Black Ounce – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Black Ounce – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a black ounce means the arrival of positive energies, of a period of conquests in life, with a lot of claw and strength. The meaning of dreaming about a black jaguar is also related to a wave of prosperity coming from the professional area of your life.

That promotion, that position, that salary increase are to come. Continue to work with claw and you will be recognized and very well rewarded. The goals that so much you have struggled to achieve are yet to come.

Take the moment to celebrate the conquests and thank yourself for the claw and determination with which you have been running after, because the black jaguar represents this: to run after the objectives with claw and determination.

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Dreaming That You See A Black Ounce

Black Ounce – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

As said before, the black ounce in dream is a sign of good omen. Dreaming that you see a black jaguar from afar means that you can already see your goals coming closer to you. You know that story of running a marathon and being tired, but you can already see the finish line? Well then, that’s the meaning.

This is the time to unite your forces and claw totally to reach the finish line and the longed for goal. You are ready, you have already run the marathon, now you will reach the final line in the first place. You are preparing for a period of great prosperity and conquests. You deserve it!

Dream Of A Brave Black Ounce

Black Ounce – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

There we have another meaning. Dreaming of a black jaguar changes the meaning of a black jaguar. It is an omen that some difficulties are to come, whether in personal, professional or even loving life. But there is nothing to worry about. Remember that the main meaning of the black ounce is claw and determination. This means that you will go through this phase with these two characteristics of the jaguar.

The idea of the dream is precisely to warn you that not so good times are coming and prepare you so that, with the qualities of the jaguar, you can easily overcome this period of turbulence. Just try to keep calm and do things with patience. Don’t listen to provocations and keep your goals in focus. It’s a brief situation that will soon be out of sight.

Dreaming Of Black Ounce

Dreaming of a calm, calm and unaggressive black jaguar is a sign that the time of prosperity is just waiting for you to arrive. There is nothing else to overcome, nor challenges to face. You have arrived. Soon you will be with what you have desired in your hands.

It is a wave of highly positive energy in all areas of life. You will even be attractive, mysterious, causing the curiosity and interest of everyone around you. You will be with a lot of social prestige with your friends, family and work. Many people, in this moment, will mirror in you, because you will be with a lot of light of your own.

Dream That Caresses A Black Ounce

Look at the strong meaning of this dream. The black jaguar is an extremely agile and instinctive animal. And if, in the dream, you are caressing the jaguar, it is because you managed to beat it. Feel proud and very strong.

It is also a sign that you have mastered all the adversities that could cause you some trouble. Even for this reason now is the time to reap the fruits of this work, and to gain prestige for such an achievement. Enjoy the moment!

Dream That You Are Attacked By A Black Ounce

Just like dreaming about a black jaguar, dreaming about being attacked by a black jaguar is a sign of some difficulties and problems to come, but nothing to worry about. It is something simple and passing.

It can also mean that you are not well with yourself, and are in a phase of low self-esteem. But, as I said before, it’s something very temporary, which will soon be overcome. The dream came precisely to warn you that you need to face your fears, and that you are able to get out of this low. Join the strength and determination of the ounce and win this moment.

Dream That Another Person Is Attacked By A Black Ounce

Dreaming that another person is attacked by a black ounce has two meanings. If the person is known, it may mean that he or she will go through a difficult time, mainly concerning a possible betrayal of a friend. You can warn them so that they can face this moment with serenity.

If the person in the dream is not known, it means that you are a little indignant in how things have been conducted around you, but that necessarily it is not reaching you. It’s a sign that you want to see more justice around you. Fight for it too.

Dream Of A Black Ounce Swimming

A beautiful and very meaningful dream. Your subconscious is alerting you to purify your thoughts and attitudes. Do this with positive thoughts, getting to know yourself more and more and treating your failures with love and self forgiveness. Pay attention to yourself to become a better, more evolved person.

Dream Of A Black Ounce With A Partner

Opa! Sign of love in sight. An encounter with much love will happen very soon. There is a person from your circle of friends or your work who is already showing interest in you, but you haven’t realized it yet. If you already have a partner, it’s time to show more love and attention to him. Love and affection is never too much, is it?!

Dreaming Of A Black Jaguar Cub

Black Ounce – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Attention to any child near you. Dreaming of a black jaguar means the fragility of a child in your life. Whether it is a child, a nephew, or even a neighbor, this child is in need of attention and you have been warned precisely so that you can help him or her parents. Something emotionally unpleasant may be happening to the child or even a small illness is coming. Stay alert.

Dreaming About A Black Ounce In A Gang

This dream has a very special meaning, because jaguars are generally solitary animals, which even hunt alone. They stay in flocks during mating seasons. So, dreaming of a black jaguar in a flock is a sign that you have been feeling lonely and need to increase your social life. How about scheduling that meeting with your friends to talk and laugh?!

Dreaming That You Kill A Black Ounce

You win. Your most difficult goal and the one that worried you the most was surpassed. Time to celebrate and enjoy the victory. If you haven’t overcome the challenge yet, you’re very close to happening. Get ready.

Dream Of A Dead Black Ounce

Dreaming of a dead black ounce is a sign of attention to your mental disorders and concerns. Confused feelings and strong emotions are controlling you and causing you many worries and sufferings. You have all the attributes to overcome this phase that is alone

inside you. Focus on the tranquility and peace you need. You can do it.

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