Malta Cross – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Malta Cross

The Malta Cross is a symbol representing Christian knights. Such an organization emerged in the 11th century during the Crusades.

Meaning of Malta Cross

Studies suggest that the Cross of Malta began in the medieval period. However, this emblem was absorbed by Amalfi, located in Italy.

Although brought by the Normans, the Malta Cross stood out with the Hospitaller Knights, also known as the Knights Malta or Saint John.

It should be mentioned that, initially, the Knights Hospitallers aimed to assist pilgrims in the Holy Land. However, over time, they began to do security with weapons. The purpose of such an act was to ensure that pilgrims arrived safely, as some areas were dangerous.

Malta Cross Symbol

Malta Cross Symbol

The Malta Cross is also the symbol of a Carioca football team, Vasco da Gama. The team’s shield has undergone some changes throughout its history, but the caravel and cross remained. In addition, there is a black background, which represents the unexplored seas, the white stripe, which symbolizes the path unveiled by Vasco da Gama and the caravel. The club adopted the shield in the 1920s and maintains it to this day.

It is worth noting that the team has already worn shields with crosses of different sizes and thicknesses in their uniforms, which was similar to the Cross of the Order of Christ. However, this cross, which is one of the symbols of Portugal, differs from the Malta Cross in that it is filled with the same coloration.

Meaning Of The Malta Cross Symbol

The Malta Cross is associated with the Iron Cross, a symbol used by the Nazis. However, the symbol of the Malta Cross was never used during World War II, much less related to Nazism. The Iron Cross is a military decoration used as recognition of bravery on the battlefield. During the Nazi period, the Iron Cross had a swastika in the center, which with the ban was replaced by leaf branches.

The Malta Cross has four equal ends with eight ends facing outwards and four inward. It is linked to the power of the heavens and the universe, since it represents the connection between heaven and earth. The points express obligations and values, namely:

Live on the basis of truth;
Have an indestructible faith;
Truly repent;
Be humble in all acts;
Apply justice in all spheres;
Be merciful about other people’s ills
Be sincere above all; and
Bravely endure the persecution.

Malta Cross For Templar Knights

Malta Cross For Templar Knights

The Knights Templar began in the Crusades. These expeditions included knights, soldiers and peasants. The goal was to conquer Palestine (or Holy Land). In this period, there was only the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, other beliefs or religions were seen as pagan.

In this scenario, the monks had a cross in their clothing and a sword. Although the purpose is to assist pilgrims, they fought when necessary. Syria was evacuated by Christians in the 13th century and the Hospitallers, after some changes, opted for Malta. The emblem of such an Order is the Malta Cross.

Malta Order

Malta Cross - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

The Order of Malta is an order that encompasses Knights Templar. These Christian knights, who belonged to the Sovereign and Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, took care of the wounded and simultaneously ensured the expansion of Christianity.

Malta Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoo is one of the most requested among young people. Such a phenomenon can happen for several reasons, such as religiosity, meaning, heart team or natural beauty. With regard to religiosity, the cross can mean death and resurrection of Christ. With this, there is the message that death is not the end.

As for the tattoo of the Cross of Malta, it is much sought after in the studios for symbolizing the bravery and faith of the Knights Hospitaller. It is worth noting that the cross has eight tips that, for some people, constitute the duties of knights, such as Faith, Sincerity, Truth, Love, among others.

Still in this panorama, there are those who prefer to perpetuate the symbol of the team from the heart in the skin.Considering that the Cross of Malta is the symbol of a football team called Vasco da Gama in Rio de Janeiro, individuals can feel identified with the sport and everything that the team represents.

It is important to mention Malta is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea. The place is very exuberant and many students decide to study abroad in that region.

The Malta Cross can be drawn in various sizes and on different parts of the body, such as the arm, nape of the neck, back or calf. Once this is done, you need to responsibly choose the professional. The goal is for the design to be well done and the recovery to be agile.

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