Divorce – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of divorce means that more attention needs to be paid to the events around you. It represents breakups, so changes are on the way, and they may have to do with your relationship or your professional life.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Divorce?

Dreams of divorce can be a little scary for those who are very much in love or have just married and are still in the honeymoon phase.

But take it easy, most of the time dreams of divorce have slightly different meanings from their literal interpretation.

They are often totally different and can even represent the opposite direction.

In general, dreaming of divorce represents that it is necessary to pay attention to the things around you, maybe there is someone acting in bad faith in your life and raising negative things against you, being necessary to be alert to this situation.

But, the meaning of dreams of divorce can also be a sign that many changes will happen soon or even meaning that it is the end of some cycle, which does not necessarily represent that it is something bad. It could be the end of a problem or some unresolved issue.

Often it also means the end of the cycle to the beginning of another, as, for example, in professional or personal matters. Sometimes dreams of divorce can even indicate the beginning of some relationship or a future passion.

So here’s what it means to dream of divorce and some possible interpretations according to the elements of your dream.

Dreaming Of Divorce Being Single

Divorce Being Single

Single dreaming of divorce may mean that there will be the emergence of a love soon.

If the dreamer is single and is dreaming of divorce, it can also mean that there is a strong need to fall in love and meet someone new. Often the dream can have the opposite meaning, i.e. representing the beginning of a relationship.

Dream Of Divorce Being Married

Dreaming of divorce being married may indicate the fear of losing your loved one and, consequently, of separating. In this sense, it is necessary to break these thoughts, or even change something in your personality, because this insecurity can disrupt your relationship.

Another possible meaning would be the dissatisfaction experienced in this relationship, excessive jealousy or the indication that it is necessary to change for the couple to live well again.

Dreaming Of Parents Divorcing

Parents Divorcing

Dreaming of parents getting divorced or even thinking about getting divorced can mean an imminent conflict.

It is possible that your family is not so well these days and this causes you a lot of suffering, which also generates an internal conflict, you may be living a dilemma within yourself.

Dreaming Of Family Divorce

Dreaming of family members getting divorced can represent the fear of disappointing the people you love.

It may represent the fear you have of breaking the trust of people closest to you, as well as it may indicate that you do not feel prepared to show who you really are, and this feeling has been tormenting and frustrating you.

But don’t worry, these people are part of your life and will always be your family. Share what you feel, contrary to what you think, the trust and the link between you will become firmer.

Dreaming Of Friends Divorce

Friends Divorce

Dreaming of divorce from friends means that long before you expect, it will be possible to find your great love.

If, by any chance, you have already found the great love of your life, it represents that your relationship is wind in pomp, the companionship between you has everything to increase and love is taking over your home.

Another possible meaning is a warning for you to stop discounting your anger on people who do not deserve it, of whom it has nothing to do with your conflicts. It is also an indication that you should separate personal problems from professionals.

In addition, if the couple of friends in the dream are people very close to you, it is necessary to rethink their attitudes so as not to hurt them. Be careful, because these actions can end your friendship.

Finally, another meaning of dreaming of divorce from friends is that there will be an even greater strengthening of ties between you and your friends.

Perhaps this is a sign that they intend to invite you to be godfather (or godmother) of one of your children. And why not the other way around? Yes, this dream can also symbolize the desire to call these friends to be godparents of your future child.

Dreaming You Are Divorce

Dreaming that you are getting divorced may indicate that you are too afraid of being alone. An insecurity in relation to relationships, primarily the fear of never finding the special person and staying alone forever.

In addition, it can also symbolize your lack of balance with your own life, perhaps you are neglecting some area in which you would need outside help. So reflect on it and consider reviewing your priorities in life in relation to yourself.

Dreaming Of Man Being Divorce

Man dreaming of divorce means that you are afraid of losing someone, or even some material good.

Indicates that you are in a phase of change in life, that is, of transition, in which it is necessary to abandon what does not do you good and everything that has no relevance.

Do not be afraid of these changes, move country or home, but know that they will happen to elevate your being and improve your life in all aspects.

Dream Of Woman Being Divorce

If the dreamer is a woman, it represents that something is not going well in your life, it is necessary to put an end to avoid further hassles and sadness, maybe you are in need of help with this.

This is not really to say the need for a divorce (if you are compromised) but rather changes in the couple’s routine.

Woman dreaming of divorce can also mean great insecurity in the relationship, perhaps the presence of some conflicts caused by lack of communication between you is the real problem. Review companionship in the relationship and catch up with your partner in order to identify what can be improved.

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