and ask for forgiveness.

However, if it was your mother who started the conflict, this is a sign for you to be more careful with your family! Try to be always present, with a lot of affection and love.

Dream That You Fight With Your Father

Dreaming that you fight with your father shows that you need to be persevering to achieve your goals. If the fight hasn’t been solved, the path will be hard and difficult, but if you have made peace, you will have the free path to success.

If in the dream you hit your father, it means that you desperately seek his approval; but if your father is the one who hits you, it points out that you do not have an emotional connection.

Dreaming Of A Sibling Fight

Fighting – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of a fight between siblings means emotional distress, since supposedly siblings should be best friends. Be careful not to be disappointed with a friend, family or even partner. If deep down you feel that something is not going well, this dream may indicate that you are right and should be prepared.

Dream Of A Fight With Friends

Fighting – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of a fight between friends means that you have some big hurt. The tip is to take a moment of reflection to analyze what bothers you. Be wise and seek your happiness!

Dream Of A Woman Fight

Dreaming of a woman’s fight is a bad omen. When observing this kind of fight, it is likely that you are more concerned with the lives of others than with your own. Perhaps you are bothering friends and acquaintances by being too nosy. Start paying more attention to your personal life.

Dream About A Child’s Fight

Dreaming of a child’s fight accuses one of repentance or remorse. Do you have a guilty conscience? This dream is a sign that you can and should try to fix the evil you have caused. Change your attitude and know that everything will be fine if you practice good!

Dream That You Die In A Fight

“I dreamed I died, now what?” Calm down, that dreaming that you die in a fight doesn’t mean that you will really die, but that you need to go through a process of acceptance. It may be that something is bothering you and you refuse to deal with the situation. This kind of attitude only hurts you. Try to overcome your old habits, your prejudices and your hurts! Don’t be afraid of your problems, you will be victorious if you face them.

Dream That You Kill Someone In A Fight

As much as it may seem like a bad dream, dreaming that it kills someone in a fight shows that you are overcoming your difficulties. You’ve been through the acceptance process and you’re leaving everything that does you harm behind! Congratulations! You are solving your internal conflicts and reaching more and more your peace of mind! How nice!

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