Wheelchair – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of a wheelchair means, as strange as it is, positive things for your life. It means that soon you will achieve your much desired independence.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Wheelchair?

Thinking about negative things is even understandable, considering that the wheelchair is a piece of equipment much feared by people, due to the difficulties it can bring to everyday life.

But there are several meanings for wheelchair dreams, varying mainly according to the situations involving the dream and your life.

So, if you want to know what it means to dream of a wheelchair, keep following this reading, because we will give you several meanings, so that you can better interpret your dreams.

Dream You See A Wheelchair

Dreaming that you are seeing a wheelchair indicates that you are yearning for your independence, which may be close to happening.

Since the desire is too great, he appears in a dream. The tip here is that you try to control emotions, so as not to take desperate actions in the search for your independence.

Dreaming You Are Sitting On A Wheelchair

Sitting On A Wheelchair

If in your wheelchair dreams you are sitting in one of them, it means that you will conquer a new profession or professional vacancy very soon.

Sometimes this was already one of his professional goals, but they were not happening for various reasons. Dreaming of a wheelchair is confirmation that this goal will come true right in your life.

Dreaming That He Lifts From A Wheelchair

The meaning of dreaming of a wheelchair, where you are getting up from the chair, is something very positive for your life in general.

Having this kind of dream means that you will soon gain your personal and financial independence, thus no longer depending on people, and being able to make your own life decisions.

This is something very positive, so if you dreamed this way, take the opportunity to plan and organize yourself now, so that your independence plans really come true.

Dreaming Of Another Person Sitting On A Wheelchair

In wheelchair dreams, where there is someone else sitting on the chair, the meaning can be much simpler than you think.

If you are just watching a person sitting in a wheelchair, it means that there is someone very close to you who is in need of help. Take the opportunity to check how family and friends are doing, seeing if they need help.

Dream You Buy A Wheelchair

Buy A Wheelchair

A wheelchair dream where you are buying one means that your financial life will improve well, whether with closing important deals or even with a salary increase.

Just be careful not to overdo the expenses, since this improvement can be fleeting.

Dream Of Empty Wheelchair

And what does it mean to dream of an empty wheelchair? In such a dream we can bring two kinds of meanings.

The first indicates that you have become an independent person and too lonely, and that it is time to receive people into your life, whether to help you or keep you company.

Or else it means that you have a lot of problems to solve, and that they must be solved with intelligence and insight, so that you do not go through unpleasant moments.

Analyze how is your life, so that you can understand which of these meanings best fits you.

Dream Of Broken Wheelchair

Dreaming of a broken wheelchair is very good for you, as it indicates that soon favorable changes will happen in your life, such as a new and better job, or even a new love.

So if you had this dream, take the opportunity to prepare, not losing the opportunities that will happen very soon.

Dreaming Wheelchair Playing

Wheelchair Playing

Already the dreams in which you are playing with a wheelchair, or using it to entertain you, means that you urgently need to change some of your actions involving other people in your life.

This type of dream usually indicates that you are taking advantage of someone, or even that you are not treating your main problems carefully.

Changing this is essential for your life to improve, and for you to keep people around who really care about you, not losing them for abusing too much of them.

Dreaming Of Head Wheelchair Down

Now, if in your wheelchair dream you found it upside down, turned, the meaning may not be that favorable for you.

A dream with a wheelchair down means that you will face many difficult moments in your life soon, and that unfortunately you will not have the help of anyone to overcome them.

The positive side is that this kind of event, no matter how bad it may be, will help you to be more independent and grow as a person.

Dream Using Wheelchair Without Need

In dreams where you are using a wheelchair, but have no need for it, getting around very well during the dream, it means that you urgently need to take control of your life.

This kind of dream shows you that you are letting other people make important decisions in your life for you, and this, at some point, will make you very unhappy.

So enjoy that you are well capable, and take control of your decisions!

Dreaming That Guides Someone In A Wheelchair

Dreaming that you are pushing a wheelchair with someone means that you should help someone close to overcome some obstacle in life.

Take a look at your family circle, or even friends, checking who may be in need of help in some regard, so you can help in what you can.


As we said above, most dreams involving wheelchairs can bring very positive meanings to your life, such as independence or even the rescue of the relationship with friends and family.

So now that you know what your dream might mean, try to organize your life so that important and positive things can happen.

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