Purse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of a scholarship translates a sense of oneself. Depending on the characteristics and details of the dream, it can mean the loss of self-sense, or the achievement of self-knowledge that you did not have before. You may be about to change careers and discover your passion, or you are getting lost in the midst of other people’s problems.

In general, purse dreams also relate to thoughts of trust and power – you can do what you want, you will achieve that goal. It can be a very light and positive dream!

But be careful! In some situations, the dream indicates excessive insecurity and dependence on others. Don’t let other people control your actions and your life, it doesn’t take long for it to stifle you. You wouldn’t hand over your bag full of valuable items to someone else just because they asked, right? Your life is your most valuable asset, and what you do with it is up to you alone. Be happy with others, not because of them.

Dream You See A Bag

Seeing a bag in a dream can have diverse meanings depending on the type of bag. In general, it means introspective thoughts and self-knowledge. You may be going through something, or you may be about to go through something, that requires more knowledge about yourself. It may be that your personal insecurities come to light and you need to deal with them.

The dream is not bad, although the meaning seems a little scary. Self-knowledge is never easy, right? But it’s worth it in the long run, so focus on the bright side.

Dreaming You Are Holding A Bag

Holding A Bag

Holding a bag in the dream indicates that you have secrets you want to keep well kept. Whether because you don’t want to hurt someone, or because they’re not your secrets, you don’t want to reveal them, and their weight and importance is conveyed to dreams.

Dreaming Of Another Person’s Bag

The meaning of dreaming of someone else’s purse is, as a rule, related to the need for care. Someone – not necessarily the owner of the bag in dreams – may be about to disappoint you. But don’t go around expecting the worst of all, just be a little cautious and enjoy life as always.

The dream may also indicate your curiosity and need to know more about others in order to trust them. People new to your life carry a past and a life you don’t know, and that can make you uncertain. A little caution with who you let into your life is not necessarily bad, just be careful not to be too cautious and end up isolating yourself.

Dream You Buy A Bag

Buy A Bag

Shopping is usually very good and represents renewal and change. Dreaming that you buy a bag indicates changes in your future – and good changes! Changes that will add to your personality, promotions and career progress. Embrace the changes, however frightening they may be. The signs are very positive.

Dream Of Empty Bag

An empty bag in dreams represents vulnerability. It shows that you are unsure about your own life, and feeling exposed and vulnerable. The dream also means the feeling that you have lost something important, or someone you counted on.

Watch out! The empty bag can mean secrets revealed. If you have secrets, tell only those who you really trust (and only if necessary! The best way to prevent a secret from being revealed is to keep it to yourself). If you have already told a secret, take care that, if it is revealed, the consequences are minimal. And don’t reveal other people’s secrets! Remember not to disappoint those who trust you.

Dreaming With Full Bag

Dreaming that your bag is full indicates tiredness and overload of commitments and obligations. You are so full of things to do, problems and needs that you are about to turn off.

The dream indicates the tendency to use escape as a defense mechanism: you can go into denial about the existence of your problems, choosing to ignore them instead of facing them. Don’t do that! Analyze what is causing this overload of things, delegate what can be delegated, ask for help, but do not run away. The more you avoid dealing with your obligations, the more they will accumulate.

The dream also indicates that you may be adding the weight of others’ problem to yours. Analyze if this is the case and, if so, download: you can help people without absorbing their problems.

Dreaming You Lose The Bag

Losing the purse in dreams means losing one’s own identity. You may feel like you lose control of who you are, of your own life. This loss may be due to recent life changes, or life changes in your future. Changing is never easy, and it is common to lack the notion of who you are. Don’t be scared, and just focus on self-knowledge and self-confidence.

The dream also shows that you are a person willing to receive and emit good energies. There is good news in your future, so celebrate! Focus on the positive, and you will overcome the negativities.

Dream Of Stolen Bag

Dreaming that something was stolen is never pleasant, right? If, in the dream, your purse was stolen, it means you need to be careful. It is possible that someone wants to manipulate you or take advantage of you, especially in the financial area.

At work, be careful not to let them steal your ideas or exploit your ability. It may be that that person competing with you for a promotion takes advantage of who you are to get up in the career. Be a good person, but never let them devalue you!

Dreaming Of Black Bag

Black Bag

The color black is basic in the wardrobe. A black bag, in dreams, represents secret and mystery. Or rather, your need to keep your life a secret. You like, or want, to be a mystery, keeping your life private. The idea of going public can scare you, or maybe your life is too public and you need some time for yourself.

The dream can show an excessive fear of rejection, and even self-censorship practices that only harm you. Find a balance between what you let others see, and what you keep to yourself. In an era of social media and various media channels, this is important, and it is essential to try to maintain positive energies every time. So even if there are judgments and negativity, you will be able to block them and deal with them.

Dreaming Of Red Bag

The color red is commonly associated with passion, love and sensuality. Have you ever found yourself associating reds with Valentine’s Day? Or did you think of a red item for New Year’s Eve, hoping to succeed in love life? Well. In dreams, a red bag is related to pure energy in the areas of passion and love. Your desires are on the rise, your love life promises, and there are good energies for sensuality and relationships.

Just be careful not to get lost in a love and forget your obligations and other areas of life.

The dream, if it comes with a negative feeling, may indicate that you are focusing too much on finances and forgetting to grasp the opportunities of life – especially on relationships or possible relationships.

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