Tattoo – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Tattoo – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about tattooing is a kind of dream that can often be connected to the way people see you, how you relate to them and how you see yourself. In general, dreaming about tattoos represents sensuality, envy, individuality and change.

But the meaning will depend a lot on the moment you are going through in your life. As we have seen, the dream can represent your unconscious, things that are inside you and you are not knowing how to deal with them.

If you dream of a tattoo that is yours, for example, it may indicate something related to your individuality and how you are or wish to be. Something that is unique in you and that makes you different from other people around you.

If you dream about someone else’s tattoo, the meaning changes completely. It can mean that there are people wanting your evil. Always be aware.

Tattoos reveal a lot about our emotions and that is where you should start your evaluation. Take everything into consideration, make a complete analysis of the dream. Consider the location of the tattoo, the design, how you feel about it, whether the tattoo is on you or someone else, whether the person is tattooing or erasing the tattoo. All of this will matter for a more accurate interpretation of the dream.

Dream That You Are Getting A Tattoo

Tattoo – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming that you are getting a tattoo can have a good meaning if you consider the tattoo beautiful. This means that you have a strong desire to change, to get out of the routine, to do something new with your life and this can happen very soon.

However, if you don’t like the tattoo, if it brings you a bad or strange feeling, it’s a bad sign, it may represent that someone is trying to stain your reputation, that someone is telling lies about you to people you live with. You have to be very careful with false people who may be close to you. Pay a lot of attention to those who are questioning a lot about your life or who only appear when they need something.

Dream That You Are Tattooing Someone

Dreaming that you are tattooing someone has a surprising meaning: it may mean that you will get away from your friends, but you will have a fair reason for that even if these reasons are not so clear at first. It indicates that this distance will bring new experiences and great chances for you to achieve happiness. This distance foreseen in the dream is usually related to a trajectory of self-knowledge. A difficult decision, but one that will lead you to new experiences and maturation.

But beware, if you are a tattooist in real life, it reflects only what you are and shows that you know yourself very well.

Dream That Erases Tattoo

Tattoo – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming that you erase a tattoo you don’t like is a good sign. It means that you will overcome complexes, anguish, everything that gets in the way of your life. Sometimes we go through a situation that we can’t overcome. A hurt, a relationship that ended, a fear. And this leaves us stagnant. But this dream indicates that you will overcome everything and enter a much happier phase.

Depending on the context of the dream and your life, it can also mean that some aspects of your personality will change, because you will learn the value of conquest, of dream realization and all this will bring you a lot of joy, both for you and for the people around you.

Dream With Tattoo On Your Arm

It will depend on the region of the arm where the tattoo is located. If the tattoo is on your biceps, this indicates that you want to show yourself stronger than the other people around you. It is directly related to your personality and serves to show you your own strength.

If the tattoo is positioned on your forearm, it shows that you want to have better control over the situations that happen in your daily life and that you do not like unforeseen events.

Dream Of A Tattoo On Your Leg

Dreaming of a tattoo on your leg or even your feet can be associated with travel, new worlds, new experiences, exploring different things. It indicates transformation. It can be associated with physical or spiritual travel.

It will depend on the design represented in the tattoo. For example, a dream with a rose tattoo on our leg may imply that we need to embark on a journey to find a new love or recapture a love that has been lost.

The symbolism of a tattoo on our leg indicates that something will move us forward.

Dream Of Tattooing Your Hand

Dreaming of a tattoo on your hand represents the encounter of a very strong and important friendship in your life. Friendships that will make your life better and easier.

You may be going through difficult times when you missed a friend to share the difficulties and have support and this dream represents that you will find that person you can always count on.

Dream Of A Dragon Tattoo

The dragon’s design represents strength, freedom, passion and sensuality, so dreaming of a dragon tattoo indicates that something will happen in your love life. Prepare yourself, for such strong love will bring you much happiness. If you are already relating to someone, this tattoo indicates that there will be a change in that relationship, and for the better!

If the dragon tattoo is located on your wrist, this is a sign that you are looking to be recognized for your efforts in real life to get out of the routine and stay in action all the time.

Dreaming About A Tattoo On Your Chest

Tattoo – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of a tattoo on your chest represents that you want to show yourself as a strong and powerful person who fights for what you want.

On the other hand, depending on the context of your life at that moment, dreaming about a tattoo on your chest may mean that you are having dominating impulses or even scaring people for thinking you are superior. Think about whether that power you think you have is really so great, because it may actually be much less than you think.

Dream About Tattooing Your Buttocks

Dreaming of a tattoo on the buttocks in general says a lot about how you see your love life and also your sensuality. The meaning of this dream often represents that you are trying to show your feelings and intentions with your partner or anyone you are interested in. If that person is not yet officially your partner, maybe it’s time to make your intentions clear. You can win a new love.

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