Clean Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Clean Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of clean water means peace and harmony in your life. It represents all the prosperity that is in your path, clear and crystal clear. Your health is also on the rise! It’s a great time and one that should be enjoyed to the full!

Every night we dream about something. Sometimes the dreams go unnoticed and sometimes they are hammering in our mind, as if they wanted to say something. Well, in most cases, they do have a specific meaning that can say a lot about you or some moment that you may be experiencing.

It’s the case of dreaming of clean water, be it in a river, in a container or even in an open tap. Understanding what it means to dream about clean water will bring you a greater perception about messages that the universe may be wanting to give you that, in the vast majority of times, are positive.

In Christianity, water is totally linked to baptism, which is nothing more than an act of faith and protection. In Judaism, water represents something pure, a restoration of the spirit. In Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, water has almost miraculous powers, much used in purification and healing rituals.

In general, the meaning of dreaming of clean water is, as we said above, a positive warning about your life. Water symbolically portrays the state of a person’s soul, and in your dreams it represents the emotional state you are in. In the case of dreaming with clean water, it points to serenity, balance and, most of the time, it’s a warning that you will prosper, have a lot of success and changes.

Dreaming With Crystal Clear Water

Clean Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Reflecting its own interior, dreaming of clean and crystalline water leads to prosperity, harmony, peace and rest. You may also be pointing out that you are healthy! Dreaming about it is a warning that you are at your best moment to enjoy life and yourself!

Dreaming About Clean Running Water

As the name itself says, if the water was flowing in your dream, that is, fluid, it represents emotional fluidity! It means that you are in a moment of transformation or in conflicts of the past. If you are waiting for some response from business or work, you are very capable that everything happens in the best possible way.

Another point is that you may be stuck on these old issues, but understand that you have no choice, your connection with this point of the past is already breaking down to make room for a new beginning to be built. However, it is also a warning for you to be very careful with very overwhelming changes!

Dreaming That You Drink Clean Water

Clean Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Did you dream that you were quenching your thirst with clean water? Well, in general this dream brings a very positive meaning. Symbolizing thirst for knowledge, spiritual cleansing, renewal and a period of good energy. Another important meaning is that dreaming that you drink clean water also indicates healing, both yours and that of a close loved one.

Dreaming Of Clean Still Water

Although, in reality, still water is a great risk for proliferation of the dengue mosquito, in dreams, this does not represent something very positive either. Dreaming about still water shows that you have something parked in your life and your subconscious is warning you that you need to review these points or that there may be toxic people near you.

On the other hand, many experts say that dreaming of still clean water also indicates a moment of transition that will happen soon. Transitions are not always easy, but the dream comes precisely to warn that, as hard as it may seem, changes always bring something positive in the end.

Dreaming That Empties Container With Clean Water

Dreaming that you are emptying a container of clean water means restarting in the field, both professional and personal. But, believe the message behind it: the container is emptying itself for a new water to complete it.

Dreaming Of Filling A Container With Clean Water

Already when you dream that you are filling the container, you show a future gratification in your work. It is literally that famous phrase of “see the glass half full”.

Dreaming Of Clean River Water

What does it mean to dream of a clean water river? It brings a very poetic and inspiring meaning, symbolizing that you are awakening spiritually, expanding your consciousness. However, all this living poetry about the cosmos warning you about your life moment can also seem a little frightening, after all, waking up to life also involves facing your biggest fears and expanding your consciousness makes everything appear at once.

So, if you find yourself having this dream with a river of clean water, try to have a lot of strength to firm up and avoid depressive holes that may appear in the way, you are stronger than your fears and blockages!

Dreaming Of Clean Sea Water

Clean Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Unlike the river, dreaming of clean sea water means that you are going through a great deal of internal cleaning and this will reorganize your life, aligning your spiritual order. Sea water is salt water and for many ancient people it directly affects our spiritual aura.

Dreaming About Clean And Dirty Water

Dirty water represents many negative things, ranging from death to a warning about the need for personal cleansing. However, dreaming of clean and dirty water, at the same time, can represent some moment of a lot of insecurity that you need to overcome. Dirty water is present to indicate that you can’t give up your dreams, that there are still hopes and you are not alone!

Another very recurring meaning is that evil will never hit you, for good surrounds you and protects you in your life. So, although life is not a sea of roses full of perfection, good things will always overcome bad ones!

Dreaming Of Clean Water Gushing

In this case, whoever dreams of it is because they are very satisfied with themselves, seeking to fulfill their desires, reaping lots of money, peace and health. It’s practically a message from the oneiric universe, announcing that good things will gush out on you when you least expect it! Do you have a better bath than a bath of good things?

Dreaming Of A Lot Of Clean Water

What does it mean to dream of a lot of clean water? It is symbolically something extremely positive! A fertile sign of an unexpected event will knock on your door, but one of those wonderful ones!

Dreaming of a lot of clean water is such a positive sign that it is considered something rare within the universe of dreams, very few people dream about it!

Dreaming Of Clean Waterfall

It is very common that we, mere human beings, often let ourselves be carried away more by emotion than by reason, we are influenced by our emotions 24 hours a day and, most of the time, without realizing it. Therefore, dreaming of a clean waterfall can represent a warning that you need to take great care with emotional attitudes.

Thinking and balancing the rational with the emotional is something very good, so dreaming of a clean waterfall is yes very positive. It is a warning about your future and how you reflect about it.

Dreaming About Clean Water Coming Out Of The Tap

Very attached to business and love, from this dream, a lot of luck will be magnetized to your life line! Accept it and prepare yourself for the good things to come!

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