Revolver – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Revolver – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about a gun means you need to focus more on your own life. Stop living the lives of others, have more self love! Don’t dwell on the past, think more about your future! You are the eternal responsible for your choices!

Adoniran Barbosa already poetized in “Tiro ao Álvaro” that “Your gaze kills more than car crashes. It kills more than a bullet.

When the subject is dreaming about a revolver, although most of the time people associate it with something negative, not always the meaning of dreaming about this artifact walks this way. But what does it mean to dream about a revolver?

Dreaming That Holds A Revolver

Revolver – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Have you been an intense person and, in this way, have difficulty in focusing on yourself? Focus more to bring down the challenges that are coming, don’t run away from them. Dreaming that you are holding a revolver brings as much this meaning as showing that you need to think and do things for your own pleasure. It’s not worth living the lives of others.

On the other hand, it also symbolizes that you are willing to defend what you think at all costs, using all your weapons to prove that you are right. Avoid these guns and focus more on the power of good rhetoric.

Dream That You Buy A Revolver

Believe me, the future is always better than what it once was, that is, the past. Dreaming that you are buying a revolver shows that you need to heal old wounds and open your arms to what is to come!

Dreaming That You Are Using A Revolver

Self-confidence is good and healthy for everyone, but be careful! Dreaming that you are using a revolver represents that you are using your power of self-confidence to overcome and break new ground. However, the dream serves as a warning for you not to let it rise too high in your head and shoot wrongly, using your “power” against yourself.

Dream That You Practice Target Shooting With A Revolver

Many people use the gun only as a sport practice, the target shooting. Dreaming that you are practicing shooting only as a sport represents a positive message, means that very soon, an overwhelming passion will come into your life.

But, as positive as this sounds, don’t go in head over heels, be careful with the consequences that if you give too much of yourself you may generate.

Dream That You Shoot Someone With A Revolver

If you feel that there is a person who has been trying to take your patience at all costs, dreaming that you are shooting someone (or that someone) shows that you may be using your emotional side, more precisely hatred, to make it stop.

Be strong! Using that feeling to try to stop something doesn’t always work. Try to be smarter than that person, use the rational side, being always one step ahead to solve a situation like that.

Dream That You Kill Someone With A Revolver

However, if in this dream you shot you saw the person die, this represents two things (and calm, it’s not always something bad!). First, if this someone you killed was already close or known, your subconscious may be showing that you are missing this person and you need to dedicate yourself to an approach before it is too late.

However, if it is an unknown person, that is, one you have never seen in your life, then it is something more serious. This shows that you need to raise your head and lose the fear of something you need to face. Facing new things that life presents to you is not always something bad, face and be strong above all.

Dreaming That You See Someone With A Gun

Revolver – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

If in your dream you saw another person with a gun, this is a very specific warning: you need to look around you and see the toxic and dangerous environment you are in! There are people around you wanting your evil and, consequently, wanting to take you down.

After this message from the universe, look more to the side than usual, rethink the fake smiles and shake hands too tight. All care is too little.

Dream That You Point To Someone With A Revolver

Sometimes it seems that dreams really express some kind of analogy with real life. Dreaming that you point to someone with a revolver indicates that you are not acting the right way, especially with other people. You need to rethink your attitudes so that serious consequences don’t fall on you and, thus, losses and disappointments happen.

Dreaming That You Point A Revolver At Me

If, besides seeing someone with a revolver, the one whose also pointing it at you, it is because there is some obstacle on the front that is preventing him from following, both personal and professional.

Dreaming That You’re Hiding A Revolver

As we have said above in other types of gun dreams, often the gun represents hatred and danger. Therefore, dreaming that you are hiding a revolver symbolizes that there is a resentment inside you that is leaving you rotten inside and preventing you from moving on to better times.

Believe me, hurt wounds and guarded hatred will hurt you more than the person you are nurturing this terrible feeling for.

Dreaming Of A Golden Revolver

Revolver – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of a gold-plated revolver symbolizes that you will have to pull someone else’s bag at work to conquer what you want professionally. You need to make that person see your professional capacity.

Dreaming With An Old Revolver

If, in the dream, you found yourself holding an old revolver, the old western style movie bandit, you are getting a harbinger that you managed to balance your emotional with the rational. So, take advantage of this moment where you can master the emotional and express yourself rationally, to invest in new business!

Dream With An Unloaded Revolver

Shooting, aiming and killing, all this we already understand the meaning. But what about when you dream that there are no bullets in the revolver? Would it be a warning that we are totally unprepared for life? Or that someone is disarming? No, but it is worth the line of reasoning.

In fact, it’s a much more personal meaning, related to sex life. When we dream about it, we get a warning that we are sexually dissatisfied. To say that “the gun is unloaded” can even serve as a funny pun in this case, but reflect on what ails you, talk seriously with your partner so they can rediscover the desire.

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