Child You Don’t Have – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about a child you don’t have means a great concern for the future, not necessarily about having a child, but about growing a family, getting married or even about your job.

Dream Of A Child Who Doesn’t Have

The meaning of dreaming about a child you don’t have can also symbolize that you still see yourself in the position of a child, where you are bothered by the lack of freedom and decision making that, for you, means becoming an adult. See below what it means to dream about a child you don’t have.

It is worth remembering that dreams about a child that you do not have do not have much connection with some incubated desire to have a child, but at the same time it is much more linked to personal desires and wants.

Dreaming that Gives Birth To A Child Who Doesn’t Have

Dreaming about having a childbirth that you don’t have means that you have been having great worries and want to give up some intense responsibility. If there is something you think you can get rid of to make it more peaceful and peaceful, eliminate it as soon as possible.

Experts argue that this dream may represent a new phase where you will be very lucky to develop new projects and ideas. In that case, take the opportunity to invest in new hobbies and trust your creativity, as there are great chances that they will be positive and work.

There are also those who say that this is one of the few dreams that bring the direct meaning that you have been setting aside a very strong desire to be a mother. If it is your will, make some plans to make it happen. If you are a man and have had this dream, it means that your family will grow up very soon, not necessarily because of a pregnancy, even pets count in this case.

Dreaming Of Holding A Child Who Doesn’t Have

Holding A Child Who Doesn't Have

Dreaming that you have a child in your arms does not mean that you are feeling prepared to develop new projects. It is a message from the universe telling you that its success depends only on your effort and organization.

If the child is asleep in the dream, it means that this project is still just an idea, but that you have enough confidence that it can result in something positive. Trust your instinct!

If in the dream the child who is not yours is smiling, it symbolizes that there are even more chances of him bringing positive results. However, if the child is crying, it does not mean that it will not work, but that you need to organize yourself better to be successful.

Dreaming About A Child Who Has No Sick Person

Dreaming about a child who is not sick does not mean that something bad will happen in your life, on the contrary. It represents a message from the universe that a positive phase for your physical health begins. In addition, if there is a sick loved one, this dream may symbolize that person will soon recover, the same goes if you or a family member is going to undergo some risky surgery soon. Just have faith and everything will be fine.

Dreaming About A Son Who Hasn’t Died

Dreaming about a child who has not died or is already dead means that you are failing to take advantage of opportunities that are knocking on your door. Many opportunities have already passed to improve your life in front of you, but because of fear or something related, you ended up letting go.

In that case, pay more attention to embrace them with great wisdom, without fear of fighting for what you deserve. This dream is a warning that these opportunities will soon end and you may regret it throughout your life.

Dreaming About A Son Who Has No Crying

A Son Who Has No Crying

Dreaming about a son who has no crying unfortunately does not bring a good meaning, after all, in reality, no one is okay to hear an innocent child crying, is not it? This dream symbolizes that a phase of pain and suffering is beginning and that you will not be able to avoid or discover where it will come from.

It will happen, it will not be very intense at all, but it will take a while to leave and will depend only on your inner strength to overcome it as soon as possible. So, keep in mind that you will not be able to give up or get used to it, even if it seems impossible, the fight will be worth it and the sun will shine again in your window.

Dreaming That Feeds A Child Who Doesn’t Have

Dreaming that feeds a child that does not have a very similar meaning to dreaming that holding a child that does not have, as it symbolizes that a very propitious phase to invest in a personal enterprise or project is beginning. Take the time to have a lot of dedication and organization.

If you have dreamed that you were breastfeeding a child you don’t have, it symbolizes that you will be giving good news to someone close to you very soon. However, if you are a man and dream that you are breastfeeding a child that you do not have, it means that you are disconnected from your soul or your deepest desires.

If you are a religious person or very connected to the mystic, seek spiritual support, if you are not seek self-knowledge and respect more what you feel.

Dreaming About A Son Who Hasn’t Disappeared

A Son Who Hasn't Disappeared

If you have dreamed that your child is missing, it means that the universe is warning you that you need to take more time for yourself.

You have gone through a phase full of stress and suffering, but now that this moment is over, it is necessary that you try to take more time to enjoy yourself, relax and empty all the accumulated stress. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the new positive energies that are coming.

Dreaming About A Child Who Doesn’t Fall From A High Place

As atypical as it may be, dreaming about a child who has not fallen from a high place, such as buildings or stairs, symbolizes a personal fall in your life.

He is totally connected to your relationships, friends, family or even dating, showing you that there are people who are doing everything to connect or help you, but that due to the fact that you are ignoring them, they will very soon give up and you will miss them belatedly. Stay tuned, not to miss the opportunity to have someone who loves you by your side, because many only want it in life.





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