Dismissal – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming about being fired is perhaps one of the scariest dreams out there, being just as terrifying as dreaming about any monster or worse. But, calm down! If you are having dreams about being fired, this is far from meaning that the same will happen in real life.

Dream Of Resignation

In fact, as strange as it may sound, the meaning of dreaming about firing brings more positive than negative results. Overall, this dream symbolizes great prosperity coming to you and, depending on the way it occurred, it can also mean that you are in control of your life!

As bizarre as it is bizarre to dream about it, a study proves that it is more common than it seems! Because, according to a survey produced by a renowned dream researcher, Kelly Bulkeley, people who dream that they will be fired with a certain frequency end up being surprised by a salary increase shortly afterwards!

But it is worth remembering that everything depends on the circumstances of the events of your dreams, as one detail can change its entire meaning.

Dreaming You Get Fired

As we said above, dreaming that you get fired has a very positive meaning! It appears as a message from the universe, warning you that you will undergo major positive changes soon! These changes can be linked to the professional, financial side or even some resolution of something that has been bothering you. So, this moment is really to be happy, because everything that changes will help you a lot.

Dream That You Are Fired

You Are Fired

So, in a deeper interpretation, understand that the shock you feel while dreaming of being fired is just the shock you will feel when the changes arrive. But, of course, in this case it will be a positive shock.

Dreaming That You See Someone Getting Fired

However, differently from the above meaning, dreaming that you see someone you are not close to being fired symbolizes the arrival of not very positive news. It is a message from your unconscious warning that you will have to prepare for some problems that will knock on your door soon. So, thank the universe for sending you this message, because the more you prepare to receive this news, the easier it will be to resolve it.

Other experts also argue that dreaming about an unknown person being fired means that someone will need your help. This does not mean that it is at work, any more than it needs to be someone close to you. Whether financial, loving or even some advice, start noticing the people around you and try to feel the mood, maybe that person is already in need of help, but has not asked you yet.

Dreaming About A Friend Getting Fired

Dreaming about the resignation of a friend is a very rare dream to happen, but unfortunately it is not a good thing either. Dreaming about that friend you know very well and has a long history of happy moments, unfortunately it can mean that this friend will hurt your feeling in an unexpected and intense way.

Dream About Friend Getting Fired

So, unfortunately you need to be two steps back for all of your closest friendships, so the hole of disappointment will be less deep and the fall less painful. Depending on how well you know this friendship, it may even give you time to warn you to think twice before doing something on impulse.

Dreaming That Resigns


Dreaming that you submitted your resignation can indicate something very good, depending on your attachment to change. It means that you will be able to change jobs soon! But don’t be alarmed, take it in a positive way, after all, changing jobs covers millions of possibilities. It may be a necessary challenge for you to get closer to your dream, it can also be something that comes out of nowhere, but that shows you something you never thought to like, or even that you have already noticed that you can fly higher and just needed a little push from the universe.

There is also the possibility that this dream does not symbolize a change of job, but that you are determined to make a big decision, and that deep down you know that it is the most right for your life!

Dreaming To Fire Someone

In real life, being in a high position where you have power or that you have the task of firing someone, symbolizes that you not only arrived there because of your competence, but because of your determination and strength, even if it is not a good thing fire another person. In the dream universe, dreaming that you are firing someone brings some of this real-life symbolism, showing that you are really a determined person, capable of achieving everything you want, but that you are still not giving everything and, if there is a little more effort, you can quickly get better.

So, this dream serves as an alert for all possible sides of your life, from the professional to the personal, even if it is generally more connected to work. Have goals and believe more in yourself, it’s time to embrace what you really deserve.

Dreaming You’re Fired And Unemployed

Usually, the dream of being fired ends at the peak of greatest shock, which is the moment of discovery that you will no longer have a job. However, when the dream extends a little more and you continue dreaming until you are unemployed, that is, concerned with the livelihood and the solutions you will take, this symbolizes that you can go through a phase of life when you will also not see the steps you have to take, due to the problems that knocked on your door.

But don’t despair, it’s a very common dream and the problems may not be as big as they seem in the explanation. Try to see things in a positive way, seeing if you need to mature a little more your side of making choices to not stay in this bottomless hole.

Dreaming You’re Fired And Crying

Fired And Crying

Dreaming that you were crying when you were fired is totally connected to the basic meaning of dreaming that is being sent away. Positive changes will arise in your life and the joy that will take over your soul will be so great and explosive that you will want to cry, just like in the dream.

Dreaming About A Spouse Getting Fired

Worse than dreaming of your resignation is dreaming of your spouse’s resignation. After all, it ends up hitting you anyway, disrupting plans and other problems that involve the family routine. But, before you despair, know that its meaning is far from being a bad thing, because the universe is warning you that opportunities for success at work are coming!

If your spouse is out of a job, it may be symbolizing that very soon a great job will emerge! But if the loved one is already employed, it means that improvements or opportunities in this professional sector will appear and it is necessary to be very attentive to achieve this good moment.

Dreaming Of A Relative’s Dismissal

If you dream that someone in your family is fired is already an unpleasant situation, unfortunately the meaning is also not positive. This dream works as a harbinger that you will experience family problems soon, which can range from having financial difficulties to having conflicts of opinion.

Therefore, in such an unpleasant situation, the best solution is to prepare yourself mentally to reveal certain things or even maintain tranquility so that the conflict does not evolve more than it really is. In cases of financial difficulties, as much as money is a problem that affects everyone, remember that no difficulty can be solved with a hot head or anger, besides that money is worth nothing close to blood ties.





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