Guava – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of guava means fecundity and flirtation. In this way, dreams of guava symbolize abundance and prosperity, where you will possess energy and vitality to celebrate all situations in the near future. Therefore, you will soon be able to participate in some lively parties, where you will meet many people.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Guava?

Dreams about fruit are usually very common, because dreaming of food is not atypical, and we need food every day to live. Therefore, fruit in dreams usually has metaphorical meanings associated with personal desires, accomplishments, physical and mental well-being. However, the type of fruit can give more meaning to a dream, but it is not necessarily so.

So if you dream of ripe guavas and they look tasty and ready to harvest, but cannot reach them for any reason, it means you will have to wait a little longer until your dedication to work is rewarded.

But what it means to dream of guava is still related to the message of not being rushed, so wait a little longer. You can also suggest that your work will be really fruitful. Thus, seeing ripe guavas symbolizes fruits of your success, something you should be proud of.

Alternatively, if you are not currently planning, you have no purpose to get somewhere and there is no real project you are working on, in this case the meaning of dreaming of guava reveals that you want something that is not yours.

In this way, you dream successfully and see examples around you, which is a positive thing and a good sign. On the other hand, this may suggest that you are very envious of other people’s fruitful work. However, considering exotic guava, this dream indicates that you are tired of your routine, the same fruit you eat every day and everything else, figuratively speaking.

Finally, you want to experience something completely different, where you need an exotic moment in your life. In addition, you need to flee to a distinct world, at least for a while. Thus, distant and exotic things attract and call him at this time.

Dream You See A Guava

Dreaming you see guava suggests that you will be forced to do certain things for others. However, you will have to be patient too. Because it will take a while to be appreciated for your passion or hard work. However, the colors of the fruit can differentiate the meaning of the dream. Therefore, seeing a green guava in your dreams is a sign of obtaining wealth by fair means or legitimate resources.

But seeing a yellow guava is an indication of illness, especially if you dream when it is not guava season. Finally, seeing a yellowish red guava in dreams is a symbol of obtaining wealth from legal sources.

Dreaming Of Guava Foot

Dreaming of guava foot is sometimes a sign of the end of something and the beginning of a new stage. In this way, you are progressing smoothly towards the path of your life. You can also express something beautiful and positive through your work.

The dream refers to a secret of the past that still haunts you, you still think about how things used to be. So seeing guava tree in the dream means energy, impulse, passion, fearlessness and ambition. It also indicates that you are questioning your skills, in addition to always comparing yourself to others, observing what other people have. However, the dream represents renewal and new beginnings, in which the dreamer is surrounded by creative energy.

Dream That Harvest Guava

Harvest Guava

Dreaming that you harvest guavas reflects the feelings of sexual obligations to your partner. However, you will like to fulfill the wishes of your companion. In addition, the harvest of a guava symbolizes success in all fields.

Therefore, you represent a type of person who can distribute and organize your time well, without neglecting any aspect of life that you deem valuable. So, including family and work, you usually see your friends and take every opportunity to learn new things and work on personal growth.

Dream You Buy Guava

Dreaming that buying guava is an indication of attention, where surely the dreamer is spending money on unnecessary objects and these non-essential acquisitions can bring financial problems.

Therefore, those who have this dream should immediately stop buying things they do not need, directed to income to what really matters. So use the money wisely and everything will go well.

Dreaming That Eats Guava

Eats Guava

If you eat a ripe and tasty guava in the dream, it means that success at work and personal joy are about to happen. Given this, you may visit a place that has spent your childhood. And you will be at peace, remembering all the events that marked a significant period of your life.

However, eating a guava that is not yet ripe symbolizes discomfort. It can happen that you make a mistake at work and receive criticism from your superiors. In addition, an objection may be publicly declared, which you will not approve, as all your coworkers will be aware of its disadvantages.

Dreaming Of Another person Eating Guava

Dreaming of someone else eating guava is a sign that the dreamer may lose something. However, he can also represent, if he is a man, that he will soon have the visit of family members from far away. But it can still mean that the visit comes by surprise, so get ready.

However, if you are a woman, it may indicate that the family will grow up through the birth of a child. However, watching the head of state/institution eat guava in his dreams is a sign of obtaining material gains from a renowned person.

Dreaming Of Sweet Guava

Dreaming of guava candy is a very good omen that foreshadows good moments in the love relationship. So, in case the dreamer has an appointment, this indicates that life with the partner will improve a lot in terms of complicity and love.

However, if the dream happens to singles, interesting individuals may appear in your routine, and surely one of them will be your companion soon. So celebrate and enjoy love.

Dreaming Of Guava Juice

Guava Juice

Dreaming of nectar or guava juice demonstrates that you will get wealth from legitimate resources. You will be able to get rid of impurities and obstacles in your business or work and will only get big profits.

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