Ball – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of the ball means that good news is on the way. It is important that you make the most of the happiness that is hovering in your life. It may represent a new love emerging soon.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Ball?

If you are holding or playing with the ball, if it is colorful or transparent, if it is from any specific sport, among many other possibilities involving this type of object, we will see here its meanings.

In general, dreams of ball serve to remind you of something important that you have somehow set aside in your life or in everyday life, or even to issue an alert that something important is to come!

So if you really want to know what the possible meanings of dreaming of ball are, don’t leave this article. In it, we will explain several meanings of dreaming of ball, so that you can better understand the dream and the sensations you had with it.

Dream You See A Ball

If in your dreams with ball you are just looking at it, without catching it, playing or performing other actions with it, it means that positive changes will happen soon in your life, whether in the personal, or even in the professional.

Dreaming That Holds A Ball

Dreaming of the ball, where you are holding it, without performing any more actions, such as playing, playing, delivering it to someone, means that you are holding their feelings and sensations, and that this is somehow preventing you.

So evaluate your actions, and see if there is something holding back your personal and professional activities.

Dream That Buys A Ball

In a ball dream where you are buying one, it means that good things are about to happen, especially in the financial area, like a good deal to close, with good profits.

Dreaming Of Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

The meaning of dreaming of soccer ball may not be very pleasant, even if in reality the game is good entertainment.

A football dream can mean that there are bad things in your mind, such as afflictions, anguish, that need your attention to be solved.

Dreaming Of A Volleyball

And what does it mean to dream of volleyball? A dream of this object can have two distinct meanings.

First, it can show you that you need to be more active and present in some area of your life, such as a personal project, or even a professional activity.

Or it can demonstrate that you are losing some of your friendships, due to negligence or even lack of availability for them. Make sure this is the case and try to be closer to your friends.

Dreaming Of Basketball Ball

Basketball Ball

Dreaming of basketball can have several meanings, depending on what happens in the dream.

If you have the ball in your hand, it means that in order for your goals to be achieved, you must take the necessary actions and actions.

Now, if you have the ball in the middle of a basketball game, it means that to achieve your goals, personal or professional, you will need help, friends, coworkers or family.

Dreaming Of Billiard Ball

And what does it mean to dream of a billiard ball? Since this is a very relaxed game, for moments with friends, dreaming of billiard ball means that good things will happen soon in your life!

Dreams Of Fire Ball

When, in your dreams, you see a fireball, whether passing through the sky or in other circumstances, some meanings can be attributed to it.

The main thing is the symbolism of transformation, reminding you that changes will happen right in your life. It can also mean something more drastic, such as destruction or even moments of anger.

Dreaming Of Colorful Ball

Dreaming of a colored ball can be a way for your unconscious to remind you to take better care of your friendships, paying more attention to them.

This kind of dream shows you that going out and meeting new people will not be a good thing right now.

Dream That Plays With A Ball

And what does it mean to dream of ball, if in the dream I’m playing with it?

Playing with balls reminds us of moments of relaxation and joy, especially when we are children, we have no worries and we are discovering new things.

If you dreamed that you were playing with a ball, probably something from your life, which you have been waiting for a long time, will happen in a full and perfect way.

Dreaming You Find A Ball

If, when dreaming of ball, you are finding a ball of any kind in your way, it means that soon a new love will knock on your door. So stay tuned!

Dreaming Of Ball Burning

Since the ball is an object of a lot of entertainment, when it bursts, it can leave us not only scared, but also upset, because it means that the fun ended at that moment.

And if, in your dream of ball, it burst, it is a sign that you should do an analysis of your health as soon as possible, because something is not going well!

Dreaming That Kicks A Ball

Kicks A Ball

Kicking the ball is part of several sports and physical activities, especially soccer, a very popular sport in Brazil and in the world, where we have moments of relaxation with friends and family.

The meaning of dreaming of ball, where in the dream you are kicking the ball, is that soon your biggest concerns will be resolved and you will be very free of them, living your life in a quiet way.

Dreaming That You Throw A Ball

Throwing a ball is a type of action that is part of several sports, with volleyball and basketball. These sports also signal moments of leisure and relaxation with friends and family.

So if in the ball dream you are playing it, it means that very good news will come to you soon!

Dreaming Of Glass Ball

The meaning of dreaming of ball, where you see a glass or crystal ball, is that you will have an intuition about something that will happen soon.

Observe your life and that of the people around you for more tips, but try not to alarm them, except at the right time to help them make some decisions correctly, based on your intuition.


So, as you can see, dreaming of ball can bring many kinds of meanings in your life, depending on what is happening not only in the dream, but also in your life.

So always observe how your life is, so that you understand what dreaming of ball can mean.

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