Rat – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams of rats mean, in general, some kind of betrayal, because these animals do not have a hierarchical system, disrespecting each other, being treacherous among themselves.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Rat?

Just as these ugly and disgusting animals are treacherous, they are also smart, after all no one survives in such a perverse environment if they are not shrewd. And that’s the other meaning of dreaming of a rat that you should pay attention to.

Like cockroaches, rats live in dirty, filthy, foul-smelling sewage, where no one else could bear to live under conditions, do you agree? Dreaming of a rat, then, demonstrates that these animals can be even worse than all that has been mentioned so far. A sum of horrific aspects can only result in negative meanings.

Despite this unfavorable package of symbols and symbologies, what can the meaning of dreaming of a rat bring you good? Learning, which is priceless, but a lot of value. It is the wisdom that will provide you step by step on the steep climb to the top of the most challenging mountain you set out to climb.

Dream You See A Rat

Dreaming that you see a rat is an indication that gossip about you can take unimaginable proportions and cause you great harm in the professional or family area. This scandal can be controlled as in the work of firefighters during the dry season, acting in the prevention of fires, that is, contain themselves, be isolated or at least collected from buzz and parallel conversations.

Dreaming Of Rat Running

Rat Running

Dreaming of a running rat is nothing more than a mixture of yearnings and worries that affect you in the most inopportune moments of the day such as during a work meeting, on the family outing, in the minutes leading up to bedtime.

Try to get away and turn off electronic equipment at least thirty or forty minutes before going to bed, do not remember or talk about the bad facts of the day when you get home and try to take a relaxing shower in the last hour of your night.

Dreaming That Holds A Rat

As expected, this is not a positive dream. Dreaming that you hold a rat means the involvement of a serious illness to a relative or person close to you who is considered as if you were family.

The act of holding represents your efforts to contain the advance of this evil in the body of the bedridden, whether it is the disease itself, if you are in the health area and have the resources to do so, or the advance towards depressing, of isolating the sick. Know in advance that efforts will have their contribution weight.

Dreaming That You Are Bitten By A Rat

Disappointment. Dreaming that you are bitten by a rat represents that you will experience the bitter taste of a disappointment caused by a false friendship. Unfortunately, there are people who only approach us out of interest, whatever these are, and then, just like that, coldly, without any feelings, leave us.

Although this situation is not pleasant, try to look at the bias favorable to you, the one that shows you that, although you do not deserve to go through a disappointment of this size, you deserve even less to have to continue living with a false person by your side for much longer.

When dreaming of a running rat, get smart, someone is taking advantage of your innocence to gather information about you with your family, close friends or colleagues to harm you and then abandon the damage done.

Dreaming Of A Lot Of Rat Running

Already dreaming of many rats fleeing demonstrates that the hour of revelation of those who cursed it will come. With the mask falling one by one, it will be impossible to hide behind lies and the only way to get rid of shame will be to run away from you and those who know the facts the most.

Dreaming of Rat Cubs

Rat Cubs

Watch out! Dreaming of rat cubs symbolizes all those heavy-hearted people who are willing to do you bad in the most cowardly way, using spells, witchcraft, pacts and low-energy jobs.

Try to stand firm within your religion or religious practices, eliminate bad habits from your life, practice physical activities to cleanse the physical body of accumulated everyday energies, tone the body from the inside out with good nutrition and breathing or light exercises such as meditation and, most importantly, establish your unique and exclusive channel of conversation with God through your heart.

Dreaming Of Large Rat

Dreaming of a large rat is linked to the size of the difficulties and problems you will face along your life path, which means that the larger the size of the rat, the greater the difficulties to overcome. Strengthen your faith, be humble to ask for help when necessary and join people who love you, so it will be easier to get to the top of the mountain.

Dreaming Of Grey Rat

Bad omens. Dreaming of gray rat is equivalent to thick, gray clouds that arrive to cover the luminosity of the Sun, giving a sad and depressing appearance to our days, but do not be overwhelmed by this news.

Maybe you will feel energy less and unmotivated for the next few weeks or months, the important thing is to have fixed in your mind that there will always be good winds to dissipate these clouds and a beautiful rainbow to make our life colorful.

Dream Of Dead Rat

Dead Rat

End of a relationship harmful to you. Dreaming of a dead rat symbolizes that just as one puts an end to the weeds of a garden that cannot bloom, a pernicious person will be put out of his life as if in a magic trick.

If today you still cannot see who this being is harmful to your plans and dreams, you will soon see clearly all the harm it has caused you poisoning people against you and bewitching your critical sense so as not to get to the source of the sewer from where so much rot sprouted.

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