Disguise – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of disguise means that you are hiding something or even someone.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Disguise?

In fact, dreaming in disguise can also indicate that there is something inside you that you try to hide at all costs, whether it is an opinion about someone or even a feeling.

The meaning of dreaming in disguise may mean that it’s time to stop hiding behind a mask and face reality.

Dreams in disguise indicate that you are posing as someone who is not real and that it is time to stop wearing this camouflage to hide.

But having dreams in disguise can also indicate other situations, because the meaning of dreaming of disguise may vary according to the context of the dream, representing other interpretations.

So here’s what it means to dream of disguise according to the main interpretations:

Dreaming That Uses A Disguise

Dreaming that you wear a disguise may indicate that you carry a lot of secrets, maybe you have been holding a lot of hurts along your journey and can no longer sustain that weight alone.

This dream symbolizes that you have the need to vent to someone, so choose a trusted person to talk to and share your feelings with them.

Without a doubt, after this outburst you will feel better, more relieved from this weight you carried alone for so long.

Dreaming That It Is Disguised

Dreams in disguise usually indicate that you are covering something up, literally disguising something, and this kind of dream is exactly about that.

If you dreamed you were undercover, be careful with your tendency to lie, you may have a bad habit of wanting to make a secret of everything and everyone.

This dream symbolizes that you should be more sincere and transparent with the people around you, there is no reason to make mystery or secret everything.

Dream You Buy A Disguise

This dream may symbolize changes soon. Dreaming that you buy a disguise means that, deep down, you know the truth, but you are believing in lies.

Beware of the people around you, maybe someone is trying to fool you with lies, with a disguise you are actually buying.

But since dreaming that you buy a disguise also means changes, you may be surprised to see someone getting rid of the disguise, these lies are hanging by a thread and you will surely find out.

Dream You See A Disguise

You See A Disguise

Dreaming that you see a disguise can be a warning that there are fake people around. Stay alert, because someone may be hiding from you your true intentions.

All care is little, evaluate if this relationship is really positive in your life, since this person may not respect your trust.

Surely you will soon discover the true intentions of that person, and it will be up to you to decide whether to put an end to the relationship or not.

Think about it, is a toxic friendship or one-way trust worth it? You did your part, but every relationship should be reciprocal.

Dream You See Someone Disguised

Dreaming that you see someone in disguise has a complex meaning. Still, that in this dream, someone else is disguising themselves, dreaming of disguise in this way represents that you yourself are planning something a little unethical.

You may believe this plan to be harmless, but you better be careful, because your subconscious is wanting to warn you of the dangers of this practice.

Dreaming Of Other Disguised People

Other Disguised People

Dreaming of other people in disguise means that there is a fake friend and he will betray you when you least expect it. Dreams in disguise also serve as warnings or omens, so be careful and be prepared not to be caught by surprise.

This dream in which you notice other people in disguise represents a breach of trust and betrayal, but you don’t have to worry, in the end you won’t lose, even if you’re stabbed by the friend you considered faithful, this situation will just be a deliverance in your life.

New friendships will emerge and this experience will have served as a lesson for you to keep one foot behind in future relationships.

Dreaming You Wear A Disguise

Dreaming that you wear a disguise has some very interesting interpretations, but the main one is the indication that you are being influenced or even used by someone.

This person has been trying to pit you against other people or has been encouraging you to act in a different way than you really are.

Keep your eyes open so you don’t commit attitudes you’ll regret later. This negative influence imposed by someone else can be a cruel trap, and in the end, if you succumb to this persuasion, you will end up bringing pain and suffering to other people.

Dreaming that you wear a disguise can also represent an intimate desire to be more noticed. Maybe you are afraid of not being noticed or that someone has stood out and stolen your protagonism and this whole issue brings you the feeling of being camouflaged in the eyes of others, hidden in your disguise.

Avoid these feelings and stop wearing the cover of invisibility, show your own light and don’t be afraid to show what you truly are like.

Dream That Takes A Disguise

Takes A Disguise

Dreaming that takes away a disguise means that, deep down, you feel the need not to hide your feelings or opinions anymore.

Dreaming of disguise means you are ready to show how you truly are to everyone without having to camouflage your personality or convictions.

So be ready to free yourself from these bonds that prevent you from being who you are, who likes you will not walk away, but you will understand that you were not yet ready to show yourself as you are.

Dreaming That It Is Round By Disguise

Dreams in disguise also represent significant warnings in your life, and this is the case, representing that you have not been able to play the role you have assumed.

In an attempt to look perfect and not show your weaknesses, you may be getting tired and, even worse, hurting yourself.

So take off this disguise, because no one is perfect, feel free to relax and take on mistakes, living has no recipe, so free yourself and accept the imperfection of things and people.

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