Surgery – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

“Dreaming costs nothing, my dream is so real”. That is how a famous samba-enredo begins, and it is still true, because dreaming is free. Every person dreams, although he cannot always remember his dreams. But this activity inherent in every human being has a lot to reveal about the personality, emotions or situations experienced by the dreamer.

Dream About Surgery

For Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, every dream has a meaning linked to a primitive desire repressed by our conscience, so he symbolically “fulfills” that desire. On the other hand, according to Freud, dreams also function as a reminder of recent events and emotions. It is up to us to distinguish one dream from the other and thus try to understand it.

Since dreams are messages from our subconscious, often an apparently meaningless dream can bring some advice or warning to us. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of simple or strange dreams such as dreaming about surgery.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Surgery?

To begin with, dreams about surgery, for the most part, should not be cause for concern, as they usually foreshadow a period of changes in your life.

Dreams about surgery, instead of being negative, show that you are dissatisfied with some aspects of your life and feel the need to change and evolve. Beneficial changes may happen soon. Something or someone can be eliminated from your life, bringing moments of relief and tranquility.

Another meaning of dreaming about surgery: people with a tendency to hypochondria or overly health-conscious tend to dream that they are being operated on. This indicates that you are taking the fears and anxieties that are part of your life into your unconscious. If this is your case, look for some relaxing activity to avoid becoming so obsessed with illness or fear. Thinking too much about health can make room for disease.

But there are other interpretations, according to the situations and details of the dream about surgery. See some of them:

Dreaming You See Surgery

See Surgery

If, in your dream, you see surgery, regardless of who is being operated on, this indicates that you need to be careful with your actions in the coming days; avoid taking risks or exposing yourself to dangerous situations.

Be careful not to be harmed in the professional field. It also represents a desire for radical change in your life: it can be from home, from work or even a new haircut.

Dreaming That Undergoes Surgery

If, in your dream, you are going through surgery, it means that you need to take a break to reflect on your life. Take a break from problems or stressful situations. Surgery in a dream indicates that something is bothering you, but you don’t notice or don’t want to see.

Your dream shows that you are feeding something that makes you sick, whether it be a love or professional relationship. A sick relationship that needs to go through a healing process or even be eliminated from your life. Just as surgery can heal, this dream suggests that you need a break to renew your strength.

Dreaming That You Have Surgery On Yourself

If, in your dream, you are performing an operation on yourself, one of the meanings is that you feel that you need to change some points in your life and your attitude. Remember those projects and decisions that you keep putting off? It’s time to get your hands dirty and carry them out. No more leaving things for later. A period of change and growth is coming.

Dreaming About Having Surgery On Someone Else

This dream brings a reflection on the people around you, especially with those who have a close relationship, relative or friend. Try to see if there is someone in your life from whom you are demanding more than that person can give. How invasive or possessive are you with someone in your life? Respect each other’s space.

Dreaming About Surgery With Good Results

This dream has good omens, showing that something you crave and have struggled to achieve may have positive responses soon. Surgery exists to heal, save, bring well-being. If, in your dream, the operation was a success, it means that you are living a period of change with tranquility and optimism.

Dreaming Of Surgery With Bad Results

Although a bad dream does not always bring bad omens, that dream indicates that you may experience setbacks and difficulties, especially regarding finances.

It is not the time to make any risky investments or commit to any debt. It also shows that you feel very ingrained in old habits and have a lot of resistance. Know that, many times, something has to leave for something better to arrive.

Dreaming Of Complications In Surgery

If, in your dream, surgery results in complications, it suggests that you are feeling very sensitive and vulnerable due to some change, separation or loss in your life. It can be a relationship, a job, a disappointment with friends. It indicates that you need to live this “mourning” and seek your growth based on the experience.

Dreaming That You Are Anesthetized For Surgery

This dream indicates that you are going through a painful process of change or something that demands a lot from you. It shows that you are trying to escape from the problems, trying to “anesthetize” yourself with the pains and anguishes of the process. But that does not mean weakness, but preparation to face what lies ahead.

Dreaming Of Urgent Surgery

If, in your dream, you need to be operated on in a hurry, you show that you are dissatisfied with some area of ​​your life and feel the urgent need to change. It is an almost unacceptable situation that, if not corrected, can make you sick emotionally. Do not leave for later some decisions that afflict you. If the surgery was on someone else, you want to help someone but are afraid of being invasive.

Dreaming Of Surgery In The Womb

Surgery In The Womb

This dream means that you are too afraid to expose your innermost side. At the same time, it shows a period of great ideas and creativity. You are in the midst of a new moment. Whether you are a man or a woman, dreaming about surgery in the womb can also indicate the lack of something to fill your life.

Dreaming About Cesarean Surgery

Childbirth dreams usually mean that you are about to go through a completely new moment in your life. If there is pain and blood in your dream, it indicates that it will not be easy at first, but difficulties are necessary for growth. If, in your dream, the cesarean section occurs without any setbacks, it is a sign that you will live moments of joy.

Dreaming About Heart Surgery

This is a common dream in people who have experienced a problem, breakup or loss in a relationship. There are situations in the affective field that need to be resolved; it has to do with the tightness in the chest that arises from the loss of a love.

If it was an open chest operation, it indicates that even if it hurts, you start to get stronger. Get up and fight for that love or another that will surely appear in your life.

Dreaming About Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Dreaming about plastic surgery can mean insecurity or problems with self-esteem. In the dream you want to correct an aesthetic problem, but in your subconscious what you want is to change your way of being and your attitudes. It is your behavior that needs retouching and you know it. Control your impulses, relax and don’t take life too seriously.

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