Broken Mirror – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Broken Mirror

It is quite possible that you have heard of the oldest that breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck. In fact, this is one of the oldest myths of mankind, where many historians say it arose in Ancient Greece, with the story of Narcissus, a boy who fell in love with his own image that reflected in the sea and ended up dying of weakness, after passing days trying to caress her.

Dream About Broken Mirror

Other historians argue that this myth emerged in Venice, Italy, at a time when mirrors were extremely expensive and, so that their employees did not break the mirrors, store owners created this idea that there would be bad luck.

Anyway, in the dream universe, it is not so. Dreaming about a broken mirror surprises because it has a very distant meaning of being linked to bad luck. In fact, the meaning of dreaming about a broken mirror is extremely positive, showing once again how the world of dreams works in a mysterious way.

But, it must be remembered that the meanings of dreams with a broken mirror vary greatly from situation to situation, and therefore, we need to cling to the details of what happened in that dream.

Dreaming That Sees A Broken Mirror

Sees A Broken Mirror

Dreaming that you saw a broken mirror serves as a warning from the universe, warning that there is someone around you who is carrying negative or hurt feelings towards you. So, be very careful! Do not make any hasty or hateful decisions, as the best way is to talk and apologize to that person.

Dreaming That Breaks A Mirror

Whenever we talk about dreaming about broken mirrors, the same question arises: what does it mean to break a mirror? Bad luck? Not!

In fact, this meaning is closely linked to beliefs that the ancient Roma people carried with them. It indicates that when you are breaking a mirror in the dream, you are breaking bad energies from your past, energies that corroded you from within and hindered a promising future. It shows that you have broken these bad vibes and, as a result, a new road has emerged in your life and it is full of prosperity and happiness! Enjoy this new phase a lot.

Dreaming Of A Broken Mirror

If, in the dream, you did not see if it broke alone or you destroyed it, that is, you already found it broken, this indicates that you have some harmful habit and it is doing you very badly!

After the dream, reflect on what habit it is and spend your energies to eliminate it! This dream serves as a warning, so don’t take too long to stop this habit, as the dream universe may be wanting to tell you that there will be serious consequences if no action is taken.

Dreaming Of Mirror Shattering Alone

Now, when clearly the mirror is seen breaking alone, it appears as a warning for some implications on your image. This dream means that someone in your family or professional environment is not satisfied with some of your attitudes, creating a negative image about you.

So try to notice if someone is not getting close to you and making some strange conversations about your attitude or making trouble in everything you do. If you identify the situation, feel, talk, listen and reflect if that person is right or not, always trying not to be shaken by any criticism, but to improve.

Dreaming With Cracked Mirror

Cracked Mirror

Dreaming about a cracked mirror indicates that you are feeling a great need to put out bad habits, as this is interfering with your image of yourself.

Experts argue that this dream means that you are having a distorted image of yourself, as if you are forcing a blindness to not see the truth on your face. Running away from reality will make you sink into your own fantasy, obtaining a setback as a result. We know that we often look for fantasies for fear of facing reality, but take a deep breath and, if something doesn’t satisfy you, ask yourself how to improve. This is evolution!

There is also another meaning that says that it is actually a sign that there is something in you that is not being well accepted by others around you. In this case, try to identify what it is and reflect if, in fact, the problem is not the others.

Dreaming Of Many Broken Mirrors

When you dream of many broken mirrors, that is, several pieces of mirrors everywhere you look, this indicates that very soon fights and disagreements with loved ones will arise. To better understand, imagine that each broken mirror around you represents someone important that you lost due to a fight.

Therefore, after this dream, mentalize positive energies and peace, because that way, you will have more tranquility to deal with any situation that can generate a fight. Also remember not to be afraid to apologize! It is much better to let your guard down than to risk losing that person who is part of you, isn’t it?

Dreaming About Broken Hand Mirror

Broken Hand Mirror

Dreaming about a broken hand mirror has a very positive meaning, as it symbolizes that a very positive phase is coming in your life and it is totally related to your professional environment. That is, everything that you spent a lot of time trying to work out and giving your sweat on, will finally work, and this more complicated phase that was causing you a lot of exhaustion will break for good!

But, the universe is not that easy, because it is testing you. You really need to want this and don’t doubt your worthiness at all, because there was a lot of effort that you know about it. You tried so hard to get here, don’t underestimate yourself! Open your arms and receive what is rightfully yours.




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