Enemy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of an enemy means something conflicting, because it refers to contradictions and oppositions that you may be experiencing, whether interior or exterior. In this way, one can often be referring to yourself. Everyone at some point must have heard the phrase “you are your greatest enemy,” and this is a possible association made with dreams with an enemy.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Enemy?

From this, there is the possibility that this is a message about their internal conflicts, especially in the issue of their behavior. Therefore, there is a certain dissatisfaction that is being manifested by your subconscious that better evidences the meaning of dreaming of an enemy.

However, the enemy can arise in different ways in his dream, just as he can arise in real life. In this way, your dream can present different contexts for the central point. Each of these variations can bring new interpretations, and it is because of this that it can be very interesting to know a little more about these differences to understand more fully what it means to dream of an enemy.

Dream Of Various Enemies

Dreaming of many enemies is an indication that you are finding yourself full of conflict at the moment. This is because the very figure of the enemy usually indicates this, so if there is an abundant presence of enemies, it is a sign that the proportion of problems is the same.

You have been asking a lot of questions about different aspects of your life, whether personal, professional or loving. Ideally, therefore, you should put order in your thoughts and try to find the solution to these problems separately. You can’t want to hug the world with your legs, so patience and organization are fundamental weapons to put an end to this conflicting moment.

Dreaming That Discusses With An Enemy

Discusses With An Enemy

Discussing with a dream enemy is a sign that you are struggling to resolve an internal conflict in your life. In this case, you have already been able to identify where the problem that torments you is, but you are still struggling to solve it. Thus, it is interesting that you look for ways to facilitate the outcome of these situations. If necessary, look for a friend to talk to and try to put an end to this imbroglio once and for all.

Dreaming That Fights With An Enemy

Here, there is a more intense point, but its signal is more positive than the previous one. In this case, you have been having an even greater willingness to deal with your problems and are showing your strength. Because of this, the meaning of this dream is linked to happiness and prosperity, as these are possible feelings for when we feel that we solve some important problem.

The fighting spirit is something very advantageous, because it can lead you to great victories if you know how to spend your energies fighting for what you need. In this way, there is also an association with the protective instinct that exists in you, and it is your family that benefits most from it, because you usually fight for them as well.

Dream That Defeats The Enemy

Dreaming that you beat the enemy is a real positive sign. The figure of the enemy is associated with problems, which can be competent to a wide variety of aspects of your life, including your own consciousness. Therefore, seeing yourself defeating an enemy is a clear indication that you have been able to overcome a challenge in your life and that you are following the path of victory in search of prosperity.

So don’t be surprised if success comes to you at a very near time. You must keep fighting to ensure that everything works out, and only when everything is complete can you rest and reap the fruits of your effort.

Dream That Kills The Enemy

Kills The Enemy

Regardless of religion or belief, we are all aware that killing is something wrong, no matter the reason. Even if you don’t see it that way, the laws don’t allow it. It is one thing to defeat your enemy, it is another to kill him.

Thus, this dream indicates that you have been crossing some of the line and that your intentions are no longer the best. Therefore, it is important that you review your motivations and understand what this alert from your subconscious may mean. It is worth remembering that this dream may indicate that this will lead you to have some disadvantage in your life, and it is important to try to avoid this.

Dreaming That Speaks Evil Of The Enemy

Dreaming that you are speaking ill of the enemy can refer to the idea of gossip and the like. This is not to say that it is you who are doing this, but that you can be just the target. Your success may be bothering others and generating some envy in some around you, especially in the workplace.

People who seem to be on your side may actually just be prowling around and waiting for the right time to pull your rug, so stay tuned and reflect on who you can really trust.

Dreaming Of Weak Enemy

Sometimes we have a wrong impression of something, but it only happens because we are comparing it to the wrong thing. An elephant, for example, is a huge animal, but if placed next to a whale, it may seem like it is not that big.

Similarly it occurs in this dream, it does not always mean that your enemy is really weak, but when he compares to you, you can see how far he falls short. This dream, therefore, is an indication of how strong you are and able to remain free of negativity.

Dream That Hugs The Enemy

Hugs The Enemy

Dreaming that you are embracing the enemy can be a sign of danger. Sometimes this can be the harbinger of a stab in the back, so be very careful. There is a lot of falsehood around you, and it is important that you remain vigilant so that people with bad intentions do you no harm.

Dream That Kisses The Enemy

Dreaming that the enemy kisses you is a sign that he will not want to distance himself from you. Even though he is someone who emanates something bad, he makes a point of always being present to bother you. So try to avoid this path and don’t let it cause you unnecessary stress.

Dreaming Of Enemy Asking For Perdition

This dream can mean the beginning of something positive. There is an interest in putting an end to conflicts, and this comes precisely from who is causing it. It is time, therefore, of reconciliation and it is very interesting to think that everyone deserves a second chance.

Dreaming That Requests Forgiveness To The Enemy

In this case, there is a reverse sense, in which you are the one who is tired of conflicts and intends to end it. This is a very beautiful gesture and, once again, refers to the importance of giving people a second chance, so take the opportunity to add more positive aspects to your life.

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