War – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of war in general stems from internal issues that require solution, such as a conflict between your wishes and your needs. The meaning of dreaming of war is based on a warmongering metaphor to reveal emotions and intimate disputes that you engage in on a daily basis with yourself.

Dreams reveal much of what we are without knowing that we are. The human mind is divided between the self and the ego, the ego being shaped by the mirror of the environment that surrounds us. Mother, father and family surrounding us as children are the bricks that form our personality and our beliefs. Beliefs are not only spiritual, but also those that build the pillars of the rules that govern society.

The inner self is a kind of divine spark, our conscience and the will that governs us independently of social values. The inner self is more complex and also serves as a sentinel that observes without you observing. Your inner self has its own language, and unlike written or spoken language, it works with imagery.

That is why dreams say much more than they show and make us understand a little of how this figurative language works, besides teaching what the understanding of what your inner self wants to tell you through dreams. In order to understand what it means to dream of war, we must first understand what the symbolic reading of our inner self makes of this image. A difficult moment? In professional or family life? A bad news or a happy and successful omen? A bit of each and certainly many other meanings. In the next lines we will understand better.

Dream That You Are In A War

Our inner self, which we call subconscious, is master at deciphering and understanding more than we are consciously capable of. To dream that you are in a war is your subconscious exposing a feeling that you yourself have not yet noticed. Problems are causing you inner suffering.

You certainly see these problems, but what you have not yet realized is that your body is already beginning to feel the negative effects. If relegated to the background, these negative feelings can begin to manifest in your health, so try to resolve these situations soon. The best way is to face them, even if it might hurt at first.

Dreaming Of World War

War – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

These are symptoms of stress at work or in family life. You are likely to feel persecuted in any of these environments and believe that someone wants to harm you. We are often pressured by family members because of the expectations they create for our social growth and financial independence.

At work, we may be charged by goals or by ourselves in pursuit of professional advancement. In any of these cases, although it is not totally healthy to dodge any external or internal charges, giving them too much importance generates frustration and suffering. Do not let any of it consume you.

Dreaming Of Nuclear War

It is an indication that you are in a situation that could potentially push you to the limit. Tensions of this magnitude are eventually dangerous, as they can lead us to take unsubstantiated actions that we may later regret.

Keep your head in place and deal calmly with every point that is afflicting you until you can find a solution, because it always appears, even if you are not seeing it at the moment.

Dreaming Of Sword Warfare

That’s it, when you have a problem, the best thing to do is to face it and search until you find a solution. Dreaming of a sword war or dreaming of medieval war shows that you have the strength, courage and determination to face the facts. These are remarkable traits of a winner.

Dream That You Die In War

The various battles of life are exhausting your strength, and the various traumas you have experienced are taking precedence over your determination. We all know how hard it is to keep fighting. We know that, after so many great battles, today, something you would go through without hesitation in the past, seems to take on bitterly voluminous proportions. Don’t let yourself be shaken. It’s not easy to make the decision to keep your head up and face this challenge anymore.

But believe me, the more this will pass and joy and happiness will be present again in your days, however, obstacles will always come back like rocks through which your boots will wear out when you step on them. Change your boots or put on a high heel, whatever, but never give up on life’s journey.

Dreaming You Run Away From War

To dream that you run away from war is your inner self asking you to take a break. Things are confused, your thoughts are shuffled and this all ends up not allowing your head to organize and find solutions. For this reason, little problems end up becoming problems.

Do this, stay away from whatever is afflicting your life. If it’s possible, travel, take a vacation, even if it’s a weekend away from everything. It is not always possible, unfortunately, in this case, practice a hobby, read, listen to music. Anyway… relax!

Dreaming Of An Airplane War

It is not uncommon that something we have planned and worked to happen ends up being frustrated by forces beyond our control. At such times, we feel disappointed, and even disenchantment and disgust can come to our faces. Dreaming of an airplane war represents this moment when news that contradicts our expectations is about to arrive. Calm down. There is always a second, third or even fourth chance for those who know how to wait.

Dreaming Of War Without Weapons

Dreaming of war without weapons signals qu and you’re afraid of getting hurt, getting into fights or confusion. You may be anxious and fearing to be attacked without any plausible reason. We live a period where so many news of violence end up leaving us with what some experts call panic syndrome. Perhaps this is not your case, but it is good to stay away from police news and exercise spirituality.

Dreaming Of War Film

In general terms, dreaming of a film is a sign that your life is on the path to prosperity and that good fruits are in your path. However, being the film is one of war, it suggests that obstacles may arise on the way and that you must prepare to face them before the blessings arrive.

Dreaming Of War Games

Dreaming of war games and winning is a positive omen that you will overcome a great challenge. Now, if you have lost, this is a metaphor that unexpected losses are approaching. Stay alert and don’t risk yourself, neither with games of chance and neither in business.

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