Girl – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of a girl means innocence, fragility or lack of affection from parents. It can still mean a relationship with your memories of childhood. Further details of this dream are needed to seek a coherent meaning for each case.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Girl?

Dreams of a girl can be a representation of yourself as a child. But if you are a man, it could be the desire to father a girl. However, in general, it has a lot to do with his innocence in some aspects of life or with his fragility in facing certain obstacles or conflicts that arise from time to time to him.

Try to remember details of this dream and see what the role and meaning of dreaming of a girl is. You may be wondering: but what does it mean to dream of a girl? Always keep in mind what was said above: innocence, fragility and want. Among these feelings, which one do you best fit in? That will be your answer.

Dream You See A Girl

The message you bring when dreaming that you see a girl is quite simple: we all keep some of a child’s innocence. When we grew up and reached adulthood, we forget about the child we once went.

Of course we should focus on our obligations and duties as adults, but we cannot distance ourselves from the games, smiles and laughter of a child. It exists in us and surely you must be missing your inner child. Relax, life is not just work and worry. It is also leisure, smile and distraction.

Dreaming You Are A Girl

It must be very beautiful to dream that you are a girl. The girl remembers docility and tenderness, although sometimes they are pesky as well. But, in any case, they represent the life of childhood. You see, problems exist and will never cease to exist, but you cannot forget that happiness also exists and can figure in your life parallel to problems. Put everything on a scale and look for balance. Happiness will be there and so will the problems. And you, intelligently, will know how to live with both.

Dreaming Of Smiling Girl

Smiling Girl

It’s wonderful to dream of smiling girl. In that smile, you find the sincerity, innocence, fragility and sweetness of the child. Indicates good times in your life. Phase of tranquility and happiness.

Learn how to enjoy these moments with a lot of balance and wisdom. They can last for a long time in their lives and perpetuate in their memory, strengthening their feelings and assisting in their personal growth.

Dreaming Of Girl Crying

Although it seems sad to dream of a crying girl, this dream is not that bad. It is a warning so that you can make a renewal in your personal life. It doesn’t mean throwing everything up and starting over from scratch, but it takes changes in your way of looking at obstacles.

Try, with maturity, to talk to the people you live with and see what you can all modify so that life flows lighter and looser.

Dreaming Of Girl Playing

Girl Playing

Child playing is always very healthy. So, translating this into dreaming of a girl playing, means a good phase in her life, both professionally and personally. It will all be with great lightness, tranquility and coherence with your way of life.

Try to be more with your family and enjoy living next to them. Moments of relaxation and well-being in the family environment are always very welcome.

Dreaming Of Many Girls

As we said before, dreaming of a girl is always very pleasant, because it reminds us of our childhood and innocence, now imagine dreaming of many girls! But this dream can also remind us how fragile we are in the face of the annoyances we face in life.

Either way, you should stand firm in your purposes, seeking to achieve your goals without hesitation. When the annoyances arise, remember the child that still exists in you and face life trying to get around as far as possible. Be sincere, sensible and true.

Dreaming Of Small Girl

Dreaming of a small girl has no such relevant meaning for your life. You may be reporting to memories of your childhood. But, remember that the past must stay in the past, which is its place. Therefore, whether they are good or bad memories, you should only look like a dream. Good or bad feelings, it is up to you to keep them if they are important or dilute them, if they bring you bad memories.

Dreaming Of Sleeping Girl

Sleeping Girl

Dreaming of sleeping girl indicates that you like to help people, especially when it comes to children. Continue on this path and try to protect as much as you can from childhood innocence.

Dreaming Of Sick Girl

Dreams of diseases always bring bad omens. Dreaming of a sick girl predicts a bad phase in her life. But, it is not always related to illness, it can be a situation linked to your love life.

Try, very calmly, to get around any unpleasant situation that arises in your life. Patience, balance and wisdom are always very important when resolving conflicts.

Dreaming Of Unknown Girl

Dreaming of an unknown girl can mean that you are facing a degrading situation in your life and are not giving the importance she deserves. Be reasonable, analyze the whole episode and get into all the consequences that may arise if you keep ignoring the seriousness of the subject.

Dreaming Of Lost Girl

Dreaming of a lost girl indicates that you are finding it very difficult to understand or learn something that will be very important and necessary for you in the future. Your professional life basically depends on this learning. Try to be more dedicated and attentive so as not to be disappointed up front.

Dreaming Of Bruised Girl

Dreaming of a bruised girl means you have taken on more responsibilities than you could have done and are now in a pool. You can’t be negligent with your commitments, but you can’t keep everything you’ve promised.

Review your time, keep your appointments and be more professional.

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