Black Bird – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a black bird has a strong and mystical meaning. There are several aspects to dreams with black bird, and they all spill out to the same side: the meaning of dreaming with black bird is transformation: the death of some aspect of life to the rebirth of something new.

See, it is not necessarily the death of life, but some aspect that no longer serves you, that no longer has any use for you, or that makes you suffer or has prevented you from achieving your goals.

The idea here is to make you become aware of what needs to be changed, of what no longer serves you to then decree the “death” of that aspect and a new one take its place and make you evolve. Everything in the world changes, including us, all the time.

Dreaming That You See A Black Bird

Black Bird – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreaming that you see a black bird is connected to the consciousness of change. Figuratively, “to see” means to be attentive, to become aware of something, and to dream that you see a black bird is to become aware of the death of some aspect and the need to consciously build the new.

One speaks consciously because, in the dream, the vision is involved, that is, the consciousness, because changes happen all the time in our lives, even when we do not perceive. But the thing here is that the deconstruction of one aspect will occur for the rebirth of another consciously, because in the dream, the symbol of transformation is directly seen, the black bird.

Dream That Holds A Black Bird

In the sense that dreaming of a black bird is a big change in your life, death of some aspect or something that no longer serves you to build another new one in place, dreaming that you are holding a black bird means you are holding this change. Resisting it.

The idea here is that you become aware in the sense that there is no way to “hold” the changes in life. Life is movement all the time. Holding on to the changes can bring pain and suffering, while letting the changes happen is letting life flow. Be aware of what you are holding in your life!

Dream Of A Black Bird Landing On Your Hand

The meaning of dreaming of a black bird landing on your hand is related to its interior. Perhaps you are going through countless difficulties and trials in your personal and professional life, but you don’t have the will or the strength to make the changes that are necessary.

In other words, you let or expect other people to solve for you the situations in which you should take the reins and solve and this has gotten out of control and brought suffering.

You must leave aside the idea that you are not able to solve things without the help of another person. Do not let others solve your life for you. You are the protagonist of your life and must take responsibility for choices and renunciations along the way. Take courage, because only you know what is good and important for your life.

Dream Of A Black Bird Flying

Black Bird – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

There is nothing more important for a human being than freedom. And dreaming of the black bird flying is a great omen, because they were made to fly. If they are flying, they are happy. And that means that that problem that torments you so much will “fly”. It will go away in a natural way as it appeared.

It’s a sign of relief after a hard time or a problem that seemed that there was no solution. Stay calm, because if you dreamed about this archetype, it’s a sign that your suffering will go away.

Dream Of Black Bird In The Nest

Nest means home and birth. So dreaming of a black bird in the nest is an omen of something or someone is about to be born in your home. It may be a pregnancy yes, but it may be a new aspect in your life that you were not yet aware of.

Everything that is birth, both in our home and in our personal life, is a great sign. Birth is the new. It is the deconstruction of the old and the arrival of something new.

Dreaming That Holds A Black Bird

Black Bird – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Great omen! Good and great things, significant changes are to come. But don’t worry, they will all be very positive. Life is change and everything is under the Law of Impermanence of the Universe. And these changes brought by this dream always have a meaning of something very good.

It can be inside your home, in your personal life, or even in your professional life. It may be that you don’t perceive it as a positive change at first. But be sure: it is very positive and will bring you a lot of happiness and harmony.

Dreaming About Many Black Birds

Birds are together means they want to attack something. Therefore, dreaming of many black birds can be a sign that some challenge is coming. It can be a challenge in your personal life, or in your professional life. Generally, it is a challenge coming from a person or a situation.

But there is nothing to worry about. You have the strength and competence to solve or overcome this challenge with mastery. Just be aware and be alert. When we prepare for something, we solve it much more easily.

Dream That Kills A Black Bird

Dreaming that you kill a black bird means that you have been crying and suffering for a long time for some disappointment, and you still know that the only culprit is yourself. But look, enough suffering. It’s time to “kill” this suffering and go on, stronger, more conscious, wiser.

Always go forward, without making the same mistakes. This is what mistakes are for, to teach us how not to repeat them.

Dreaming Of A Dead Black Bird

Dreaming of a dead black bird is an omen of a strong disappointment, which will be caused by you against yourself. See, the idea of the dream is to make you aware precisely so that you don’t suffer, or at least become aware that you are the only one responsible and the only one who can change the situation.

This disappointment may come from a bad habit that you are already aware that you are not so good, so much so that you have already manifested yourself in a dream. So why not avoid disappointment and get rid of this bad habit without suffering?

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