Dinosaur – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of dinosaur means you may face big obstacles soon. It reveals a certain disorientation on its part. It is important that you try to understand the changes that are occurring in your life.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Dinosaur?

Dreams of dinosaur are closely linked to the past. Dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures, whose fossils and bones are studied to the present day, such is the fascination that humanity has with them. In the stories, dinosaurs are portrayed as violent, powerful and extremely dangerous – they are usually associated with the idea of power and antiquity.

The meaning of dreaming of dinosaur varies slightly according to the details of the dream. The size of the dinosaur, the species, the amount or even what the animal did are factors that impact the meaning.

If you do not remember the details, know that, in general, dinosaur dreams relate to the need to abandon problems and, in the words of a wise character, Hakuna Matata. A strong and unhealthy connection with the past is preventing you from living your present.

It means, therefore, that your journey towards your goals may be slower and slower due to the weight of problems that you try to avoid, or that you carry, even though you cannot control.

If the dream was positive and if you felt emotion and happiness, it symbolizes your desires. You want something linked to your story – not necessarily something old. It may be the desire to reconnect with friends or an old passion, or it may be the desire to live new experiences, experiences that you have never had the opportunity to experience before.

Remember the details of your dream and want to know more about what it means to dream of dinosaur? Keep reading!

Dream You See A Dinosaur

Dreaming that you see a dinosaur is a sign that your past is coming back to cause a headache. Buried problems may come to light, or secrets you hope will never be revealed may be in danger. The dream also indicates some fear related to honesty: maybe it’s time to review some lie told, to others or to yourself.

The dream makes it clear that it is time to deal with the fears from which you have run away, or which you have avoided. Don’t pile up problems and wait for them to disappear: the way to get rid of them is to face them.

Dreaming Of Giant Dinosaur

Giant Dinosaur

Seeing a giant dinosaur in dreams is a sign of confusion and tiredness. A set of experiences and moments that have accumulated and whose weight is causing wear.

While reading this, do the following: stop, take a deep breath, make a list of everything that is bothering you right now. Don’t think too much, just write. After that, see what problems you can solve, and accept that not everything is within your control.

That’s exactly what your dream means: that it’s time to untangle what’s too complex and discard the cards you can’t use. The easiest way out of a mess is to deal with it little by little, as if there were levels, and that’s the only way you’ll be able to feel lighter – and turn the giant dinosaur into a small dinosaur.

Dreaming Of Small Dinosaur

The dream of a small dinosaur relates to happiness in some scope of his life. It’s probably related to personal relationships – maybe that co-worker who offended you will finally go back; maybe you’ll find your soulmate, or Robin for your Batman. Fact is that it is very likely that someone in your life will be able to color it and bring more light to you.

Dreaming That Flees From A Dinosaur

Running incessantly from a dinosaur in your dream indicates a fear that things will change. You may have adjusted to your comfort zone and do not want to leave it, but the truth is that life happens outside it. Fear not the unknown: fear a routine, a still and emotionless life.

The dream is not bad: it indicates that the changes you fear so much will be good! Enjoy whatever comes around.

Dreaming Of Dinosaur Egg

Dinosaur Egg

Dinosaurs represent the past, history. The egg, however, is a symbol of life, renewal and a fresh start. Dreaming of a dinosaur’s egg indicates that it’s time to leave the past where it belongs and focus on its present – and a little on the future.

Dreaming Of Dinosaur Fighting

You know that classic image of the conflict between the angel and the devil whispering advice to a person? One on each side of the shoulder? The dream of the fight between dinosaurs is the manifestation of this image – it means that there are two sides of them in conflict. In general, it indicates that your insecurities are preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams – and it’s time to choose one of the conflicting sides. The tip your dreams are giving is that you should choose the side that doesn’t stop you from achieving your goals!

Dreaming That You Are Devored By A Dinosaur

Violence involving the dream that you are devoured by a dinosaur indicates lack of inner peace and quiet. The confusion in your life is mostly in your mind – and it is very likely that many of your problems can be solved if you reduce storms in a glass of water. It doesn’t mean that conflicts are not real – just a change of perspective is needed for you to go your way with less weight on your mind and back.

Dreaming Of Many Dinosaurs

If you dreamed of a lot of dinosaurs, waking up must have been very good, right? At the very least, fear has passed! And no need to worry: the meaning is not scary at all. Dreaming of many dinosaurs indicates the need to change their lives, to acquire better and healthier habits and customs. See? It’s not bad, it’s just your subconscious warning you that it’s time to face some changes to improve your life.

Dreaming Of Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones

Dreaming of a dinosaur’s bones can be a bit disturbing, but it’s a good sign. The dream relates to your emotions, your love life and your relationships. It’s time to prepare the heart, because love is knocking on your door. Just don’t go out collecting the bones!

If, in dreams, that’s what you did, it’s time to put the collection aside – and similarly, it’s time to put the problems aside and focus on the people you have around you. Neglect can cause you to lose important people. Working and dealing with your own problems is important, but don’t let it consume you.

Dream Of Dead Dinosaur

If a dead dinosaur appeared in your dreams, it is a sign that your problems are about to be solved. It’s time to focus on overcoming and move on with your goals, dreams and plans.

However, if the dream involves many dead dinosaurs, it means that your fears and insecurities about being can only be preventing you from progressing. Focus on the people around you, and the amazing person you are. You have nothing to fear.

Dreaming That Kills A Dinosaur

If, in your dream, you killed a dinosaur, the meaning is closure. You have closed or are about to end a phase of your life, and the sense of freedom that will come next becomes heady. Enjoy!

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