Dentures – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of dentures means you have been having acts of falsehood with someone lately. Represents integrity issues. It can be a warning that you are trying to be someone you are not.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Dentures?

Dreams with dentures can be very strange, but they are not necessarily bad. It doesn’t have a negative meaning most of the time, but take the dream as a warning from your subconscious, a push in the right direction for your happiness and well-being.

Dentures are dental prostheses that serve to replace damaged or falling teeth. Although, in reality, they are extremely useful, in dreams they are most commonly associated with the idea of falsehood.

Dreams of dentures in general indicate an excess of pressure to pretend to be someone you are not. They are surprisingly common – which makes sense in a world governed by false appearances and superficial judgments.

It may be that your subconscious is alerting you to the weight of sporting a false version of yourself to please others. Or is your mask in place for a search for happiness? Your dreams may be trying to alert you to the fact that as long as you do not accept yourself, happiness will not be true.

It also means it’s time to stop pretending feelings and opinions. The best way to succeed is to be yourself, and lies have a tendency to accumulate and cause excessive weight on anyone’s back.

Don’t be scared, after all, it’s a warning, not something bad. The dream is a way for you to identify what is happening and fight to improve. In addition, the meaning of dreaming of dentures varies according to the complexity of the dream, and may even be something positive. If you remember more details of your dream, read on to learn what it means to dream of dentures in certain circumstances.

Dream You See A Denture

You See A Denture

Dreaming that you saw a denture is a sign of surprise – probably better than the one you had in the dream. Have you been getting involved in difficult situations to get out? Now is the time to try again – the dream is a sign that you will receive support and help from those who least expect it – or at times when you least expect to receive it.

It does not mean that you are supposed to stop chasing solutions on your own: the dream is not magical, nor does it indicate a miracle. It only shows that with your effort, combined with that of close people who cross your path, even the biggest dilemma can be solved with less headache.

Dream You Use A Denture

Dreaming that your teeth are actually a denture, represents the act of lying to yourself. Instead of staring at a dentist, admiring your own smile or brushing your own teeth, you find yourself with something retirable, disposable – although it can be expensive. Dream indicates the tendency to ignore the truth that is before your eyes in favor of a more pleasant lie.

The truth always resurfaces, dreamer, and is no different when the victim of the lie is yourself. This dishonesty is consuming you in such a way that it is appearing in your dreams. So smile in the mirror, accept your own traits and your own truths.

Dreaming Of Dentures In The Cup

Dentures In The Cup

Dreaming of dentures inside a glass is a sign that you are a person who values your own life. That’s great! Your sense of self-preservation is on the rise, and you know how to take care of yourself better than anyone. Continue on this path, just don’t forget that sometimes it’s not wrong to ask – or want – help.

Dreaming Of Another Person’s Denture

If the denture in your dreams did not belong to you, but to someone else, someone you know, it is a sign of excessive mistrust. You may be demanding very little from this person when, in fact, they are capable of much more if you just trust them. Or else the lack of trust is driving someone important away from you.

Now, if the dream involved the denture of a stranger, the sign of is falsehood. Beware of people approaching you out of interest and to take advantage.

Dreaming You Are Washing Denture

Washing Denture

Dreaming that you are washing your dentures is associated with the idea of cleaning, of getting rid of impurities – specifically related to silence and noise. It means that you are ready to get rid of the dishonesties around you – and those involving your own actions.

It’s time to accept and face the truth, to put the cards on the table with the people you like, and to stop ignoring problems that are scaring you. The dream makes it clear that you are prepared.

Dreaming Of Dentures Falling Out Of The Mouth

Dreaming of dentures falling out of your mouth is not a very good thing. It is a sign that your concerns and challenges may be consuming you, accumulating, and may lead to losses – especially of material and financial assets. Be careful not to engage in gambling or not to take too many risks. Taking risks is necessary to move on with life, but perhaps it is an idea to take calculated risks and not on the basis of impulsivity.

The dream can also mean that the truth about some secret or lie will finally be revealed and will cause changes. You may be ready to admit something you have hidden from the people closest to you – and the consequent changes have everything to be excellent.

Dreaming Of Denture Out Of The Mouth

Dreaming that the denture was out of your mouth is related to your emotional state. Indicates that you are in a fragile phase, of need, and need more support from the people you love than ever before.

Just take care not to put everything in others and overload people with their problems – friends are great counselors, but they are not psychologists and have problems of their own. A lot of negativity and drama – even if justified – is not fair to anyone. It does not mean that you should keep it to yourself: surround yourself with loved ones, separate the problems, and gradually get lighter in your life.

Also beware of your emotional fragility at times. If you’re not taking care of the weight of your problems and difficulties, it’s okay, just ask for help.

Now, if it was out of your mouth because you lost your denture, read more below, because the meaning is a little different.

Dreaming That Loses Denture

Losing dentures can be embarrassing. In dreams, it represents loneliness and the need for independence. It’s not a bad thing, it means you have a right destiny to pursue, and it represents the importance of family relationships to overcome difficulties. Trust the people close to you, support them in the same way they support you.

Dreaming Of Dirty Denture

Wash your dentures! In this case, it is not possible if the dirty denture was in your dream, but it is a sign that you should wash what it represents – the lack of value you attach to yourself.

It’s time to stop doing everything for others without getting anything in return. Not that helping and donating your time to someone or something important is bad: it’s great. The point is that there is a fine line between helping and being someone’s doormat, and your dream indicates that you may have crossed it – or you are about to cross it. Value yourself and value those who actually deserve it.

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