Macumba – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Macumba – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of macumba may appear to be something negative, however, its meaning hangs more to the positive, because dispatches are usually made with the purpose of good and represent protection. It can be a harbinger that very positive things are coming in your life!

The dream with macumba can be seen by many as something macabre or sinister. However, there is a certain prejudice regarding this religion that must be taken into account when interpreting what it means to dream about macumba. First that the macumba itself is actually a percussion instrument.

The dispatches ended up receiving this fame because they became synonyms of religion. Unlike what many think, they are offerings to Exu, the God who protects the path between the spiritual and the material world, and are requests for protection to this orixá. There are, yes, dispatches made with bad intentions, especially in candomblé, where there is no distinction between good and evil. However, this is not encouraged by religions.

Having said that, there are different interpretations of the meaning of dreaming with macumba, and we will understand a little more of each context that can appear in our dreams.

Dream You See A Macumba

Macumba – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Since this negative view usually exists, dreaming that you see a macumba dispatch can be something impacting. Many see it as an expression of evil and that it is a representative of a desire to cause evil to others.

However, most dispatches are made with the good in mind. It is an expression of religions such as candomblé or umbanda that aim at protection. It can manifest itself as material abundance or even health for people. Therefore, dreaming of macumba can be an omen that good things are about to happen in your life.

Dreaming That You Are Doing Macumba

This dream eventually reflects his state of mind. You have not been able to achieve your goals. For this, you are resorting to macumba to get strength and protection to achieve success. Therefore, this dream is an indication that you lack self-confidence.

You are feeling insecure about many things. Take a moment to talk with people close to you and try to expose your concerns. Try to understand them and try to overcome them. Recover faith in yourself, it’s time to gather strength and move on with your life.

Dream Of Macumba With A Lit Candle

Dreaming that the dispatch presents a lit candle is usually a good sign, especially if the macumba is being done with good intentions. This dream is usually related to your life goals. Most of the time, our goals are things that require a lot of effort, because they are not easy to achieve.

The dream indicates that you are about to achieve your goals, however difficult they may be. Luck is on your side. Enjoy this moment, but don’t take everything for granted. If you don’t make an effort and work for your own success, it will never come. Therefore, keep the focus and continue battling to achieve your desires.

Dreaming Of Macumba Being Undone

If, when dreaming that you are preparing the dispatch, you are receiving an indication that you are feeling insecure, this case shows us the opposite feeling. By undoing the macumba, you are indicating that you are giving up any extra help at this time and are already feeling more confident to take things into your own hands.

Trust is coming back in a very positive way for you. Bad feelings, like sorrows, are falling behind. It’s a good time in your life and you should take advantage of this increase of self-confidence to seek new achievements.

Dreaming Of Macumba In The Street

Macumba – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Most dispatches are made with good intentions. They are placed at crossroads because they represent the passage between two worlds, exactly what the request for protection of the orixá Exu represents. Thus, they represent that good things are near you. Be aware of the good news. Take advantage of this good time to build even better news. It is a time of good energy for you, and if you know how to make good use of it, much success will come from it.

However, we know that there are cases where dispatches are placed with bad intentions. They are exceptions, but they are things that happen. In this case, this dream can mean that you have conquered something, but you feel that you have not acted in the right way about it. That is, it can mean that you used some kind of cheating or other artifice to achieve your conquest. This makes you a little ashamed. So it’s a good time to review your attitudes, apologize to whoever has to apologize and think twice before committing similar acts in the future.

Dreaming About Macumba At Home

Once again we must interpret this dream according to two perspectives. The first concerns the good intentions of those who may have placed it. Thus, this dream becomes a sign that you have people close to you who support your success and want to send you strength to face your personal challenges.

On the other hand, if there is a bad intention when leaving the dispatch at your door, the sign can also be positive. This is because even if there are people trying to sabotage you, you possess more strength than they do. You are able to overcome difficulties and you are ready to reach your goals.

Dreaming Of Macumba With A Candle Blown Out

While the lit candle is an indication of good luck, the presence of the lit candle means exactly the opposite. This is an omen of bad luck. New events may arise that may mean that your plans will be delayed and will be disrupted. You must have the strength to get around these problems.

The dream comes as a great alert. It’s up to you to take action to, at least, minimize the problems. It’s common for things to happen that get in the way of our plans and slow us down in our pursuit of our goals. However, we need to have the strength to overcome this.

Dreaming Of Macumba In The Cemetery

This may be an indication that you need protection from certain things and that you need to bury them. Your past may be haunting you and you need to find a way to deal with it.

Understand what you’ve been through and think about ways to keep it from getting in your way. Sometimes we’re going through a lot of things that don’t deserve so much attention. Knowing how to leave them aside and move on is something very important in life and you need it at this moment.

Dreaming About Macumba Made For Me

In your mind, you are understanding that someone is worrying a lot about you. But you need to understand what that person’s intentions are with you. We usually understand that the people who do this to us are wanting our evil.

So it may be a time to reflect on who is thinking this of you. Watch even the people close to you. If you can identify someone who has bad feelings about you, the best thing to do is to have a good conversation.

Dream About Macumba At Work

Here the meaning is deeply tied to people of your work. Very hardly anyone would leave a dispatch in their work just to give you protection. It is very likely that someone is wanting your evil professionally. Therefore, it’s time to observe your colleagues well and take care of false friends, because they may be getting in your way.

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