Magic – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of magic means you have a very keen perception and a very strong intuition. Give more value to your own qualities and know your limits.

What Does It Mean To Dream With Magic?

Dreams of magic are like having a kaleidoscope at hand, symbolism goes beyond what we see and know it by reading in books and watching the many movies that bring the fantasy world close to us.

The basic rule of any magic is: if used to do good, then good we will also receive; but if used to send evil, then worse we will get. Therefore, the meaning of dreaming of magic will also depend on what your intentions are or those of whom you saw doing magic.

Dreams with magic present scenes that go beyond space, time and matter, even if they are taking place inside your brain projector – with its multitude of mysteries – in one place, for a period of sleep, correct? This is also magical!

Thus, to say what it means to dream of magic is elastic, and can be broad in its intentions and energy, and; limited to our human and earthly nature.

To learn more about the content of your dream, we have brought below more details about each variable of dreaming with magic, so you can see which one your dream fits into and have exclusively tips, advice and directions about your dream and your current moment of life. Let’s embark together on this magical world of dreaming?

Dreaming That Makes A Magic

Makes A Magic

Dreaming that works a magic means how sensitive your field of perception is. Your intuition speaks loud and clear to your ears, the voice of your conscience tells you what to do for the good of all and your five senses live outcropped like radars capturing new data all the time wherever you go.

Just as the prophets of antiquity had an open magnetic field to receive lessons from on high and know how to pass on to those who right using the right terms and tones tuning communication with those, you, nowadays and within the modernity in which we are inserted, also have this role. You are rare and unique, respect your gift and your limits.

Dream You Learn To Do Magic

Dreaming that you learn to do magic talks about your discoveries in the area of expertise. If you are studying, improving at work, know that your investment in acquiring new knowledge will have a significant result in your career, highlighting you in the company in which you work or in the niche in which you undertake.

Dreaming That You Try, But Can’t Make A Magic

Dreaming that you try, but can’t, do magic means that it’s not yet the right time for you to solve certain topics in your life, everything has its time and not even the force of magic could help you at that time. Magic also depends on space and time, be patient.

Dream You See Someone Doing A Magic

Dreaming that you see someone doing magic depends on who that person was. If an acquaintance, good news will be brought by him to you. Joy, festivity, celebration and union will be some of the ingredients of this magic.

If a stranger did the magic, be careful with their fears and fears so that they do not see a seven-headed animal. Living frightened, in a state of alert, frightened by anything like movements taken by you as suspects can imprison you within a reality of your own, but totally not consistent with the facts.

Dream Of Black Magic

Black Magic

Roadblocks and impediments. Dreaming of black magic means that obstacles, barriers, deviations by unpleasant routes will be part of your path, whether in the professional, family or loving sphere.

Working your thoughts to strengthen themselves in positivity, keeping faith and a firm head will help you go through this phase, because even if you swing, your protector will never allow you to fall.

Dream That Conjures A Magic

Conjures A Magic

Dreaming that conjures a magic has variations depending on the type of magic you’ve seen conjuring. But, in general, positive energy attracts to us the same degree of vibrational tuning, and everyone wins. Already conjuring with an evil and dirty magic harms not only to those who are destined but also to all those involved who together jam in the mud of perversity.

Dream Of Magic Objects

Dreaming of magical objects that are offered to us means that a person will give a unique chance or opportunity in life and that they will transform their path once and for all. On the other hand, dreaming of magical objects that are found or discovered by yourself indicates a grandiose revelation before you and that will alter your perception of life, make you see through another point of view, another angle, greatly improving your way of leading life.

Dreaming Of Children Doing Magic

When you dream of a child doing magic, remember that the best magic your inner child can learn is to trust him/herself, to know how important he is, how much you as an adult love and welcome him/her.

We usually carry childhood traumas because we have not yet learned self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and to make the fair and correct reception of this child who so much needs support, love and affection. Love her as you have always wanted to be loved, today you are able to understand the true needs of that child and therefore you are the only one who can give what she needs.

Dream That Acquires Magic Gifts

Dreaming that acquires magical gifts sounds almost like a childish desire, of those that children have when relying on their favorite cartoon character, doesn’t it? And just like children with their curiosities, yearnings for new discoveries and having everything in hand since yesterday, it is that the concept of dreaming that acquires magical gifts fits.

If you also share this anxiety and even impatience, beware, it can harm you and end up harming your psychic and even physical health such as developing nervous gastritis or GAD – generalized anxiety disorder.

Dreaming That Does Magic For Good

When dreaming that you do magic for good, try to recover in the image you visualized in a dream if these spells were for yourself or for other people to whom you have great love and affection.

Magic for good is usually performed with the use of herbs, pure and crystal clear water, candles or with soft and sweet colors, perfume and delicate oils and colored ribbons in soft tones, flowers that represent joy, purity, peace and harmony.

Dreaming That Does Magic To Evil

Dreaming that it works magic for evil represents that when we throw mud at someone it is impossible not to get dirty either. Beware of what you have been wishing for others, and more than that, of the magic work you have been doing for those who bother you or to whom you have no affection. Everything that goes, one day comes back.

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