God – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Regardless of belief or religion, God is a unique and sacred symbol. So, dreaming about God is obviously a dream with a lot of peace, love and everything we see as something positive, especially if you are a person with faith. If, in the older ages, many cultures considered dreams of God as an act of mediumship, today we know that this means much more that we are living than a heavenly conversation.

Dream Of God

In general, the meaning of dreaming about God is something extremely positive, as it may mean that your life will improve in all possible circumstances, as well as it appears to indicate developments, trust, protection and even a strong connection with the divine. . But, of course, the meaning varies depending on the circumstances of what happened in the dream.

Dreaming That Sees God

Dreaming that you are before God is already a remarkable experience in itself, regardless of your belief. The meaning of this dream can serve as an alert that you need to enter a time of self-reflection to better understand what your priorities are at this time. And the work? Is it your relationship? Think hard and listen to what your heart is saying!

This dream can also serve to announce a personal achievement that is coming, that is, a moment of extreme happiness!

Dreaming That Talks To God

Talks to God

Dreaming that you are talking to God is practically like being praying face to face to that spiritual being that you have faith, isn’t it? So, dreaming that you are talking to him means that those problems that you have been praying to end will finally cease to exist!

Dream That Talks To God

Some experts argue that this dream means that God is telling you that you need to take a new direction and seize opportunities that will appear before your eyes.

Dreaming That Embraces God

If you believe in God, this dream will surely leave you with that feeling of peace in your chest. It means divine protection, just as it means that the more good deeds you do for others, the more it will return to you. But, it is necessary to be aware of not doing this just for the reward, because then there will be no return.

Dreaming Of God Smiling

God Smiling

Dreaming that you are in conversation with God and he smiles at you, or simply dreaming of God smiling at you, brings one of the most simple and desired meanings of the human being: peace. This dream shows that you are satisfied with your life right now and that tranquility is reigning.

Dreaming Of Sad God

To dream that you are seeing a sad God in front of you means more about you than it seems. This is because many people believe in God and their routines are based on the goodness and strength of that higher being. So, when you dream of a sad God, it can mean that you are disappointed in yourself, feeling weak and incapable.

God’s expression in this dream very much reflects the feelings you are having with yourself, as a self-judgment. However, the message comes to warn you that mistakes happen and you must not feed this feeling of inability inside, on the contrary, you must see the small victories that prove that you are capable of everything!

Dreaming That Complains About God

Dreaming that complains about God serves as a warning. It means that you are dissatisfied with the direction your life is taking, however, at no time do you seek maturity to understand that many paths have arisen due to the consequences of actions and choices you have taken in the past. This alert appears for you to reflect more on your actions, because as soon as you assume mistakes, you will be able to revert them with more ease and tranquility.

Dreaming That Fight With God

Another dream that is quite literal, is to dream that you are fighting with God. To look for this meaning, just think how God represents, above all, love! So, when you dream that you are fighting with God, it may mean that you are trying to hide the feelings you have been feeling, running away from love for fear of suffering in the future.

However, analyze if the fear of loving and suffering is no longer making you suffer! Denying your feelings is the most wrong way to achieve inner peace.

Dreaming That Hears The Voice Of God

This is one of the most beautiful dreams of all! Dreaming that hears the voice of God is a real gift for those who believe in this superior being. So, this dream means that you are a person with a lot of spirituality, who have faith!

Experts also believe that this dream is a message from the divine for you to reflect on some actions of daily life, especially if you are doing everything to recover something of extreme importance for your emotional, such as your reputation. At this moment, take a deep breath before speaking, thinking or taking any action, especially to not hurt anyone you love.

Dreaming That You Are Praying To God

Praying To God

Dreaming that you are praying to God means that there is a storm coming to cross your path, but that you will be protected against any evil.

Experts argue that it means that you are feeling the need to increase your faith more and seek your spiritual side more.

Dreaming That Is Punished By God

Even though it is not a very comfortable dream, dreaming that you are receiving a punishment from God is, in fact, an alert that there is someone hiding something from you and knows that you need to tell it soon.

Another very common interpretation is a message from the dream universe that you are acting very arrogantly, including yourself! Stop and rethink your attitudes, many of them may be arising automatically due to some hurt that you carry.

Dreaming That Sees The Image Of God

If you are having troubled days, with sleepless nights and with many worries weighing on your back, calm down! For, if you dreamed that you saw the image of God, it means that a feeling of peace and tranquility will take over your mind in the coming days! Take the opportunity to take all these bad things away from you, opening your arms to the peace that knocks on your door.

Dreaming Of God In Heaven

Dreaming of God in heaven means that you find yourself in front of something you believe to be unreachable, like a cure for an illness or that relationship you would never have thought would work. However, the dream comes to warn you to stop seeing things so far away and start to believe more in the potential of winning things.

Dreaming Of God’s Message

Dreaming of a message from God, without remembering exactly what the message was, is an alert that you are feeling superior to others. If you remember God’s message, try to interpret it, looking at your own life and analyzing your mistakes and successes.

Dreaming That Asks God For Forgiveness

What does it mean to dream asking God for forgiveness? It means that you need to pay more attention to the world around you and your own life, taking more into account your simple mortality and all that is ephemeral. This insight will help you to understand that those problems are much smaller than they appear and are not worth any anger or anguish. Experts still add that, at this point, you need to connect more with your divine and spiritual side.




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