Darkness – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

If you are a person who is afraid of the dark, dreaming of darkness is one of those dreams that become true nightmares. Whether afraid or not, the absence of light is a situation that puts the human being in a state of alert, because, inevitably, we are vulnerable to what may be there, since our eyes cannot see well in this type of environment.

Dream Of Darkness

But in general, unfortunately the meaning of dreaming about darkness is also not a good thing, as it is warning us that difficult times are coming.

However, this meaning varies a lot from case to case, being necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of what happened in dreams with darkness

Dreaming That You Are In Darkness

So, what does it mean to dream that you are in darkness? Well, the more life goes on this planet Earth, the more we realize that the less we know, the luckier we are. The meaning of this dream starts from this line of thought, as it is a warning from the universe that there are certain things that we should not meddle in, especially if you don’t want to get any headaches!

Dream That Is In Darkness

Take advantage of this alert to enjoy your life more, with a lot of peace of mind and not getting into any situation where you were not called.

Dreaming Of Light In The Darkness

Light In The Darkness

As in the dream above, dreaming of light in the dark can also refer to a famous phrase: “There is always a light at the end of the tunnel”. If you dreamed that you were in a very dark place, but a ray of light tore that pitch, it indicates that you will finally come out of that moment of sadness that has been causing you so much anguish.

Dream Of Light In The Darkness

After this dream, fill your mind with positive thoughts, because this message is showing that you cannot give up now, fight some more and the relief will reach your heart, believe me!

Dreaming You’re Stuck In The Darkness

To understand what it means to dream that you are trapped in darkness, just think how you would feel in that situation. The dream indicates that you are going through a phase of very despair, insecurity and even depression. But calm down! This message appears precisely as an alert that, if you seek calm, you will find a solution to these problems that afflict you.

Dreaming Of A Dark House

Dark House

Dreaming that the light ends in your home can be a frightening situation for many people. Unfortunately, as well as the feeling that this dream can pass, its meaning is not pleasant either, as it indicates that very soon you will say goodbye to something you like very much. That something can mean both a material object that you have a lot of attachment to, as well as the love of your life! In any case, it is good to prepare yourself spiritually for the disappointment that will come with that loss.

Dreaming Of A Dark Room

What does it mean to dream of a dark room? Dreaming about a dark room can be a very curious situation, because if that dream will make you scared, you will wake up immediately … in a dark room! Jokes aside, this dream doesn’t always happen inside your room, but, anyway, it indicates that you may experience problems in your love relationship.

Everything varies a lot from person to person, but, in general, he may be warning you that you will discover something that will leave you in a great state of disappointment, be it treason or not! Don’t start getting into a state of anxiety so that you don’t freak out too soon, but try to get used to the idea that this can happen. So, when it really happens, you will have more patience and understanding.

Dreaming About Dark Street

Worse than dreaming about a dark house or room is being on the street in the middle of the darkness, since, in reality, this makes us extremely insecure. In the dream universe, this dream depends a little on how you were feeling in it.

If you were hopeful and not very afraid of the situation, it indicates that you are going to recover something that you thought you had lost and this will cause you a positive surprise.

If you saw a ray of light in the dark street, it symbolizes that you will have some personal victory very soon.

Dream About Dark Sky

Dreaming of a dark sky, one that seems like a storm will fall at any moment, represents that you are living in a moment full of uncertainties, that is, you are feeling very lost (a) and do not know which path to take for your life. life. It is a good time for personal evaluation, review goals or even set new ones, guaranteeing a promising future.

Other experts also argue that it indicates a very great fear that you have of the future. The problem with this meaning is that this fear can become a real snowball, that is, you keep feeding this tension until it suffocates you.

If in the dream the sky darkened very fast, it indicates that some mistake left him extremely frustrated. In this case, it is very important to understand the reason for this frustration and to try to accept that anyone can make mistakes, in any case.

Dreaming Of Seeing Someone In The Dark

Seeing Someone In The Dark

If dreaming about darkness is a very common thing, dreaming that you see someone in the darkness is not so normal anymore, but it brings a very urgent alert! It indicates that there are some people who are trying to harm you, but you are not able to perceive this!

What happens is that you live with these people, but even though you know that deep down they don’t like your presence, you are constantly deceiving yourself and, consequently, letting yourself be hurt.

Pay attention, because this dream usually speaks of people close or even family members. After all, not always those who give a lot of value, give us feeling and affection, not worth the effort to believe that something will change.

Dreaming Of Losing Someone In The Darkness

When you see someone in the darkness, but who ends up getting lost in it, it indicates a bad omen. For it is a warning from the universe that, very soon, you will fall into the provocation of someone who is pouring hate on you.

Take a deep breath and don’t despair, because that’s all this type of person wants! In this type of situation, there must be a lot of reasoning and even a little coldness, as in a poker game, where even if you lose, you pretend to be leading the situation. Also think that there are people who love you and will do anything to cut off anyone who tries to knock you down, it will help a lot!

Dreaming That Suddenly Everything Goes Dark

Dreaming about a blackout symbolizes that you are feeling forgotten by your friends and family. There is a feeling of exclusion dominating your mind, and you often make up blame to justify this withdrawal. However, in this situation, the less you blame someone or something, the better it is for your mind not to suffocate you. What you can do is reflect on whether people are not going through some situation in which they ended up isolating themselves, or even if you didn’t end up isolating yourself without intention.

Experts argue that this dream may represent a lack of physical contact, especially with our society devoting more time to distribute virtual affection than in real life. In this case, there is a good chance that you are close to people who are too shallow.

Dreaming You’re Running In The Dark

Oops! A lot of attention when you dream of running in the dark. Indicates that you are making or will make impulsive decisions because you are charging yourself too much! Interpret that dream with what happened in it, because when we are running in the dark, thinking it is the best thing, we may end up running into a wall. Instead of running, take it one step at a time, the path will be much safer.



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