Boy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of a boy means joy of pranking without malice. Being a kid is pure energy, it’s a joke, it’s inspiration. The biggest childhood gadgets are produced by the boys as a demonstration of their creativity.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Boy?

Dreams in which children appear are, by law, inspiring. Children represent purity, innocence and honesty. But what is the meaning of dreaming of a boy? In fact, there is no big difference whether boy or girl, since they are children and translate the same representativeness.

Take these boy dreams as a reminder for your life. Make an assessment of your way of life and see if you are not taking everything very seriously, without reserving some moment of relaxation, play and laughter. The meaning of dreaming of a girl has everything to do with your unwillingness to let go more and release your purest feelings.

Dream You See A Boy

Dreaming that you see a boy indicates that you need to relax more and not give importance, all the time, just for work or for situations of adult life. Your responsibilities are many, but you are not only responsibility, you are also that boy who was once just innocence.

You see: that innocence we all had in childhood is certainly not the same anymore. But it didn’t end for good, it just shaped itself to adulthood. It is present in the little good things that bring us the greatest joys; present in the spontaneous smile, in the interest we still show in games and games that remind us of our childhood.

Dreaming You Are A Boy

Dreaming that you are a boy leads you to think that you are in need of more freedom and independence in your life. However, you are going through a phase of discontent with your family and among your friends. And from there is a feeling of abandonment, of neglect. Take the initiative to get closer to all of them. Talk more with them, open your heart.

Maybe what is happening is just a natural distance, but you are indulging in the lack of attention of those you love.

Dream Of Unknown Boy

Dreaming of an unknown boy indicates that you are going through a situation that asks for more effort on your part to reach a solution. However, you are not knowing how to find this path. One piece of advice for this: try to deal with the case using another strategy. Change your way of acting, use other words and everything will work out. You are quite capable.

Dreaming Of Boy Playing

Boy Playing

It can be said that dreaming of a boy playing has two connotations: if the boy is yourself, it indicates that you are dealing with a certain disregard for issues that require more commitment and dedication. But if you see a boy playing, it means that you are in a moment of great nostalgia and seek in the good moments of your childhood, to satisfy your feelings.

It’s good to remember the good things of childhood, but go with some care, don’t dive headfirst. Remember that adult life is the current one and childhood has stayed there in the past. It is not possible to bring her back, however beautiful and comforting her memories may be.

Dreaming A Lot Of Boys

It is quite common to dream of many boys, but it would be important to analyze other details of the dream to reach a more precise conclusion about its meaning. As a rule, it indicates moments of great joys, quiet, healthy life, well-being.

Try to reflect on your life and, in the face of this dream, as much as possible, be more relaxed, more playful without losing track of responsibility.

Dream Of Lost Boy

This title, by itself, already seems scary to us. But let’s see: dreaming of a lost boy has everything to do with his feelings at the moment. You are disappointed with the path or paths you have chosen to take in the professional field. And suddenly you feel very confused not knowing what decision to make, if you stay that way, without courage, without prospects or if you try another profession again.

After so much dedication and study to become a professional in your field, you find yourself unwilling to proceed. Don’t be scared of it. Many people start over many times. So try again. Make good planning of what you have in mind, fill yourself with courage and move on. Capacity you have. Charisma too. New challenges come to bring us new energies.

Dreaming Of Injured Boy

Injured Boy

Dreaming of an injured boy can be an indication that you need to stop at your daily rush and take some care of your physical and mental health. Just the work to achieve success and toast your achievements is not enough for a happy and peaceful life.

Try to get away from the work, in the opportune moments and days and dedicate yourself more to leisure, to the pleasure of taking a walk, of being with friends and family, of playing with your dog.

Dreaming Of Smile Boy

Dreaming of smiling boy does not bring good harbinger. The boy’s smile in this dream does not indicate a happy and satisfying life. Rather, it indicates that you need to be more careful with the people around you and who constantly smile at you. Don’t expect those smiles, sincerity. Be more suspicious and know that the truest smile for you is your own.

Dreaming Of Fat Boy

Fat Boy

This dream is interesting! Dreaming of fat boy meant abundance in your life. Everything tends to improve in your life, but nothing falls from the sky. It takes a lot of work, dedication and responsibility. The mistakes you have made in the past should serve as a warning so that you do not make them again. Take these mistakes with learning.

Dreaming Of Thin Boy

Unlike the previous dream, dreaming of a skinny boy indicates that you will go through a quiet phase in your life. As a precaution, be more withheld from your expenses, try to save some savings and pay attention to your personal life.

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