Beans – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of beans means, because it is a food that is so nutritious that it makes up the almost daily diet of most Brazilians, that your life will also be nourished with the fulfillment of some desire that you have been waiting for for a while.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Beans?

Generally, this type of dream is directly linked to your personal and spiritual development. Of course, the meaning of dreaming of beans will depend on the type of dream you had, it may vary according to the color, smell, situation experienced, among other possibilities.

When seeking what it means to dream of beans, remember that it is important to keep in mind the use of all the learnings accumulated throughout your life, because this type of dream may be indicating the need for reflection to solve future situations.

See, in the next topics, everything you need to know when you dream of beans!

Dream You See Beans

The meaning of dreaming of beans, if you are seeing beans, can mean that you will have a relationship with the person you have always desired. It’s a great omen!

If this is not the case, it may be that this dream indicates that you will get out of a difficult financial situation, as it indicates that you will be able to increase your income soon!

Dreaming of beans can also be a way for your subconscious to warn you that you need to focus on that unfinished goal, and stop making excuses not to finish it. The power to solve it is in your hands.

Dreaming That Eats Beans

Eats Beans

Now, let’s see what it means to dream of beans when in the dream you’re eating this bean. Here, there is a great chance of a huge change in your life, and because of that, you will evolve for the better.

This change may be related to your job, or even a change of house, street, neighborhood or city.

Although dreaming of beans is something positive, try to get on with your life normally, without the idea of trying to rush fate. Everything has its time, and its time will come, just take it easy and live calmly.

Dreaming That Plants Beans

Plants Beans

In dreams of beans, dreaming that you plant beans is an omen that you will be able to overcome all the adversities that arise in your life. The success will be all yours!

That’s because, in the symbolism of beans dreams, dreaming that you are planting means that you have the courage and can make the right decisions.

Keep in mind that whatever we plant, we harvest. Dreaming that we plant beans means that we are planting good things in life, so the reward for all positive attitudes is on the way.

Dream That Collects Beans

To understand the meaning of dreaming of beans when you are harvesting, we must return to the symbolism of food. It refers to the earth, to the roots, to the profound and most essential aspects of our soul.

Beans are an unprejudiced food, which is rich in nutrients and makes no distinction, as anyone can eat it.

So dreaming of beans being harvested by you means it’s time for you to reap the fruits of everything you’ve been planting in your life.

Dreaming Of Black Beans

In dreams of beans, it is normal for the colors of beans to vary according to the type of dream. When dreaming of black beans, it can mean that you are sad, needy, afraid of loneliness. So try to keep in touch with the people you love.

Try to stay very close to the people who do you good, and avoid fights or silly arguments, because none of this is worth it. Practice forgiveness, this will be of great evolution for you.

The color black when dreaming of beans may also indicate that some problems are about to happen in your professional or love life, disagreements with a partner or even with the boss and co-workers.

Notice the amount of black beans you see in the dream, because the higher the number, the greater the amount of problems you will have to face.

Dreaming Of Brown Beans

Brown Beans

The meaning of dreaming of brown beans is a warning! It means it’s time for you to connect more with nature. Due to the rush of everyday life, you may be very far from the green, the trees, the waterfalls, the seas.

Therefore, when having these dreams with beans, understand that your subconscious is asking for time to take care of your spiritual, through the connection of your body with nature.

If possible, ask for a few days off from work and go rest near some forest. Take barefoot walks, connect with nature. This will do your body and spirit a lot of good.

Dreaming Of Bean Grain

When dreaming of beans, only their little grain, you need to be aware of the conditions of this grain. This is because the meaning of dreaming of beans will vary, according to the state of the grain.

If the grain is in good condition, without being peeled or rotten, but clean and shiny, everything indicates that you are on the right track in your life. This also applies if the grain is cooking or even germinating.

On the other hand, we can understand what it means to dream of beans when beans look bad. Indicates a need for attention to your health.

If the dream happens with you harvesting the beans, it may be an indication that you will soon start an intimate relationship with the person you want.

Dream That Kitchen Beans

In dreams of beans, dreaming that cooks beans means that you are preparing them for consumption, to make a meal. This type of dream usually involves your interpersonal relationships, including love.

If you are already in a relationship, it means that your relationship is at an ideal time, that is, it is stabilized, and you should stay together for long years.

Therefore, dreaming of beans, when it is you who cook the beans, is a good omen, because it indicates that your relationships are strong, your feelings are genuine and love is true.

Even if you are single, this dream may have the same meaning, but focused on your family. Or it may indicate that soon you will be able to find great and true love.

Dreaming Of Bean Smell

The meaning of dreaming of beans, when you are just smelling it, will depend on how it smells. It is similar to the interpretation of the state of beans.

If the smell of beans is strong, as if it were burned, it can mean that you are going through a very turbulent period of strong emotions in your life. Try to stay calm, because in the end, things will end up being resolved.

Otherwise, if the smell of beans is tasty and mouth-watering, it means that you will go through pleasant moments in your life, both professionally and emotionally.

Dream Of Ruined Beans

When dreaming of spoiled beans, it is an indication of your subconscious so that you have more attention to the things you are eating. It may be that your irregular diet brings you some health problems.

Therefore, try to pay attention to what you have been consuming, and try to eat healthier. The maxim “we are what we eat” is an absolute truth.

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