Urine – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of urine means two things, either you need to try to abandon your emotions or the most spiritual interpretation is that you are spending a lot of money. Therefore, seeing urine in your dream represents the feelings you rejected. Alternatively, the dream can be a pun on your angry attitude.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Urine?

In this way, dreams of urine can symbolize cleansing and releasing negative or repressed emotions. Depending on the context of the dream, urination is symbolic of whether or not you have basic control in your life. So you are literally upset and not expressing yourself in a positive or constructive way.

Dreaming that you are urinating in public symbolizes a lack of privacy in some personal matters. In this case, the meaning of dreaming of urine indicates that you are trying to establish your limits and mark your territory.

But dreaming that someone is urinating on you indicates the dreamer’s feeling of emotional burden. Other people are pouring all feelings into you. On the contrary, what it means to dream of urine symbolizes its lack of self-worth.

However, dreaming that you accidentally urinated on yourself or wet your pants implies that you are on the verge of an emotional explosion. Therefore, you are desperate to release all the feelings you have kept within you.

Dream You Are Urinating

Dreaming that you are urinating means the release of negative energy and repressed emotions. Therefore, urinating in a dream, according to ancient texts, indicates a disturbance in your private life. But if you dreamed of peeing, this is usually very good, symbolizing prosperity and wealth. This dream indicates success in your current ventures and a happy future.

Usually, it is a sign of good things entering your life. And even if you encounter challenges along the way, you can easily overcome them and achieve your goals. Sometimes this dream indicates your willingness to share some private matters and secrets with someone you consider a loyal friend.

Dream That Urinate In Public Place

Urinate In Public Place

If you urinated in public in the dream, it reveals someone’s irresponsibility and lack of privacy in life. So someone close to you was in the spotlight, wanting others to admire you. This dream also has everything to do with being discreet, because in life discretion goes a long way, especially if people were really watching you pee.

It also symbolizes the lack of privacy with their personal affairs. Because you feel that people are constantly watching all your movements, including those you would like to keep for yourself.

Dreaming That Urinate In The Bathroom

If you urinated in a bathroom in your dream, this represents certain feelings you recently rejected. The dream also predicts that you have full control over your life. Which is good, but can prevent you from feeling the beauty of spontaneity.

You are not allowing yourself to express your “true self” and this may suggest that you are wearing a mask, thinking that it will protect you from people’s bad intentions. You are trying to “mark” your territory in all aspects of life. However, he will soon encounter difficulties in his personal life. That way, someone will prove that you can’t always get what you want.

Dreaming Of Urine Smell

Smelling urine in dreams may indicate that you are really dehydrated. So, noticing a strong smell of urine in the dream may represent that your body is telling you to drink more water.

So drink this glass of water. Also, entering stinking bathrooms in a dream may suggest that you need to control a situation, especially in a work context. Spiritually, if you smelled urine, it implies your strong intuition and sixth sense.

Dream You Can’t Urinate

Can't Urinate

You may even wake up very nervous, anxious and afraid after dreaming that you cannot urinate, but be sure that this is a good omen for your life. This dream came to say that, in a short time, your problems and concerns will come to an end.

So you may be going through difficult times at this stage, but the horizon for a happier and healthier new phase is already in sight. So you should try to stay emotionally well, always have faith and try to do good things, because there is no doubt that you will be able to enter this new phase that will cheer you up.

Dream That Urine Blood

If you dream that your urine is red or blood, you can predict a loss of passion in life. In reality, the blood found in the urine indicates that you may have kidney stones or anemia. But if you urinated blood in your dream, some texts predict that a painful moment is coming, but with that, you will find the best way to achieve your goals.

Dream That Drinks Urine

Dreaming that you drink urine is an omen of properties and a lot of money, but also of a very good health in your life. However, drinking the pee in the dream also symbolizes your fear of letting others know about your negative emotions. You will get to the extreme of punishing yourself if you show a little negativity. It also demonstrates that you have no sense of self-worth.

Dreaming Of Urine Bath

This is not a big dream. It could mean that there is a lack of control in your life. So if you notice a problem happening, the dream may suggest that you will solve anything.

Dream Of Dark Urine

Dark urine in the dream is a sign that your thoughts or ideas may be corrupted or contaminated. Or that what you want can be harmful and you are solving things through mind and body.

Dreaming Of Dog Urine

Dog Urine

Seeing dog urine in the dream indicates that a best friend or close relative will soon approach you to spend time. And this can be a good opportunity to discuss things. So if you watched a dog pee in your dream, that’s a good sign. It usually represents spending pleasant moments in the company of some family member or a close friend.

Dreaming of Blood Urine

Peeing and seeing blood in the urine in a dream indicates disorder in your personal relationship. That way, something went terribly wrong in your interpersonal relationships and may have happened for some time. Therefore, you will begin to notice signs of friendship and crumbling relationships soon. So if you dreamed of bloody urine, that dream is a bad sign. The dream usually indicates having some health problems. Sometimes this means losing your motivation and passion in life.

Dream Of Rabbit Urine

Dreaming of rabbit urine predicts an unpleasant moment thanks to someone else’s carelessness. Therefore, this dream is a warning to observe your words and actions. Dreaming of rabbit urine also indicates that you can act arrogantly after performing certain lucky actions. So be cautious when winning the lottery or in the game and remain discreet.

Dreaming Of Baby Urine

It is related to the need to release emotions to be reborn. This dream indicates that you need to remove negative emotions. Your dream is a clear message that you can overcome anything. Dreaming of a baby urinating indicates rebirth and a new beginning. Often, this kind of dream occurs when you feel you can’t achieve anything. It may be the result of a negative mentality.

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