Devil – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of the devil means an alert that we must have in our personal lives. As much as the meaning of dreaming of the devil is not directly a warning that something tragic may happen to us, it arises to make us aware that some bad omen is hanging over your life or that you are choosing a path that will only attract negative energies and fake people. Read below what it means to dream of the devil.

Dreaming That Sees The Devil

Dreaming that sees the devil, incredible as it may seem, is one of the best meanings of this type of dream. It is related to a possible unforgettable trip, full of lust and good times that you did not expect.

Dreaming that you saw the demon means that you will make money very soon. This money can come from several sources, from the hard work you did a long time ago that you did not expect to receive so soon, even from a loan or a will from a family member.

Dreaming That Talks To The Devil

Talks To The Devil

Dreaming that speaks to the devil means that you need to be alert to some temptations that may arise in your life. If you are known for honesty and a great nature, pay attention, because someone can come up to offer you something to try to destroy this good image that you struggled to build. Be wary of anything that comes too easily.

However, if in the dream you were not afraid to be talking to the devil, this may symbolize that some friendship is not being completely honest with you. Be careful to be very good with others, especially with friends, as they may be being fake and taking advantage of your strong empathy to outwit you.

There are those who argue that this dream is linked to some objective that you have been struggling to achieve. It comes to warn you that you do not always reach the goals that we really want, that means that we are in a bad streak or that we are not able to achieve something, but that maybe that goal is not exactly the best for your life. Because of that, rethink everything that is really thinking that is the best for you.

Dreaming That You’re Afraid Of The Devil

Dreaming that you are afraid of the devil symbolizes some attitude you have taken and that is weighing on your conscience for lacking some kind of morality with yourself or someone close to you. This attitude can be as much linked to some betrayal that you committed with some friendship or relationship, as well as some mistake linked to your professional environment. In that case, realize that brooding over an attitude that is weighing on you is not the best way.

Dreaming That Runs Away From The Devil

Dreaming that you are running away from the devil has a very similar meaning to dreaming that you are afraid of the devil, but in this case, besides having taken some action that is weighing on your conscience, you are also procrastinating this problem and thus causing have sleepless nights or even making this mistake bring more consequences than before.

Try to resolve it as soon as possible and understand that this dream comes to warn you that it is time to take more responsibility, because, most of the time, you are ready to blame other people for something that has gone wrong and this causes you don’t evolve in your personal life.

Dreaming That Makes A Deal With The Devil

Dreaming that you are making some kind of deal with the devil means that you should be more aware of your worst side. Human beings are far from being perfect beings, so first of all, understand that everyone has good and bad attitudes throughout life and that does not necessarily make us bad beings.

This dream also appears to show you that some attitude of yours can cause loved ones to turn against you very soon, having problems with intrigues sooner. Pay attention mainly to your friendships in this phase that begins, do not try to please everyone and everything, as it is not necessary to force ourselves to put up with people and things that do not do us good.

Dreaming That You Are Attacked By The Devil

Attacked By The Devil

Dreaming that the devil is attacking you means that you may experience some financial difficulties soon and that they can only be overcome if there is a lot of focus and dedication. In this phase, be very disciplined and save money, avoiding any kind of extra expense that you don’t really need.

Scholars say that this dream symbolizes betrayal, but not exactly marital, and can be both at work and in friendships and even family members. Be patient, realizing that the best way to find out who is cheating on you is not to be suspicious and fighting with everyone, but to analyze who is acting strangely with you.

Dreaming Of The Devil Calling You

To dream that the devil is calling you by name is an extremely scary dream. But be calm, because its meaning is not as bad as it seems, as it appears as an alert for some actions that you may be taking without realizing it.

Reflect very calmly on what you are doing to achieve your dreams and goals, paying close attention to whether those ambitions can somehow be doing harm to people close to you. Recognizing the mistake, talk and, above all, apologize.

Dreaming The Devil Is A Woman

Devil Is A Woman

Dreaming that the devil is in the shape of a woman symbolizes some guilt that you have been harboring, but in relation to sexual desires that can be considered somewhat obscure. In that case, understand that if you’re not doing anyone any harm or it’s not morally wrong, don’t blame yourself for what brings you pleasure.

Dreaming Of A Demon In Someone’s Body

Dreaming about the devil in the body of someone you know may mean that that person may be tempting you in some way, be it in a physical way, to commit some betrayal or even offering something that you know is not morally right. Try to reflect that these people are not really caring about you, just taking advantage of your conduct.

If the body does not belong to someone you know, it means that you have been making mistakes and not caring about the consequences, as you believe that you will only be judged by them at the time of death. However, we know that this is not the case, as our actions have direct consequences in our lives.

There are those who argue that this dream means that you need to be careful with some people who are trying to influence you in a negative way.

Dreaming That Expels The Devil From A Body

To dream that you are casting the devil out of a body, whether it is yours or not, means that you are reacting to some spirit or person that may be doing you harm or someone you care about. This dream shows some injustice that you are seeing happening and is feeling frustrated for not being able to solve it. In that case, keep fighting for the people you care about and what you believe in, because sometime that battle will end and everything will be worth it.

In this dream, pay attention to the details. If you were expelling the devil from a body in your home, someone you know or even at work, it means that this bad energy is located in the place where you dreamed.

Dreaming Of God And Devil

Dreaming about God and the devil represents some insecurities that are living in our subconscious. It is probably showing you that you have been longing for something, but you are filling yourself with doubts as to whether it is morally right or not. Having God in the dream represents precisely that conflict between your best side and your temptations.

Dreaming Of A Demon In Disguise

Dreaming of the devil in disguise means that you will need to watch out for people who may be trying to harm you. He is more connected to people who are not exactly close to you, but with whom you usually have to deal with daily, such as at work, neighbors etc. As the dream itself shows, these people appear and approach, pretending to want their friendship, but behind it they are devising some bad plan.







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