Screaming – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of screaming can express fear, anger or even an unconscious distress call.

Anyway, dreams with shouting represent a repressed demonstration of feelings, where shouting is a language adopted to interpret or, in a way, repel these feelings or sensations.

Dreaming of screaming is also associated with extreme pain, emergency or trouble in times of urgency and help.

But, on the other hand, dreams of screaming can also be interpreted by the joy of a good time where we shout for pure joy.

Had dreams of screaming, but don’t know what it means to dream of screaming? Below is the meaning of dreaming of shouting and other possible interpretations.

Dream You Are Screaming

Dreaming that you are screaming is one of the most common dreams we can have, but its meaning represents that we are dealing with a difficult problem, of which we are afraid to talk about or expose to someone.

These are conflicts that we keep, but end up bothering us and, therefore, we end up dwelling on that feeling without venting to anyone.

In this dream, you end up conveying your unconscious will to end this fear and debate about the problem, so if it makes sense to you, it is best to do.

Don’t avoid asking for help and don’t be afraid to express yourself. When venting, you will certainly feel better and will have help resolving your issue.

But try to be calm and patient to express this cry for help, otherwise no one will be able to understand you.

Dream You See Someone Screaming

Did you see someone screaming in your dream? So this represents that you walk afraid or afraid of being discovered by something you have been doing.

Know that lies are always discovered and that truth is the best way at all times.

Dream That Screams Of Fear

Scared Scream

Dreaming that screams in fear can represent that something bad is wanting to get closer to your life, the best thing to do is try to get rid of all the negative charge that surrounds you, try to focus on good energies, so you improve the Astral and even make the Universe to attribute with good things.

Eliminate grudge, hatred and even envy from your life, to cultivate only what does you good and fight these bad energies.

In fact, you don’t have to be afraid, because your strength is greater and with that you will be able to overcome any bad situation that comes.

Manage your life’s problems in a positive way, try to get around the problems in the best way and ball forward that life goes on.

Dreaming That You Scared Of The Scream Of Another

Dreaming that you are frightened by someone else’s cry refers to your lack of attention to the outside world.

Maybe you’re a person who closes in your own cocoon and doesn’t notice the situations around you, until some question catches your eye.

In this symbolization, only the scream that scared you was able to get your attention, but don’t let that happen in real life.

Sometimes we have close people who silently make numerous calls for help, but due to lack of time, empathy or awareness, we do not recognize the alert and the need to help the friend.

So don’t just look at your navel, take the focus off your problems and start looking around you, help others even if the person has not verbalized this request.

Dreaming You Can’t Scream

Dreaming that you can’t scream is desperate, you open your mouth, but no sound comes out. This represents his feeling of repression, as if he had no right to speak and be heard. If that’s the case, don’t let that feeling dominate you.

Even if someone constantly tries to slow you down or limit you, don’t let that happen, your voice should always be heard and no one can shut you down.

Sometimes this also refers to the work environment, when you feel you are not valued as you should and no one listens to you.

Know that you are important and that your ideas should be heard, that is, make them listen to you, this starts from the moment you recognize yourself and value yourself without waiting for others.

Dreaming That Hears A Scream

Hears A Scream

Dreaming that you hear a scream can mean that someone around you is going through a delicate moment, maybe someone in the family or even a best friend.

Since the dream refers to someone else screaming, it means that they need your help. If this is the case, try to do your best.

Offer help, arrange your friendly shoulder and listen to that person’s outbursts. Also help try to solve this problem.

The important thing is to help, listen calmly to this person, because maybe they expect you to offer your hand and help them with problems.

Dreaming Of Scream Of Help

If you had a dream of crying for help, this means that you are currently living in a complex situation and that you may need to ask for help from other people.

Know that you don’t have to be ashamed, everyone goes through moments when they need the help of close people in some difficult situation in life.

Sometimes you just need good advice, but you can’t share that moment with anyone. If that’s the case, don’t think so, leave pride aside and ask for help.

Dream Of Anger Scream

Anger Scream

Dreaming of angry screams, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, indicates gossip on the loose or unpleasant surprises.

Neither situation is good, but in the case of gossip, there may be someone you trust taking your conversations from here to there.

So be careful who you trust and, above all, who you allow to enter your life and gather your information, because these people can fool you by posing as friends, they tend to gossip behind your back.

About surprises, the best thing to do is to be prepared and act calmly and patiently to get around possible problems.

Another possible meaning to dream of shouting would be reversal of the situation, that is, alternation of roles in some matter.

Maybe now you’re underneath and even humiliated by someone, but soon the game will turn.

However, be careful, as the reverse can also happen. If today you despise someone for feeling better than that person, tomorrow you may be the despised one.

Dream That Someone Calls You With A Scream

Dreaming that someone calls you with a scream can be alarming or even dark.

But calm down, because the interpretation of this dream is not as bad as one thinks. First, it is necessary to evaluate how you felt when you were called. Were you afraid or were you calm?

If you have been afraid, this represents that you should take the reins of your life now, because perhaps the fear of positioning yourself prevents you from proceeding and developing better in all aspects of your life.

If you were already calm, that means that you have enough strength to overcome all the negative phase you are going through.

So, anyway, it’s not necessary to be apprehensive about having dreamed that someone called you with a shout.

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