Soft Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a soft tooth means that you no longer feel as strong as you used to. It can mean that your energies are being sucked and that you will soon fall ill. It is a warning from your subconscious to take more care of your health.

If, in reality, having a soft tooth is not a nice thing, dreaming about a soft tooth is obviously not a positive thing either. But, it can serve to be aware of the signs and the meaning of dreaming with a soft tooth. Teeth bring a lot of negative meanings, but it is thanks to these dreams that we can reflect on many of our attitudes.

Being practically the doorway to our body, if on one hand the meaning of the tooth symbol is associated with aggressiveness and strength, the loss of them means the loss of youth and the same strength, almost a message of castration. The dream with a soft tooth follows the same line of thought. So what does it mean to dream with a soft tooth? Well, are you feeling fragile lately?

It is very common to dream with a soft tooth when we are going through a moment of lack of structure, when we are tense with some situation of loss or even in our own health or that of a loved one.

As we mentioned above, the tooth has a symbolic association of strength and aggressiveness, so if you are in a phase where you feel you are losing your floor or the strength to control your own life, at work, in the relationship or any other change of structure, this can be very related.

Dreaming Of Just One Soft Tooth

If in your dream you have only one soft tooth, this is a sign that you may get sick. But calm down! It won’t be anything serious. However, you will need to take good care of your physical and emotional health, since your energies will be sucked at this moment. Exercise and a good diet are fundamental at this time.

Dreaming Of Several Soft Teeth

Now, if your dream is not with one, but with several soft teeth, this can be a dangerous alert: worry more about the people around you, put more time and attention on them!

Dreaming About Soft Teeth Almost Falling Out

If your family has experienced some tension that you feel is about to explode, like a fight or something worse, dreaming of a soft tooth represents exactly this, a warning that this is very close to happening.

Dreaming About A Soft Tooth Falling Out Of Your Mouth

When you pass the almost and fall, without knowing where, you must protect who wants to see well! For this means that something unpleasant may occur with your family, leaving it weakened. This dream represents that someone will be vulnerable to get viral diseases and infections.

Dreaming About A Soft Tooth Falling To The Ground

If you can see that the tooth went straight to the ground, it’s not a very positive sign! It may mean that someone close to you will experience serious problems.

Dreaming Of Soft Tooth Falling Into Your Hand

Do you feel you are in control of your own life? Yes, if the tooth fell out and, in the dream, you managed to pick it up or went straight to your hand, it may mean that you are not so much in control as you imagine and that you need to face the problems with a lot of courage!

On the other hand, it can also mean that there will be a new member in your family!

Dreaming Of Soft Milk Teeth

We talk a lot about a tooth falling out and in the adult phase this is something frightening. But when we are children, it is something normal. It is a remarkable phase, right? Full of fantasy, like fairies leaving a real one under their pillow, etc. When we dream of soft milk teeth, it has a lot to do with those memories from the past, not with being a child, but with memories and things that hurt in the past and need to be forgotten!

Emotional wounds need to heal and they will only occur if you leave them there. This also applies to fears, complexes and frustrations. It is a warning about your emotional health.

Dreaming Of A Bleeding Soft Tooth

Dreaming about the bleeding soft tooth is not a dream, it’s practically a nightmare, isn’t it? It represents death, but it can also mean that your failure is getting closer and closer and you’re not doing anything to change it! Besides, it can warn you that you need to work hard, because that financial debt you have will be harder to repay than you imagine!

Dreaming Of Soft Teeth Being Pulled Out

Soft Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Among all these possibilities of him falling without a choice, what does it mean to dream pulling soft teeth? Well, it’s not a positive thing either! Well, he wants to warn that there is someone trying to sabotage his dating, marriage or any very dear relationship. Such a person is very angry or jealous, to the point of doing anything to put an end to the relationship.

Open your eye and avoid any fight with loved ones, keep them close to go against the tide of this real evil eye!

Dream Of A Broken Soft Tooth

We grow up listening to our parents and the dentist to take good care of our oral hygiene, which if we don’t brush properly, will come cheap in your mouth or… we will break your tooth! Obviously, in the fantasy universe of dreams, this is also something negative.

In this case, it comes very attached to the ego, it can be the concern of the physical appearance or that you are not taking care of yourself, leaving behind the psychic problems or keeping too much stress, which prevents you from acting or having concentration!

Dreaming About A Soft And Rotten Tooth

As the name itself says, everything that is rotten, is stinking, dirty and about to collapse! It is a warning from your subconscious so that you can review your attitudes, pay attention to bad thoughts about anyone or yourself, so that you don’t become rotten inside!

Some experts also say that it may be about you caring a lot about other people’s opinions, spending time being upset about the way the world sees you.

Dreaming About Soft And Crooked Teeth

If in your dream your tooth is soft and looking like the tower of Pisa – pie, pie, you may be too insecure and need to find yourself! Remember that there is no progress while accumulating doubts and fears in body and soul, the dream comes precisely to warn you when this is mistreating you.

But it is also normal to be related to finances and work!

Dreaming With A Soft Front Tooth

Soft Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Finally, when the soft tooth is in the front of your mouth, also known as incisors, those that are most seen by others and judged aesthetically, and also the first ones to be found with the food we eat, can be another warning for the negative energy you may be emanating to those around you! There may be something in your life that you are neglecting! Stop to think… What are you unaware of?

Representation for Sigmund Freud

The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud used to say that the dream with a soft tooth happened because of a physical stimulus. For example, if you suffer from bruxism, have sensitive teeth or sleep with your mouth open, dreams often end up being a reflection of stimuli coming from the mouth region. He noticed this after realizing that it was very common in patients who suffered from these problems.

For him (being of physical origin), dreaming about a tooth had a great connection with the thoughts, emotions, feelings and a group of psychological functions of the person. Discarding any interpretation.

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