Ex-Husband – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of an ex-husband means something connected to your emotional, being a fairly common dream. In this case, dreams with an ex-husband indicate both that you may go through good news and may face a moment of turbulence. This ends up depending a lot on what your relationship was like and why it ended.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Ex-Husband?

Your feelings about this dream can say a lot about the meaning of dreaming about an ex-husband, because it can be something that brings you a certain happiness, indicating a certain longing for that person, but it can be something that brings you a little distress, representing a relationship that no longer came so well and that is not bringing good memories.

However, there may be different contexts that bring different interpretations to this dream. Thus, what it means to dream of an ex-husband depends on the various situations that can happen and influence the true meaning of your dream. Thus, it may be interesting to know a little more about these variations.

Dreaming That Conversing With Ex-Husband

Conversing With Ex-Husband

Just talking to your ex-husband can be a sign of maturity. That’s because you can overcome any past problem and have the full ability to live with whatever happens in your life without major problems.

Dreaming That Makes Love With Ex-Husband

Dreaming that you have sex with your ex-husband may indicate a certain problem you have been having in overcoming this relationship and this may end up harming you. Staying attached to your past can interfere with future new relationships, or even hindering one you are starting out.

So it’s important that you look for a way to deal with these feelings so you can find a way to move on. You may even think you can go back to your ex-husband, but if that’s the case, if he doesn’t want anything, there’s no point in insisting. Here, the important thing is to leave this behind and look for alternatives in your life. If necessary, seek help from friends and family, as they can make a difference.

Dreaming That Marries Ex-Husband

Marries Ex-Husband

Dreaming that you are remarrying your ex-husband has two distinct meanings. The first is related to some feeling about him that is still asleep in you and that there is a desire to return to the relationship. On the other hand, it can mean that you have a big disagreement with your current partner and that if this is not resolved soon, it can lead to the end of the relationship. Therefore, if you like your partner, it is time to be more cautious to better analyze the situation.

Don’t let the hurt take hold of you two. For this to happen, you may need to treat everything in the most rational way possible, to ward off negativity and have a little peace of mind to solve your problems. If even after all this things don’t work out, it may even be time to move on.

Dreaming Of Ex-Husband Crying

Seeing her ex-husband crying in a dream may indicate that he has some kind of resentment, because you still keep certain unresolved problems with each other. However, it is not only because there is a certain resentment that this must necessarily become a matter between you. It is not always worth trying to correct some mistakes of the past, especially if, when trying to solve this, a feeling of pain and suffering comes. Ideally, solving problems should bring a certain relief and not the other way around. This way, it is important that you analyze the situation itself well and make the best decision for your life according to it.

Dreaming Of Ex-Husband Begging To Come Back

Dreaming of ex-husband asking to come back can be a dream that brings a little apprehension, as it is a situation capable of awakening many intense feelings in you. That’s because it’s not always easy to deal with someone from your past again. This dream, therefore, is a warning, because this is exactly the situation you will find yourself in.

It does not mean that your ex-husband will ask to come back now, but rather that someone from your past will return to your life, whether your ex-husband or not. This will be a situation capable of messing with your feelings and that will bring you an indecision. Therefore, it is interesting that you seek to act rationally so that you can correctly interpret your feelings and to decide what to do with your life from now on.

Dreaming Of Ex-Husband Of Another

Despite being your ex, this dream may be linked to betrayal. In this case, the meaning of this dream is tied to your current relationship, and this may indicate that you will have an emotional loss. In other words, you may be about to experience a great disappointment that can cause you a lot of suffering. The dream, therefore, is a warning for you to be very careful with situations that may happen.

Remember, however, that it does not mean that your partner will be unfaithful in the loving sense, this can extend to different areas of your life and this is something that requires even greater attention. Try to deal with the situation in the best possible way, with a lot of maturity. If the betrayal is very serious, something unforgivable, you have no reason to continue suffering, the rule is to move on and take learning with you.

Dreaming That Fights With Ex-Husband

Dreaming that you are arguing with your ex-husband may be something once again linked to the relationship that existed between you two. In this case, it is very likely that there are still problems and disagreements that have not been properly solved, and this has been bringing difficulties to your life. If it is the case that you still keep in touch with him, it may be important to try to solve this so that you can close the matter and finally move on.

Dreaming Of Ex-Husband Kissing

Ex-Husband Kissing

Dreaming that you kiss ex-husband may be linked to betrayal, indicating that someone close may be trying to harm you. In addition, it may be linked to some affective feeling you still have for that person, not to say that it is love, but it may just be a caress.

However, this dream may have an interpretation similar to an alternative meaning to dream that fighting with ex-husband. Instead of being a feeling related to that particular person, it can be something linked to someone who is part of your life today. That way, this person may be bringing romantic feelings similar to those you had towards your ex. That’s a good thing, because you’ve once had positive feelings about him, regardless of what happened next.

Dreaming Of Dead Ex-Husband

Dreaming that her ex-husband appears dead can be something a little macabre. However, it is a dream of positive meaning, indicating that a cycle of his life is ending, making room for a new one. This can be an opportunity for you to overcome some disappointments, especially love ones.

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