Maori Owl – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The Maori Owl is the drawing of an owl based on traces of Maori culture.

Meaning of Maori Owl

Meaning of Maori Owl 

Initially, it is important to mention the Māori culture is very rich. For Māori, everything in nature is sacred. Thus, all elements represent a god and deserve notoriety. One tree, for example, can be the sister of another.

It should be noted that the Maori Owl has been gaining prominence in the Brazilian territory due to the tattoos made, especially by young people. In Māori culture, tattooing was fundamental for recognition. In this scenario, Māori developed a unique and complex style of drawing.

Over time, connoisseurs were enchanted by the design of the Maori Owl, which means knowledge, acumen and the feminine soul.

Maori Owl Symbol

Owl Symbol

The Maori Owl symbolizes female knowledge and soul, as well as being inherent in the culture of Māori. It should be noted that, according to researchers, the Māori disappeared with the arrival of the colonizers. As it was an agrafa culture, traditions and knowledge were transmitted orally.

In addition to the Owl, the Māori revered the shark. For them, this fish was sovereign and the stingray represented excellence.

In the Western world, the symbols of Māori culture draw attention, especially statues. According to tradition, the more drawings on the body they have, the higher the social level of the individual.

Maori Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo

The Maori owl tattoo can be done on various parts of the body, such as the arm, shoulder, back and calf, for example. The drawing can be done in black or with colors such as black and red.

Just as Māori culture is full of details and mysticism, so is atacting. To do so, look for a trained professional for this. Parallel to this, research designs, colors and sizes. Remember that in addition to the drawing staying forever on the body, there must be an identification.

Once the design, color and professional have been chosen, some care must be taken when leaving the studio.

For a better understanding, here are some suggestions:

1. Listen to the professional

He is the person who most suitable to give instructions at this time, which should be followed carefully.

2. Do not remove the plastic

The plastic in place should stay for the time recommended by the tattoo artist. These measures can prevent possible inflammation.

3. Use the ointment

Make use of the ointment until the area heals.

4. Do not remove the cone

Control yourself. The cone can take the color out of the drawing or open wounds.

5. Don’t scratch

Avoid scratching the tattooed region. When this happens, apply a cotton ball soaked in serum, for example.

6. Keep away from the sun’s rays

Ideally, the design should stay away from the sun until it is fully healed. The protector can react with the newly made design.

7. Feed properly

Feeding is fundamental in the healing process. Although each individual may have different reactions, it is suggested that some foods be avoided, such as pork, fat and pepper, for example.

8. Hygiene is fundamental

Clean the drawing with cotton or serum in the first few days. After this period, use mild soap.


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