Spider Bites – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Spider Bite

Dreaming about spider bites usually means a bad omen. There is a high probability that you will experience problems in your personal and professional aspects. Dreams about spider bites can even be associated with problems in your relationships, especially love ones.

What does it mean to dream about spider bites?

It is interesting to make a connection with real life, because the meaning of dreaming about spider bites starts a lot from what we see in reality. Spiders often cause fear in people, primarily because of their somewhat frightening appearance. However, the main reason for this aversion is because spiders can be poisonous. Thus, its sting is the biggest reason to create fear and aversion to this animal.

This is, therefore, due to a certain spirit of protection that we have. It is because of this relationship we have with spiders and their bites that this dream is usually associated with bad omens. Our subconscious already interprets the sting as something negative and uses that image to convey its message more efficiently.

However, to better understand what it means to dream about spider bites, it is necessary to pay attention to the context presented in the dream. The sting may have occurred in different parts of the body, for example. This ends up influencing the final interpretation, so it is necessary to pay more attention to these specific details to have a complete understanding of what your dream really meant.

Dreaming That Takes A Spider Bite

Takes A Spider Bite

Dreaming that you got a spider bite may have more specific interpretations than just dreaming about a bite. This dream may represent a certain confrontation with your mother, or any other dominant female figure in your life.

This is because the spider can carry a meaning exactly of the feminine and maternal strength. So whoever dreams of a spider is usually dreaming of something directed in that direction. Therefore, when the spider bites you, it is an indication that there is a conflict between you and the figure that the spider represents.

This dream can even be a metaphor for the figure of the devouring mother. This is an archetype of mother that was even mentioned by Carl Jung. Archetype would be a model of human behavior, primordial images that are capable of characterizing a series of behaviors passed down through generations.

In this case, the devouring mother archetype would be someone who suffocates the child’s individuality with an excessive amount of love, leaving no room for the development of his creativity and autonomy. The dream may be linked to this feeling that the mother has in possession of her son, who ends up imprisoning him. This may be the way you are feeling about your mother and this is how your subconscious is manifesting.

Another interpretation of this dream, but valid only for men, is that you may be feeling trapped in your relationship. Here it may be another extension of the idea of ​​the archetype, reaching the image of the companion.

This case may even be a little easier to resolve than with your mother, as a sincere conversation can provide good guidance. However, to try to resolve this maternal issue, just one conversation may not have as much effect, a whole change of posture on both sides may be necessary.

Dreaming Of Spider Bite In Hand

When we trust someone, we tend to reach out to that person. Therefore, offering a hand is a true meaning of trust. However, when that happens and there is a negative consequence, that trust may be shaken, and that is what the dream is associated with. You put that feeling in something or someone and, in return, your hand is stung.

Dreaming about the prick in hand is an omen that someone may be cheating on you. This will certainly be something that can hurt you a lot, but it may serve as a lesson to not blindly trust everyone.

Another possible interpretation is that of relationship problems. Again, there may be problems related to trust, especially for relationships that are still starting. Therefore, it is up to you to try to resolve this in the best way, as there is no way that any relationship can work without trust.

Dreaming Of Spider Bites On Your Feet

Spider Bites On Your Feet

If the spider bite is on the foot, the dream may mean that you are about to face difficulties in a relationship, being able to be loving, family or among a friend. Sometimes we face some problems of this type, but we are able to deal with the situation.

In this case, however, it is very likely that they will be hurt, which may even hinder your performance in other activities of your life, such as your job or studies. To avoid this type of situation in the future, your subconscious tries to alert you with this dream, trying to show that it is important to control your feelings to avoid even bigger hurts. You need a way to resolve your disagreements so that it doesn’t get in the way of your life.

Dreaming Of Spider Bites On The Face

Dreaming that a spider bites you in the face can have two different meanings. The first is that you may be experiencing problems with your image. There is great concern about how others would be seeing you, especially in terms of body and face aesthetics.

So it is necessary for you to remember that life is not just about appearances. It is important to take care of beauty, but it is useless to spend so much time worrying about it. The second meaning is the gossip and envy of a person who claims to be a friend. So in this case, it is worth paying close attention to your friendships.

Dreaming Of Spider Bites On The Back

If something catches you by surprise, it is common to say that you caught it behind your back. Thus, this dream indicates the arrival of unexpected problems. This can even discourage and harm you, but it is important that you know how to separate things well and find a solution to your problems without letting it affect other aspects of your life.

Dreaming About Black Spider Bite

In the case of a black spider biting you in a dream, the meaning may be linked to fights in family or love relationships, as is the case with most of the dreams involving spider bites. In this case, it is important to remain calm and try to solve everything in a rational way, so that your problems are more easily overcome.

Dreaming Of Brown Spider Bite

Brown Spider Bite

Once again the color of the spider influences the interpretation of the dream. In this case, there is also a recurrence of relationship problems, but here there is greater specificity for your love life. You may be experiencing turmoil soon, but you need a union to resolve everything as a couple.

If you are not yet in a love relationship, this dream is likely to portend that your heart is open to it, but you are likely to encounter problems early on.

Dreaming Of Crab Spider Bite

Finally, there is the dream about crab spider. The bite of this spider, despite having poison, does not present serious problems, only intense pain. The stinging pain is a sign that difficult times are approaching you and that is why you need to prepare yourself for this.



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