Sun – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of sunshine means a trip you are taking to lighting. In this way, the sun psychically is symbolized in many parts of the world. In addition, it represents our spiritual figure or personality.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Sun?

Usually, dreams of sun have been associated with the achievement of success. So seeing the sun in your dream is an indicator of enlightenment, peace of mind, goodwill, tranquility and fortune. The sun brings out divine power and radiant energy, making it a good omen in your life, especially if it is a bright sun.

Psychologically, the sun is a masculine symbol of the intellect and conscious mind. It can also be a reflection of the true self and thus portray intelligence as an entity separate from intuition. Thus, a hot and scorching sun is a representation of his intellectual powers that may be dominating the psyche and endangering his emotional life.

The meaning of dreaming of sun also indicates that you are feeling comfort and security at the moment, since these are the simplest and oldest dreams that exist. And for those who do not know what it means to dream of sun, it foreshadows abundance, freedom and prosperity.

Thus, in the mystical world, the sun was the first god of man, because it distanced him from the darkness that night brought. Therefore, dreaming of the sun is a promise of happiness in your life. The sun in the sky on a clear day, where there is not a single cloud, means that you will succeed with the soulmate, who will propose to you. But if you are a man, it means that you will have a romantic relationship, however this will not materialize in marriage.

Dreaming You See The Sun

If you see the sun in your dream it means you are looking for warmth and protection in your life. Thus, the sun represents ardor, security, intelligence, knowledge, care and affection.

So if the sun shines brightly in your dream, it indicates that you will get rid of all the problems. But if you see an intense sun, it symbolizes happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, whenever the sun appears in a dream, it means that bigger and better things are ahead of the dreamer.

Dreaming Of Very Strong Sun

A dream where the sun shines very brightly is a symbol that the person will gain confidence in the future, new opportunities and chances will open to give life to all their plans.This image also brings promising prospects of career and love, if seen by a man.

But if a single woman has this dream about the sun, the plot means that she will have the chance to take care of her finances and personal life. However, it will be necessary to protect against hasty connections that could compromise it in the eyes of the public and cause condemnation.

Dreaming Of Very Hot Sun

Very Hot Sun

The dream of very hot sun predicts that you may be in a big problem or difficulty, but you will resist as you pass through it. Also, the dream of walking in the hot sun, wearing a hat or umbrella to protect your skin, or perhaps barefoot, if you are on the beach, probably reveals your real-life tiredness.

Therefore, a scorching sun in the dream world is a neutral symbol that refers to the intellectual capacity and supreme reasoning ability of the dreamer.

Dream Of Sun And Moon

If a young woman sees the sun and moon together in a dream, this image predicts that she will find her soulmate. But if the moon is disappearing, it can mean infidelity. The dream of the sun and moon together in the sky also suggests that you will gain public respect.

Dreaming Of Sunset

The sunset in dreams, on the one hand, indicates the end of a period of success in life, in addition to the lack of opportunity to influence the problems that will arise positively. And, on the other hand, it suggests the conclusion of a certain chapter of life.

Thus, this can be the end of romantic relationships, the rejection of the chosen profession, including a fundamental change in one’s own positions and attitudes. However, watching the sunset at sea is an end sign of relaxation and energy gathering and experience. This image also marks the farewell of childhood and the entry into the adult or family life of girls.

Dreaming Of Sun Rising

Sun Rising

The interpretation of dreaming of the rising sun foreshadows success in all matters and business. So if you saw the sunrise in a dream, it promises healing to sick people and the unhappy, who will be able to find peace of mind and happiness.

Thus, the dream of the rising sun indicates a new resumption in work or study, or a sudden lighting, where everything will soon be easy. As for the love relationship, you can fall in love with a classmate and your relationship will improve even more, so take the chance to fall madly in love.

Dreaming Of Sun At Night

The sun that rose at night speaks of the help of friends and relatives in solving the difficulties that will arise, especially in situations that seem to have no hope. Seeing the sun at night in your dream may also suggest that an old love shines again, in a person you forgot will come back and therefore have problems in your relationship.

Dreaming Of Sunbath


If you dreamed of sunbathing and it caused relaxation and pleasant feelings, this image symbolizes career growth. You can also try your luck in the lottery in this period.

However, sunbathing and having fun in a dream is interpreted as the dreamer’s desire to see the world with different eyes, instigated by the thirst for knowledge. But if you burned yourself in the sun, you are overestimating your strength and ability, finally, this image can also represent loneliness or illness.

Dreaming Of Sun And Rain

There are several aspects when dreaming of sun and rain. If the rainbow appears during or after the rain, it means that you will have a lucrative offer that you should not reject. However, if the sky became cloudy and started raining after the sun in a dream, you should carefully consider all your decisions and not take hasty actions.

But if thunder resounds in the sky, there is lightning and the sun shines, it means that all one’s concerns are false and unfounded. So maybe the dreamer will be able to avoid unwanted fights with management or even clarify the relationship with their loved ones.

Dreaming Of Sun Explode

Dreaming of the sunburst is considered quite unfavorable and reflects people’s attitude towards the dreamer. Therefore, perhaps the individual should look better, reconsider their behavior, lifestyle and views on simple things.

It can also be interpreted as fear of becoming seriously ill, fear of death or a premonition of danger. Dreaming that the sun explodes still means that you will be famous, many people will meet you suddenly and you will achieve an important status or be an executive of a public institution.

Dreaming Of Sun And Clouds

If you see the bright sun through the clouds, it’s a good dream, foreshadowing luck. This way you will be able to manage all problems and difficulties and leave them in the past. There will be a successful start to new business ahead and development of a loving relationship.

However, if you dream that the sun is completely covered with clouds and can barely see it, except at some points, it may be the harbinger of problems coming into your life.

Dreaming Of Sun Falling

Seeing the sun fall in a dream indicates that you should rely only on yourself to solve difficult problems you may have, because other people will not justify your trust. However, dreaming that the sun falls on the sea, lake or water suggests that you will gain promotion or have a great heritage.

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