Abandonment – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of abandonment represents insecurity and fear of losing those we love, and can also symbolize the fear of suffering betrayal.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Abandonment?

In general, the meaning of dreaming of abandonment reflects the lack of security you feel about something, someone or yourself.

And, in some cases, the meaning of dreams of abandonment is related to the need to change their actions.

The real meaning depends on other elements present in the dream, just like any other dream you may have, see below what it means to dream of abandonment.

Dream You See Someone Abandoned

Dreaming that you see someone abandoned may indicate that your life is purposeless, that you miss a greater meaning.

Dreams of abandonment can also express the loneliness you feel, the feeling of rejection, as if you were not or did not feel desired.

This indicates that you should seek to meet new people and break through this sense of loneliness, and can also symbolize that you need to conquer your freedom and express yourself without worrying about what other people will think of you.

Dream Of Abandoned Children

Abandoned Children

Dreams of an abandoned child can mean the unhappiness and disappointment you are feeling at the moment, and it is necessary to maintain emotional balance to strengthen yourself during this phase of sadness.

If, in the dream, you were caring for and supporting this abandoned child, it means that you will have many prosperity soon.

In addition, dreaming of an abandoned child can also indicate that you should not stick to the sorrows and anxieties that fill your life, this is an omen that things will get better, depending only on your personal change.

But be careful with business, because this type of dream also represents the lack of luck in investments, so stay alert to the danger in relation to your finances.

Dreaming Of Abandoned Baby

Dreams of abandoned baby can mean the frustration of having tried to accomplish in the past something that did not work, usually in childhood.

It represents an old dissatisfaction, the feeling of not having completed something generates a deep anguish.

But, it may also indicate the lack of luck in the games and possible personal difficulties. You may need to be more cautious about your actions and postpone some plans, so you can ensure that you will get to your goal without running over the way.

Dreaming That It Is Abandoned By Friends

Abandoned By Friends

In a dream, seeing that it is abandoned by friends means the fear of evolving, symbolizing that past feelings are preventing its full development.

But, being abandoned by friends in a dream can also indicate that you are in the phase of emotional recovery, maybe you are at the end of a relationship and need to heal from this pain to move on.

Dreaming That It Is Abandoned By Families

Being abandoned by family members in the dream means that you will go through financial difficulties, and that you must dedicate yourself to the fullest, with commitment and effort to overcome the situations in which you are.

Another meaning to dream that he is abandoned by family members represents his great ambition in business. In this interpretation, everything suggests that it is necessary to use their resources wisely so as not to fall into ruin.

Dreaming That It Is Abandoned By the Partner

This dream represents the fear of being betrayed, because dreaming that you are abandoned by your partner symbolizes the fear that this person may betray you and the insecurity you feel in this relationship.

And it means that you should put aside your fears by adopting more mature attitudes towards your partner.

Just as it can be a warning that you will have some unforeseen events in your life, which may restrict your freedom.

The dream of abandonment is also usually a sign that it is necessary to change your posture, convictions and way of acting.

Dreaming That Abandons Someone

This dream indicates the need for change, dissatisfaction with what is currently happening. In any case, it represents that you should make an effort to change what you have not liked.

If the abandoned person was someone you didn’t like, the dream represents good news about your finances.

On the other hand, if the abandoned person was someone close to you, this represents that you will have some disappointment or kind of disgust that may occur in the future.

However, if in the dream you abandoned the person you love, it is an indication that they will make a proof of love to you.

Dreaming That Abandons Job

Abandons Job

Dreaming that you quit your job means that timely proposals are to come, so be aware when this opportunity arises, as it can cause a good turnaround in your life.

Decide wisely and make the choice wisely. Above all, be cautious. But also don’t let a big opportunity pass.

In general, this dream implies the emergence of external changes, so prepare for good surprises in your life.

Dream That Abandons The Home

Dreaming that you leave your home represents that opportunities will arise and you will know how to get benefits in this situation, and may even indicate that you will have higher income or good returns in your financial life.

But, it is also a warning sign not to get involved in dangerous situations that may offer some risk.

Dream That Abandons Some Addiction

Dreaming that you abandon some addiction indicates future reconciliations.

In any case, dreams of abandonment suggest that there will be some kind of renewal in the dreamer’s life, being necessary to leave some things in the past without looking back.

Whether they are people, feelings or things, if something afflicts or disturbs you, it is a strong indication that you should cut this evil at the root without regrets.

Most of the time, the meaning of dreaming of abandonment is related to your fear of losing a love, or even may originate from some painful loss that you have had in the past that makes you insecure.

Above all, dreaming of abandonment means that it is necessary to renew your way of acting, taking different attitudes from those you have adopted.

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